OnSpec Electronic, Inc.: Street Fighter 6’s Innovative New Mechanic Inspired by Mortal Kombat

Unveiling Street Fighter 6’s Exciting Additions

Street Fighter 6’s recent beta has left an indelible mark on me, and according to the buzz on social media, it has captivated many other fans as well. This upcoming fighting game has already delivered on multiple fronts, even during its beta phase, with its visually stunning battles and well-thought-out social integration.

The Talk of the Town: Drive Impact

For enthusiasts of the genre, much of the discussion revolves around the game’s universal battle mechanic known as Drive Impact. This system consists of five distinct components that can be utilized in various creative ways, lending an extra layer of excitement to matches. As an avid player, I can discern the influence of several other fighting games in this system, as Drive Impact borrows some of the best concepts from past Street Fighter games and even Mortal Kombat.

Embrace the Drive

Upon playing Street Fighter 6, one immediately notices a meter positioned beneath the character’s life bar. This is the Drive Gauge. The gauge comprises six bars, with a tick being deducted each time a Drive skill is employed, the player is hit while blocking, or the player is countered after a missed attack. However, just as ticks can be lost, they can also be regained by successfully executing a Drive Parry or by waiting for the gauge to recharge over time.

Kimberly attacking Luke with Drive Impact in Street Fighter 6.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

At first, when the Drive system was unveiled, I expected it to mimic Street Fighter 4’s Focus Attack system. While it ultimately differs from that system, there is one similarity. Like Focus, Drive Impact activates super armor, which absorbs a predetermined number of incoming hits and knocks the opponent down, granting players ample time to unleash a free combo. This introduces an additional mind game into the flow of battle, akin to Focus Attack’s impact in Street Fighter 4.

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Fear the Drive Impact in Corners

The most intimidating aspect of Drive Impact is its effectiveness in corners. Unlike when being hit while blocking in the middle of the screen, if you are struck with this technique while cornered, you will be propelled right back into the heat of the battle. However, there are countermeasures available. Among the methods to counter Drive Impact, one option is the Drive Parry. Similar to Street Fighter 3, this move nullifies an incoming attack, restoring the game to neutral ground and permitting the initiation of a counteroffensive or the complete punishment of the opponent. Successful execution of the Drive Parry also replenishes a fixed amount of the Drive Gauge.

Chun-li and Ryu using drive gauge in Street Fighter 6.
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Unleashing the Drive Rush

One of the most remarkable aspects of this new system is the Drive Rush mechanic, granting characters the ability to dash forward. Activating this Drive technique is not limited to moments of neutrality; it can also be triggered after landing a normal attack on an opponent. Although this costs an additional tick of the Drive meter, the advantages outweigh this downside by far. Drive Rush provides instant access to close-range pressure and enables confirmations of hits from low-risk attempts over greater distances. It reminds me of the run mechanic present in games such as Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat X.

As a passionate devotee of Mortal Kombat X, this addition came as a delightful surprise. Not only does this tool incorporate the elements I previously described, but it also introduces further creativity to the mix. In one instance, a player showcased a clever mix-up using the run mechanic. They struck a character out of an aerial juggle, promptly ran to the opposite side, and executed a side-switch. This is merely the tip of the iceberg discovered in the beta; envision the possibilities when training mode becomes available around the clock.

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Luke and Jamie about to clash with a drive impact attack in Street Fighter 6.
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Defensive Maneuvers with Drive Gauge

The Drive Gauge is not solely dedicated to offensive tactics. It also incorporates Drive Reversal, an instantaneous “get off me” counter that can be activated when blocking attacks. Comparable to Street Fighter Alpha’s Alpha Counter or Street Fighter 5’s V-Reversal, this technique repels an opponent with minimal damage, effectively relieving the pressure and resetting the game to a neutral state. However, beware of opponents who anticipate and bait out the reversal.

Street Fighter 6 has already piqued my interest, and after experiencing the promising beta, it has my undivided attention. Seamlessly blending elements from the series’ previous iterations while simultaneously forging its own unique identity, the game showcases a plethora of exciting features. After being enthralled by the Drive system, I find myself eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore it further, although the wait until 2023 seems interminable.

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