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OnSpec Electronic, Inc. Presents: Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to fight hordes of zombies and test your survival skills? Look no further than, the incredible mobile game developed by Habby. In this game, your goal is to stay alive as long as possible while battling relentless waves of zombies. With each chapter, the difficulty increases, challenging you to strengthen your character and equip yourself with the best weapons, skills, and supplies. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with essential tips, cheats, and strategies to help you become a true survivor in So let’s dive right into it! Tips Part I: Get The Freebies

One of the first tips we have for you is to take advantage of the codes that unlock amazing freebies such as gems, coins, army keys, and design packs. These codes can be redeemed to enhance your gameplay experience. Keep an eye out for these codes, and make sure to claim your rewards. To find active codes, you can visit the official website. Tips Part II: Claim Free Army Crate Daily

Every day, rewards you with a free army crate that contains valuable equipment. Simply head to the shop and look for the supply crate section. By watching a quick video ad, you can claim your daily army crate. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your gear! Tips Part III: Spend Gems Wisely

Gems are a premium in-game currency in, and they are valuable resources that can greatly impact your progress. While they may be hard to obtain, the game developers occasionally offer free gems. Make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox for these rewards. It is essential to spend your gems wisely, so avoid using them on regular resources like energy or gold coins. Energy replenishes over time, and gold can be easily obtained by watching video ads or playing the game. Save your precious gems for premium crates in the shop, which offer high-quality gears such as weapons, boots, armor, necklaces, belts, and gloves.

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Not all weapons and gears are created equal in To maximize your chances of survival, equip high-grade gears whenever possible. Head to the equipment tab and carefully assess the stats of each gear type. By equipping the best ones, you’ll significantly boost your effectiveness in combat. For more detailed information on the best gear, check out our dedicated best gear guide. Tips Part V: Master the Battle

When facing the zombie hordes in, it’s crucial to keep these battle tips in mind:

  1. Don’t sit idle: Constantly keep moving to avoid becoming an easy target for enemies with long-range striking abilities.

  2. Look for the meat: Keep an eye out for meat, as it can heal you and potentially save your life in intense battles.

  3. Destroy the wooden chests: Crush the wooden crates using your weapon skills. These crates often contain powerful items or valuable currencies that can give you an edge.

  4. Collect the green crystals: Green crystals are battle EXP items that increase your battle level. As you collect these crystals, you will progress through levels, allowing you to choose new skills. Make sure to check out our comprehensive best skills guide for more details.

  5. Collect the drops: Golden chests occasionally spawn on the map. Make sure to collect them, as they offer fantastic freebies that can greatly enhance your gameplay. Guide Part I: How To Get DNA

In, DNA is a valuable resource that can be obtained from the trials. Once you complete Chapter 2, the trials will unlock, presenting you with an opportunity to acquire DNA and further upgrade your character.

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There are multiple ways to acquire gems in Aside from using codes, you can increase your player level by gaining experience points through gameplay. Additionally, watching video ads and checking your mailbox for freebies from the developers can also grant you precious gems. Guide Part III: How To Get Materials

Materials, such as Design Packs, are essential for upgrading your gears in The longer you survive in battles, the more rewards you’ll receive. To obtain better rewards, challenge yourself by playing high-difficulty chapters. Remember, each subsequent level presents a more significant challenge. Guide Part IV: Merge and Upgrade

Merge and upgrade your gears to unleash their full potential. By obtaining duplicate gears from the crates available in the shop, you can increase the gear grade. For example, merging normal-grade gear with another normal-grade gear will result in a good-grade gear. Continuously merging your gears will allow you to reach higher grades, enhancing your overall performance. Guide Part V: Gold

Gold is a valuable resource in, and it is primarily used to upgrade your gears. Ensure that you wisely allocate your gold to enhance your chances of survival.

That concludes our ultimate guide to! We hope that these tips, cheats, and strategies will help you become a skilled survivor in this thrilling mobile game. For more updates, tier lists, and detailed game guides, visit the official website of OnSpec Electronic, Inc. Remember to stay brave, stay alert, and keep fighting until the very end!

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