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OnSpec Electronic, Inc. Guide: The Best Weapons and Skills in [September 2023] is an exciting game that offers a variety of weapons and skills to enhance your gameplay. In this guide, we will explore the best weapons and skills available in as of September 2023. Whether you are a new player or a seasoned survivor, this tier list will help you make informed choices and optimize your gameplay experience. Tier List Guide Best Weapons & Skills Tier List Guide

The tier list ranks all the weapons and skills we have tested and used in the game. This comprehensive list will help you identify the best weapons and skills, allowing you to excel in the game. Before we dive into the details, make sure to redeem codes for exciting freebies such as gems, design packs, and coins. And don’t forget to check out our Skills Guide for more tips and tricks.

New survivors, Cat Catnips, and Tsukiyomi, were added in the recent December update. We will update the tier list to include them after December 21st.

Best Weapons: Tier List Guide

Let’s start by exploring the best weapons in The current top three weapons are:

  • Void Power – Tier 0
  • The Lightchaser – Tier 0
  • Kunai – Tier 1

These weapons are available in multiple grades, including normal, good, better, or excellent. To further enhance their damage output, you can level them up or merge them. The following tier list ranks all the weapons in the game into five tiers:

  • Tier 0: OP
  • Tier 1: Best
  • Tier 2: Good
  • Tier 3: Decent
  • Tier 4: Average Best Weapon Tier List: Weapons Guide

Let’s take a closer look at the top weapons in

  • Sword of Disorder – Tier 0
    Sword of Disorder
    An unfettered power from the other side of the cosmos. This weapon grants bonuses to both attack and all skill damage. Enemies slain by the Sword of Disorder will have their souls shackled, resulting in higher skill damage. However, the shackled souls dissipate when hit.

  • Void Power – Tier 0
    Contains an unmatched energy source, obviously not made from anything of this world. This ranged weapon increases attack and releases black holes to strike enemies.

  • The Lightchaser – Tier 0
    5-Star Transformation: Eternal Light. An unstoppable blade of light manifested from the power of Eternal Crystals. It delivers massive damage to enemies.

  • Kunai – Tier 1
    5-Star Transformation: Spirit Shuriken. By combining the 5-Star Kunai Weapon Skill with the Koga Ninja Scroll Supply Skill, you can unleash the Spirit Shuriken. Kunai is another outstanding weapon in, dealing damage and offering auto-aim functionality.

  • Baseball Bat – Tier 1
    5-Star Transformation: Lucille. By combining the 5-Star Baseball Bat Weapon with the Fitness Guide, you can create Lucille. This weapon is particularly useful in the early game, allowing you to smash down enemies and knock them back.

  • Katana – Tier 2
    5-Star Transformation: Demon Blade. By combining the 5-Star Katana Weapon Skill with the Ronin Oyoroi Supply Skill, you can obtain the Demon Blade. This weapon allows you to slash your enemies with a katana blade.

  • Shotgun – Tier 3
    5-Star Transformation: Gatling. By combining the 5-Star Shotgun Weapon with Hi Power Fuel, you can upgrade it to the Gatling, effectively turning your shotgun into a machine gun. Although the shotgun has a limited range for aiming, the Gatling skill compensates for this limitation.

  • Revolver – Tier 3
    The Revolver is a decent weapon in terms of damage, but its aim leaves much to be desired. Its damage output is satisfactory, but its accuracy can be a challenge.

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Now that you know the best weapons in, make sure to check out our Skills Guide for more insights. Best Skills Tier List: EVO Skills

Next, let’s explore the best Evo skills in If you are unfamiliar with Evo skills, please refer to our skills guide. The tier list for best Evo skills is as follows:

  • Destroyer – Tier 0
  • Divine Destroyer – Tier 0
  • Thunderball Power Cell/Supercell – Tier 0
  • Quantum Ball – Tier 0
  • Inferno Bomb – Tier 1
  • Fuel Barrel – Tier 1
  • Dumbell/1 Ton Iron – Tier 1
  • Defender – Tier 1
  • Whistling Arrow – Tier 1
  • Sharkmaw Gun – Tier 2
  • Thunderbolt Bomb – Tier 2
  • Death Ray/Matrix – Tier 2
  • Caltrops – Tier 2
  • Magnetic Rebounder – Tier 2
  • Medi-Drone – Tier 3
  • Moonhalo Slash – Tier 3
  • Pressure Forcefield – Tier 3 Best Skills Tier List: Normal Skills

Moving on to normal skills, here are the top-ranked skills in

  • Guardian – Tier 1
  • Molotov – Tier 1
  • Forcefield – Tier 1
  • Drill Shot – Tier 2
  • Soccer Ball – Tier 2
  • Durian – Tier 2
  • Lightning Emitter – Tier 3
  • RPG – Tier 3
  • Type A Drone – Tier 3
  • Type B Drone – Tier 3
  • Laser Launcher – Tier 3
  • Brick – Tier 3
  • Boomerang – Tier 4 Best Skills Tier List: Character Exclusive Skills

Each character in possesses unique and exclusive skills. Here are the top-ranked character exclusive skills:

  • King’s Skills – Tier 1
  • Listening Bug – Tier 2
  • Moonshade Slash – Tier 2 to 3
  • Pointless – Tier 3
  • Medi-Drone – Tier 4 Best Passive Skills Tier List

Lastly, let’s explore the best passive skills in The tier list for passive skills is as follows:

  • Survivor Instinct – Tier 1
  • Sixth Sense – Tier 1
  • HE Fuel – Tier 1
  • Hi-Power Bullet – Tier 1
  • Energy Cube – Tier 1
  • EXO Bracer – Tier 2
  • Ammo Thruster – Tier 2
  • Fitness Guide – Tier 3
  • Ronin Oyoroi – Tier 3
  • Koga Ninja Scroll – Tier 3
  • Sports Shoes – Tier 3
  • Energy Drink – Tier 3 to 4 (Niche Use)
  • Oil Bond – Tier 4 (Good for farming gold) (Niche Use)
  • Hi-Power Magnet – Tier 4 (Niche Use)
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Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of the best weapons and skills in, it’s time to embark on your journey and conquer the game. Remember to visit OnSpec Electronic, Inc. for all your gaming needs. Enjoy playing!

OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

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