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OnSpec Electronic, Inc. – Your Ultimate Last Shelter Survival Guide

Are you new to the Last Shelter Survival game and looking for some guidance? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with tips, cheats, and strategies to help you navigate through the game like a pro.

Getting Started with the Basics

In Last Shelter Survival, your main objective is to manage various base activities such as building, attacking, and defense. Your goal is to grow your base by upgrading facilities like oil wells, hospitals, institutes, and food resources. However, be aware that dangerous creatures and other players can raid your base and steal your resources. So, protecting these resources is crucial. Likewise, you can also raid other players’ bases and steal their resources.

To progress quickly in the game, we recommend focusing on the main quests. These quests will boost your progression and help you level up your heroes. Speaking of heroes, you can increase their levels by hunting zombies on the world map. Training troops is another essential activity in Last Shelter Survival, so make sure to allocate time for it. After battles, remember to heal your troops in the hospital. Keep in mind that your hero’s skills will have a significant impact on the outcome of battles. To further enhance your chances of success, activate buffs in the institute. As you progress, upgrading resource facilities becomes increasingly important to boost production. Also, don’t forget that your base’s class impacts all activities within the base.

Construction Vehicle in Last Shelter Survival

To start building or upgrading structures, you will need a construction vehicle or builder. Without it, you won’t be able to dispatch workers. To unlock the third builder, reach base level 7 and construct a garage. Tap the spanner icon on the top-left side of the screen to check the workers. From there, navigate to the locked builder and tap the “Go there” button. This will show you the requirements for unlocking or acquiring the third builder.

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Last Shelter Survival Guide to Resources

Food, water, fuel, wood, iron, and electricity are the primary resources in Last Shelter Survival. These resources are essential for building, upgrading, marching, and researching. Each resource has specific production facilities. For example, farms produce food, water filters produce water, and oil wells produce fuel. To build these facilities, you must place them near the respective sources. Refineries, for instance, can only be built near iron deposits, and lumber mills can only be built near logging sites. Unlock these resource locations by tapping on them outside your base’s fence.

Managing Population and Troops

In Last Shelter Survival, managing your population is essential. Build or upgrade houses to increase your maximum population cap. Additionally, transporting water and food to the ration truck will attract survivors and increase your population.

You can send troops and vehicles to invade enemy bases or fight zombies on the world map. Train troops in the fighter camp or shooting range, and upgrade these facilities to unlock higher-tier units. You can also train vehicles by building a vehicle factory. At the command center, you have the power to promote or enhance troop units. Research combat-related technologies to further boost your troops’ capabilities.

Last Shelter Survival Heroes

Heroes play a crucial role in Last Shelter Survival. They can be sent on marches with troops, placed on production centers to increase output, and their skills can provide advantages. You will receive your first hero for free at the start of the game, and you can recruit more heroes in the heroes hall. Recruitment tickets are required for this, and there are three types: Super, Advanced, and Normal.

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Upgrade hero skills using medals, which you can obtain by completing quests and events. Duplicate heroes can be converted into hero medals. These medals, along with courage and wisdom medals, are used to upgrade skills, research, and development.

Upgrading Heroes and Their Skills

To level up combat heroes, appoint them as leaders in the barracks and send them to attack zombies. Victories in battles grant heroes experience points (EXP) which increase their levels. Access the hero menu to check the complete list of heroes and their skills. By placing development heroes in specific buildings like farms, you can gradually level them up.

Heroes have unique skills that can be upgraded using wisdom medals. Unlocking new skills requires hero upgrades. There are three types of skills: development skills that activate when heroes are stationed, leadership skills that activate when heroes are placed in the formation, and combat skills that are automatically used during battles.

Managing Troops and Formations

To manage your troops effectively, visit the barracks and head to the formation section. Here, you can change the hero and adjust the number of troops you want to send into battle. Construct a bunk building to increase training capacity. The garrison option increases city defense and siege defense resistance, allowing you to add defenders. Utilize the institute to research technologies that improve troop capacity, hero co-operation, and combat skills.

Last Shelter Survival Classes

The Last Shelter Survival game offers four classes: Farmer, Raider, Trader, and Builder. Each class has two sub-classes, granting unique bonuses. To unlock the class function, build the Class Hall in your base territory. You can change your class by enabling the National Chapter and receiving the Class Change Item/Token at base level 10. Level up your class by completing National Quests and spending points in the class manual.

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Tips for Success

Here are some additional tips to enhance your Last Shelter Survival experience:

  • Upgrade your base and buildings to match your base level for optimal progress.
  • Revive dead units in the clone facility after each Wednesday.
  • Join an active alliance for numerous benefits such as diamonds, assistance, daily rewards, and more.
  • Pay attention to the skills of your heroes to maximize their potential.
  • Build and upgrade towers to defend your base and resources.
  • Organize your base to easily find and manage buildings.
  • Take advantage of the rapid production technology in the institute.
  • Activate the speaker to earn money by killing zombies outside your base.
  • Participate in events and complete daily challenges for free goodies.
  • Don’t forget to claim your free 200 diamonds by binding your account and joining an alliance.

With these tips, cheats, and strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the world of Last Shelter Survival. Embark on your survival journey and create a thriving base to withstand any challenges that come your way. Good luck, commander!

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Note: This article is a guide for the Last Shelter Survival game and is not affiliated with any other brands or links mentioned.

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