OnSpec Electronic, Inc.: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Odin’s Ravens in God of War


God of War presents players with a challenging task: locating and eliminating all of Odin’s ravens. These elusive green birds are scattered throughout the realms, keeping tabs on Kratos. While they may blend in with the lush backgrounds, they give away their presence with a distinct tinkling sound. If you’re having trouble finding these ravens, fear not! We’ve scoured Midgard and beyond to provide you with a complete compendium of all 51 ravens, accompanied by images showcasing their locations. Let’s dive in!

The Riverlands

Raven No. 1:

As you exit the building where you fought the reavers, follow the path along the cliffside. Right in front of you, you’ll spot the first raven. It’s conveniently placed right after you meet Brok.

Riverlands Raven No. 1

Raven No. 2:

In a cave passageway after solving the rune riddle on the revolving door, keep an eye out for a break in the rocks where sunlight streams in. Look up to find the second raven perched on the lip of the cave.

Riverlands Raven No. 2

Raven No. 3:

After exiting the tunnel, you’ll encounter a large area with arcing rib bones lining the surroundings. On the right side, perched on top of one of the bones, you’ll discover the third raven.

Riverlands Raven No. 3

Raven No. 4:

Continue along the path through the burned-out village. The first hut on the right side houses the fourth raven, patiently waiting on its roof.

Riverlands Raven No. 4

Lake of Nine

Raven No. 5: Niflheim Tower

Once the lake water level has dropped, head to the statue of Thor next to the Niflheim Tower. From there, look off the side to the shipwreck below, where a raven is perched.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 5

Raven No. 6: Forgotten Caverns

Land at the dock of the Forgotten Caverns and head onto the beach. To the left of where you can dock, you’ll find a Nornir chest. Look up to the left of the chest to spot the next raven perched on top of a pillar.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 6

Raven No. 7: Veithurgard — Statue of Thor

Make your way to the northern end of the island and find the gold gates leading to the passage to Veithurgard. When you reach the lake on the far side of the ravine, head north to the small island with the Thor statue. You’ll find a raven circling the statue.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 7

Raven No. 8: Veithurgard, beneath the dragon

While on the Veithurgard mainland, climb the stairs toward the dragon until you reach the magical pedestal binding it. Look up at the cliff beneath it for several wooden walls you can break with your ax. Behind one of these walls, you’ll discover a hidden raven.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 8

Raven No. 9: Veithurgard Stronghold entrance

Make your way around to the front gate of the Veithurgard castle. When facing the door, move to the left to see around the fallen head of one of the statues flanking the doors. The ninth raven is just behind it.

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Lake of Nine Raven No. 9

Raven No. 10: Volunder Mines

Row east past frozen icebergs at the Lake of Nine to find a pass leading to Volunder Mines. When you reach the shore, look up to spot a raven circling overhead.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 10

Raven No. 11: Lookout Tower

Land at the dock east of the Vanaheim Tower and look up above you to find a raven soaring overhead.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 11


Raven No. 12: Alfheim Lake of Light

Head north and west along the shore until you reach Light Elf Shore. Beach the boat and look east toward the water. You’ll find one of Odin’s ravens on a pillar beside the big root. You can take it out with your ax from the beach.

Alfheim Raven No. 12

Lake of Nine

Raven No. 13: Fafnir’s Ravine elevator

Look up at the wooden scaffolding above near the beach where you land. If you visit Fafnir’s Ravine later, this raven will be at the top of the elevator you take from the beach below.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 13

Raven No. 14: Fafnir’s Ravine — Sindri’s Shop

After the water has been lowered for the second time, head into Fafnir’s Ravine in your boat and land at the beach. Look up above Sindri’s stand to find one of Odin’s ravens circling.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 14

Raven No. 15: Fafnir’s Storeroom

As you enter the forest path, Kratos will remark on the Reavers in the area. Look up and left of the path, near a waterfall, to find one of Odin’s ravens perched on a tree branch.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 15

Raven No. 16: Fafnir’s Storeroom Entrance

Head toward the opening of Fafnir’s Storeroom, a stone archway marked with two statues in front. Check the top of the entrance to the storeroom for a hard-to-spot raven perched overhead.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 16

Raven No. 17: Inside Fafnir’s Storeroom

Continue into Fafnir’s Storeroom until you reach the central hub room, where you can plug in the entry key you received. Look up to find the raven circling above.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 17

The Mountain

Raven No. 18: Sindri’s Gondola

Return to the top of the mountain using Sindri’s gondola. At the top, look at the peak to your right to spot one of Odin’s ravens.

Mountain Raven No. 18

Raven No. 19: Entry passages

After passing where the Black Breath blocked the path, you will enter the dark mountain passages beyond. In a large cavern with a wooden bridge, turn around and look through the hole to see a raven perched below.

Mountain Raven No. 19

Raven No. 20: Heart of the Mountain

After the room with the claw, go through the torch-lit tunnel, passing by Brok’s shop. Look up to find a raven circling near the nearby pit.

