Playing with Your Buddy in Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has introduced numerous updates throughout the years, but one of the standout features is the Buddy Adventure update. This exciting addition not only allows players to interact with their virtual Pokémon in new ways but also provides gameplay perks. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play with your Buddy in Pokémon Go.

What is Buddy Adventure?

The Buddy Adventure update was released by Niantic in late 2019, enabling Trainers to designate a Pokémon as their Buddy and gradually build a bond with them. This feature allows Trainers to feed their Buddy treats in augmented reality (AR), play with them, and even explore the world map together. As the friendship grows stronger, Trainers unlock a range of perks, including CP boosts and new items.

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How to Select Your Buddy

Playing with your Buddy in Pokémon Go is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Choose the Pokémon you want as your Buddy. Don’t worry too much about this decision since you can change your Buddy up to 20 times per day. If you’re new to the Buddy system, tap on your Trainer’s picture at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Navigate to the Buddy menu.

Step 3: Once the menu loads, the game will guide you through the basics of the Buddy Adventure mechanics.

Step 4: If you wish to change your Buddy, it’s even easier. Tap on your current Buddy’s image at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5: Scroll through the menu and select “Swap Buddies.” Confirm your selection, and your new Buddy will appear on the screen.

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Which Pokémon Should Be Your Buddy?

Ideally, your Buddy should be a Pokémon that you want to earn Candy for. Buddy Pokémon collect candy as you explore the world, and their candy acquisition can be accelerated if they are in an “Excited” mood – we’ll cover this later. Additionally, Pokémon receive a CP Boost when they become “Best Buddies.” So, it’s important to make your strongest Pokémon your BFF, enhancing their power significantly. If you’re not focused on earning extra Candy, it’s highly recommended to Buddy up with your most powerful Pokémon.

How to Interact and Play with Your Buddy

Once you have selected a Buddy, you can engage with them in various ways. The first step is to feed them. Once they are full, they can accompany you on the map. To feed your Buddy, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click on your Buddy’s portrait at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Tap on the Berry icon at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Choose an open location around you to make an AR version of your Buddy appear. If space is limited, you can click the Quick Treat button to bypass the need for AR capabilities on your phone.

Step 4: Select a treat for your Buddy and toss it towards their mouth, just like throwing a Poké Ball at a wild Pokémon. You can monitor their hunger level at the top of the screen. Once they’re full, they will join you on the map.

Step 5: Trainers can also play with their Buddy by selecting the Play button after clicking on the Pokémon’s portrait. Find some space around you to release your AR Buddy and simply rub the screen to play together. You’ll know it worked when the Pokémon reacts, and the Play Together option displays a red heart on the Buddy menu.

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Buddy Level and Mood

Playing with your Buddy and exploring the map together are vital for achieving Best Buddy status and increasing their Mood. A Pokémon’s Mood is determined by how often you feed and interact with them. Neglecting your Buddy will cause their Mood to decrease over time. The best Mood a Pokémon can have is “Excited,” which allows Trainers to earn more Affection hearts in a day. Excited Pokémon also require less walking distance to earn Candy.

On the other hand, Buddy Levels do not decrease. They are built up over time by earning Affection hearts through various tasks. If you’re unsure about how to earn hearts, check the Buddy menu for a complete list. These tasks include walking together, giving treats, and playing together. By completing these tasks daily, you’ll gradually progress from Good Buddies to Best Buddies. Here’s a quick rundown of the different Buddy Levels you can achieve:

  • Good Buddy: Your Pokémon appears on the map during exploration, and the Mood indicator shows up on the Buddy menu.
  • Great Buddy: Helps catch wild Pokémon by deflecting Poké Balls back at them. They also bring you presents as you explore.
  • Ultra Buddy: Chance to find Souvenirs and earn an additional Affection heart. Your Buddy will also point out locations of interest where you can spin PokéStops to earn another Affection heart.
  • Best Buddy: Receives a CP Boost when set as your Buddy. They also wear a special ribbon to signify their Best Buddy status.

It’s essential to interact with your Buddy every day to maintain their Mood and quickly reach Best Buddy status. Activities reset daily, ensuring there’s always something new for you to do. Additionally, you can change your Buddy up to 20 times per day, and each Buddy has its unique set of activities. Building a strong bond with your favorite Pokémon takes time, but regular playtime together is an excellent starting point.

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