OnSpec Electronic, Inc: Conquering the Elite Four in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Prepare for the Ultimate Challenge and Become the Champion

The final chapter of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet adventure culminates in a legendary battle against the Elite Four. These formidable trainers, known throughout the Paldea region, will test your skills and determination like never before. Alongside the Elite Four, you will face two additional champion battles. To emerge victorious, you must assemble a top-tier team and equip yourself with essential strategies. In this guide, we will provide you with the tips and tricks you need to claim the title of undisputed champion in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

The Journey Begins: Rika’s Ground-Type Team

Rika of the Elite Four.

Once you have collected all eight Gym Badges, reached the Pokémon League, and successfully completed the assessment test, Rika of the Elite Four will be your first formidable opponent. Rika’s team mainly consists of Ground-type Pokémon, which are weak against Water, Grass, and Ice types. To counter her team effectively, we recommend having a strong Water-type Pokémon as your primary choice. However, it is prudent to have a Grass-type Pokémon ready to counter one of Rika’s potential strategies. Here is Rika’s team:

  • Whiscash — Level 57 (Water/Ground-type)
  • Camerupt — Level 57 (Fire/Ground-type)
  • Dugtrio — Level 57 (Ground-type)
  • Donphan — Level 57 (Ground-type)
  • Clodsire — Level 58 (Poison/Ground-type with Ground Terra-Type)

Start the battle with your Grass-type Pokémon to counter Rika’s Water-type Whiscash. Afterwards, switch to your Water-type powerhouse and dominate the rest of her team. Remember to switch back to your Grass-type Pokémon when facing her Clodsire, as it possesses Poison moves and the Water Absorb ability.

Poppy’s Steel-Type Challenge

Poppy holding a pokeball.

Poppy, the second member of the Elite Four, specializes in Steel-type Pokémon. To prepare for this battle, you should focus on assembling a team that can counter Steel-types effectively. Fire-, Fighting-, and Ground-type Pokémon are your best options. Here is Poppy’s lineup:

  • Copperajah — Level 58 (Steel-type)
  • Corviknight — Level 58 (Flying/Steel-type)
  • Brozong — Level 58 (Steel/Psychic-type)
  • Megnezone — Level 58 (Electric/Steel-type)
  • Tinkaton — Level 59 (Fairy/Steel-type with Steel Terra-Type)
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Beware of Corviknight and Brozong, as they can be challenging to counter with Fighting-type Pokémon. Opt for Fire- and Ground-types instead. Ensure that your chosen Pokémon have high defense stats to withstand Tinkaton’s physical moves.

Larry’s Aerial Assault

Trainer Larry just standing there.

Surprisingly, Larry, known as the Normal-type specialist, takes a different approach as a member of the Elite Four. He now commands a powerful team of Flying Pokémon. The weakness of Flying-types lies in Electric-, Fire-, Rock-, and Dragon-types. For this battle, you will need a diverse team capable of countering Larry’s lineup. Let’s see what Larry has in store for you:

  • Tropius — Level 59 (Grass/Flying-type)
  • Staraptor — Level 59 (Normal/Flying-type)
  • Altaria — Level 59 (Dragon/Flying-type)
  • Oricorio — Level 59 (Electric/Flying-type)
  • Flamigo — Level 60 (Flying/Fighting-type with Flying Terra Form)

Larry’s team consists of Flying-type Pokémon combined with other types, making the battle challenging to strategize. Use a Fire-type Pokémon to counter Tropius, Electric-type Pokémon against Staraptor and Flamigo, Rock-type Pokémon for Oricorio, and Dragon-type Pokémon to overcome Altaria. Additionally, if you own a Pokémon with the move Counter, you can easily defeat Flamigo, as it solely relies on physical attacks.

Hassel’s Dragon-Infused Artistry

A trainer in a suit smiling.