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Mountain Raven No. 20

Witch’s House

Raven No. 22: Front Yard

Climb up a wall path to get outside the Witch’s Cave when the house’s door is closed. Follow the path down to where the turtle is standing and look for a chain to climb. Clear the draugr and then look up and left on the path ahead to find one of Odin’s ravens. This counts as the fifth raven in the Riverlands’ raven count.

Witch's House Raven No. 22

Raven No. 23: Forgotten Caverns

Head into a cave on the east side of Forgotten Caverns from the Light Elf Outpost. Dock on the beach inside the cave near the Yggdrasil’s dew branch and climb the wall. At the top, turn around and look back to spot one of Odin’s ravens just off the side of the cliff.

Witch's House Raven No. 23

Raven No. 24: Isle of Death

With the lower water level, dock at the Island of Death. After landing on the northern beach, locate a gap in the rocks ahead, to the left of the barrier you need to blow up. There, you’ll find one of Odin’s ravens perched at eye level.

Witch's House Raven No. 24

Raven No. 25: Iron Cove

From the top of the Isle of Death, zip line down into the neighboring Iron Cove. Clear the poison with a fire bottle, climb up, and look for a fire bottle to clear the barrier ahead. You’ll find the raven as you fight a Wulver.

Witch's House Raven No. 25

Raven No. 26: Stone Falls pillar

Land at the Stone Falls beach and climb up to the area you previously visited. Stand on the western edge, facing the waterfall. In the distance, you’ll see one of Odin’s ravens circling a pillar of rock.

Witch's House Raven No. 26

Raven No. 27: Stone Falls waterfall

From the previous raven, head back northeast toward the raised gate and cross the drawbridge. Look up behind you to catch sight of another raven perched above.

Witch's House Raven No. 27

Raven No. 28: Landsuther Mine

East and south of the Nifelheim Tower is a cave you can now row into. Talk to Brok before you go to access a new Favor, “Deus Ex Malachite.” At the end, you’ll land at Landsuther Mine. As you head in, you’ll reach a spot where you can drop down in front of some wood scaffolding. Look for a raven perched on top of it.

Witch's House Raven No. 28

Raven No. 29: Landsuther Mines elevator

Continue through the mines until you reach a control to raise an elevator out of your way in the next room, which is full of wood scaffolding. When you reach it, look up to the north to spot one of Odin’s ravens.

Witch's House Raven No. 29

Raven No. 30: The Mason Channel — Njord’s Oarsmen statue

On your adventures in and around the Mason Channel, you might have spotted a raven perched on the nose of one of the Njord’s Oarsmen’s ship statues. The best place to spot it from is the eastern side of the channel, from the tower there.

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Witch's House Raven No. 30

Thamur’s Corpse

Raven No. 31

When you start out in Helheim, head forward along the bridge from Tyr’s Temple until you reach the spot with the ring structure above you. The way ahead will be blocked. Look up at the rocky wall up ahead to find one of the ravens.

Thamur's Corpse Raven No. 31

Raven No. 32: Hidden chamber of Odin

After obtaining the Giant’s Chisel, you’ll exit from under Thamur’s Corpse and come across one of the Hidden Chambers. Take the elevator down and go into the main chamber with the Valkyrie. Look up to find a raven perched in the tree above.

Thamur's Corpse Raven No. 32

Lake of Nine

Raven No. 33: Northri Stronghold landing

Once you have the “Family Business” Favor from Sindri, head to the north end of the Lake of Nine and make your way to the Northri Stronghold. When you dock, turn around and face south to spot an Odin’s raven.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 33

Raven No. 34: Northri Stronghold — Reaver ship

From the bow of the Reaver ship, look up at the iron grate covering the wall to the west. The raven sits above you on the grate.

Lake of Nine Raven No. 34


Raven No. 35

When you start out in Helheim, head forward along the bridge from Tyr’s Temple. Look for a gate you cannot open, and the path will take you to the left, shimmying through an ice wall. Keep moving until you climb down a pair of big stone pillars to the icy floor below. As you fight some Draugr, the floor will drop. Climb the wall on the north side of the area to find the solution to getting out and a raven on the north wall.

Helheim Raven No. 35

Raven No. 36

After climbing out of the ice chasm, you’ll break a stone pillar to make a step. As you continue along the path, there will be a chasm to your right. Look over the side to spot the next raven below you.

Helheim Raven No. 36

Raven No. 37

As you walk the path after climbing out of the ice chasm, you’ll have a chasm to your right. Look over the side to spot the next raven below you.

Helheim Raven No. 37


After completing your journey through Helheim, you’ll have discovered a significant portion of the ravens in God of War. With this guide, you’re now equipped to track down and defeat the rest of Odin’s ravens in the game. Keep exploring, and may luck be on your side! Remember, for all your electronic needs, visit OnSpec Electronic, Inc..

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