PlayStation 5 Slim: Unveiling the Rumors and Speculation

It’s no secret that console manufacturers often launch slimmer, more cost-effective models a few years into a console’s life cycle. This approach aims to reignite sales, explore new designs, and reduce manufacturing costs. Sony has followed this trend since the PS2, consistently introducing slimmer versions of their home consoles. As we approach the third anniversary of the PlayStation 5 (PS5), rumors have been circulating about the arrival of both the PS5 Pro and the PS5 Slim. While Sony has remained tight-lipped about these speculations, it’s intriguing to follow these rumors and see how accurate they turn out to be.

Will We See a PS5 Slim? Here’s What We Know

Before delving into the rumors and leaks, it’s crucial to note that until Sony officially confirms the existence of a PS5 Slim, all information that follows should be regarded as speculative.

Initially, rumors circulated about a diskless PS5 model that could be paired with a detachable disk drive, offering an alternative to physical media. This release was initially anticipated for fall 2023, but it has merged with the concept of the PS5 Slim. This timeline aligns with the claims made by Microsoft during the Federal Trace Commission (FTC) hearing, where they mentioned the release of a PS5 Slim this year for $400.

Adding to the excitement is a purported leaked video from BwE_Dev, a user on X (formerly known as Twitter), showcasing the casing of a supposed PS5 Slim. Although the shape closely resembles the base model, it features a noticeable slot where enthusiasts speculate the detachable disk drive could slide in and out. Another distinctive feature is a diagonal cut in the white cover. Additionally, the leaked images suggest the presence of two USB-C ports on the front, as opposed to the single port on the base model. According to the leaks, the Slim version will be approximately 5 centimeters shorter than its predecessor.

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When it comes to pricing, things become a little more complicated. Microsoft’s belief that the PS5 Slim will cost $400 aligns with the current U.S. price of the PS5 Digital Edition. Typically, slim versions of consoles are introduced at a lower price point due to the decreasing cost of manufacturing and improved efficiency over time. For instance, the PS4 was originally sold for $400, while the PS4 Slim hit the market at $300. However, Sony has actually raised the prices of both PS5 units in most regions. Unfortunately, this suggests that the new PS5 Slim won’t be cheaper in the U.S., but it might restore price parity in regions where it was previously increased.

In terms of new features, besides the slot for a detachable disk drive (which would likely need to be purchased separately), the PS5 Slim is not expected to offer power enhancements like a PS5 Pro would. At most, we could anticipate it to be more energy-efficient, less prone to overheating, and potentially quieter. Although this remains speculation, it’s reasonable to assume that the PS5 Slim would be compatible with current PS5 accessories, such as the PSVR 2 and the upcoming Access Controller. One intriguing aspect to consider is whether any of the new faceplates will fit the smaller design, especially with the noticeable slit running along the middle.

If Sony indeed plans to release the PS5 Slim in the fall of this year, an official announcement is imminent to notify the public and initiate preorders. Rest assured, once the PS5 Slim becomes a reality, we will promptly update you with all the facts.

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