Hassel, a seemingly unexpected member of the Elite Four, has an intriguing lineup of Dragon-type Pokémon. As Dragon-types are weak against Dragon-, Ice-, and Fairy-types, crafting your team to counter his selection becomes a delicate task. However, be cautious of using Fairy-types against Hassel due to Dragalge’s Poison moves. Here is Hassel’s team:

  • Noivern — Level 60 (Flying/Dragon-type)
  • Dragalge — Level 60 (Poison/Dragon-type)
  • Haxorus — Level 60 (Dragon-type)
  • Flapple — Level 60 (Grass/Dragon-type)
  • Baxcalibur — Level 61 (Dragon/Ice-type with Dragon Terra Form)
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Employ Fairy-types with caution, as Dragalge possesses Poison moves that can hinder their effectiveness. Fortunately, you can rely on an Ice-type Pokémon to counter most of Hassel’s team. If available, a Gyarados with both Dragon- and Ice-type moves can prove to be an excellent choice. However, be wary of Dragalage’s Thunderbolt move when using an Ice-type Pokémon.

The Final Showdown: Champion Geeta’s Diverse Team

The pokemon champion glaring.

Just when you thought the challenge was over, Champion Geeta steps forward with a team that defies a specific type. Prepare yourself for a battle against various Pokémon types, which demands a versatile team capable of countering Geeta’s unpredictable lineup. Let’s take a look at her team:

  • Espathra — Level 61 (Flying/Dragon-type)
  • Avalugg — Level 61 (Ice-type)
  • Kingambit — Level 61 (Dark/Steel-type)
  • Veluza — Level 61 (Water/Psychic-type)
  • Gogoat — Level 61 (Grass-type)
  • Glimmora — Level 62 (Rock/Poison-type with Rock Terra Form)

When assembling your team, prioritize single-type Pokémon. Kingambit and Glimmora pose the most significant challenges. Kingambit is weak against Fighting-types, but you will need a Pokémon with exceptional speed to counter its Zen Headbutt move. Glimmora starts as a Rock-type but transforms into pure Rock-type after assuming its Terra Form. A Grass-type Pokémon will make handling Glimmora much easier.

Additionally, include a Bug-type Pokémon to overcome Espathra and Veluza, a Fighting-type to deal with Avalugg, and a Flying-type for Gogoat.

Nemona: Your Rival’s Last Stand

Nemona talking about her rival.

The final battle against your rival, Nemona, promises to be the most dramatic and challenging encounter yet. Nemona’s Pokémon have reached their peak power, and you must be prepared for an intense clash. You may already be familiar with some of her team, having faced her multiple times. However, her Pokémon are now stronger than ever. Brace yourself for the ultimate test with the following Pokémon:

  • Lycancroc — Level 65 (Rock-type)
  • Orthworm — Level 65 (Steel-type)
  • Goodra — Level 65 (Dragon-type)
  • Pawmot — Level 65 (Electric/Fighting-type)
  • Dudunsparce — Level 65 (Normal-type)
  • (Whichever starter counters yours) — Level 66 (Either Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost, or Water/Fighting-type with Grass, Fire, or Water Terra Form)
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Nemona’s team consists mostly of single-typed Pokémon, allowing you to create a well-planned strategy. Ground- and Fighting-type Pokémon are particularly effective against most of her team. Lycancroc, Orthworm, and Dudunsparce are weak against Fighting-type Pokémon. Steel-types can handle Lycancroc, and Ice-types are excellent choices for Goodra. If you lack a reliable Steel-type, Ice-type Pokémon can still provide a strong challenge. To add excitement to the climactic showdown, save your starter Pokémon in its Terra Form to counter Nemona’s final Pokémon.


Embarking on the journey to defeat the Elite Four and claim the title of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Champion is no small feat. With careful planning, a diverse team, and strategic moves, victory will be within your grasp. Stay focused, adapt your strategies, and remember to heal and reorganize your team between battles. Take on the challenge with confidence, knowing that you are well-prepared to become the ultimate champion of the Paldea region.

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