OnSpec Electronic, Inc: Discover Leviathan’s Breath, Destiny 2’s Powerful Exotic Weapon

Destiny 2 continues to impress with its gradual release of new content after the Shadowkeep expansion. Each week brings refreshing activities, events, and, of course, exotic weapons. Unveiling the “Make Bows, Not War” quest, players can now wield a formidable heavy bow that deals devastating damage. Here’s a guide to obtaining this shiny new toy.

Step 1: Locate Banshee-44’s Hidden Workshop

Banshee Workshop Location
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If you possess the Season of the Undying pass, a quest notification will greet you upon logging in. To kickstart your adventure, head to the Tower and find Banshee-44, the esteemed gunsmith. He will assign you the task of uncovering his secret workshop—a challenging endeavor, indeed.

Start by making your way to the Hangar within the Tower. Once there, turn left and gaze up at the building that houses Future War Cult. Notice the path above it? That’s your destination. Now, turn right and ascend the wall-mounted staircase. Follow the catwalk until you reach the FWC building. From here, carefully hop the railing and leap onto the adjacent back wall.

Prepare yourself for a minor labyrinth of concealed rooms hidden within the Tower. Thankfully, it’s a mostly straightforward journey. Traverse the vents, progressing from room to room. Eventually, you’ll stumble upon what appears to be a dead-end room with two substantial shelves. Look above them, and an opening in the ceiling will catch your eye. Spotting a conveniently placed box near one of the shelves, use it as a platform to vault yourself into the hole.

After navigating through a corridor adorned with whirring fans, you’ll encounter a brief vertical platforming section. Finally, you’ll enter Banshee’s Workshop. Proceed towards the weapons case stationed across from you and attempt to open it. Alas, it remains locked. With a sense of disappointment, return to Banshee-44 for the next step.

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Step 2: Engage in Gambit or Complete Strikes

Unlocking the weapons case requires engaging in various activities—typical Destiny fare. To commence, complete Gambit matches or undertake strikes. Opting for Gambit Prime or Nightfalls will expedite your progress through the quest.

For those with exceptional Gambit skills, merely securing four victories will suffice. Otherwise, each loss grants a modest 10% progress. The swiftest path involves conquering two Nightfalls. Accomplish this, and you’ll progress to your next lesson in safecracking.

Step 3: Dispatch Vex or Cabal with Precision Bow Shots

Now, it’s time to demonstrate your accuracy by dispatching numerous Vex or Cabal enemies with precision bow shots in any activity. Equip a bow and venture to an area teeming with Vex or Cabal. Personally, I found success on Nessus, specifically within Watcher’s Grave. The barge area attracts Vex, and the occasional Vex public event may occur nearby.

While any bow will suffice, it’s advisable to steer clear of Trinity Ghoul. This exotic bow releases split shots, which may inadvertently strike nearby enemies with non-precision hits. Each foe dispatched will grant approximately 3% progress, so choose an area with minimal guardian interference to expedite completion.

Step 4: Overpower The Arms Dealer

Prepare yourself for a special version of The Arms Dealer quest, clocked at a recommended power level of 900. Make your way to the EDZ and initiate the strike. This particular rendition proves more challenging than its predecessors. Expect enemies to deal increased melee and elemental damage, possess augmented health, and resist staggering due to the “Iron” effect.

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The boss room, in particular, presents an arduous trial. Exercise extreme caution, as Gladiators can vanquish you with a single blow, and elemental damage runs rampant. Maintain your distance, prioritize eliminating additional foes, and remain in constant motion to triumph against The Arms Dealer.

Step 5: Return to the Workshop

Banshee's Secret Workshop
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Return to the Tower and seek out Banshee-44 once more. Armed with the newly acquired key, navigate your way back to the clandestine workshop (if you require a refresher on its location, refer to Step 1) and interact with the weapons case to unlock it. Claim your prize, Leviathan’s Breath, and brace yourself to unleash its formidable might.

This unique bow classifies as a power weapon, distinguished by its lengthier draw time. However, its shot possesses the ability to stagger unshielded foes and proves particularly effective against Unstoppable Champions, making it an exceptional choice for engaging in PVE activities.

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