Putting Your PS5 in Rest Mode: A Guide to Maximizing Efficiency

Setting your PlayStation 5 system to Rest Mode can be incredibly beneficial, allowing the console to sleep without shutting it down completely. This feature, different from simply turning it off, offers several advantages that are worth exploring.

How to Put Your PS5 into Rest Mode

To begin, let’s uncover the process of placing your system into Rest Mode. This option keeps the console running certain functions in the background while consuming less electricity.

Step 1: While your system is on, press the PS button on the DualSense controller. This action will bring up a menu at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Navigate to the far right and locate the Power option, easily identified by a power button icon. Simply press the X button to select it.

Menu allowing you to place PS5 into Rest Mode.
Image used with permission by OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

Step 3: After selecting the Power option, a menu will appear. The first choice is to Enter Rest Mode. By selecting this, your PS5 system will seamlessly transition into Rest Mode. It’s as simple as that!

PS4 Remote Play on Apple Devices
Image used with permission by OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

The Benefits of Using Rest Mode

Rest Mode offers multiple advantages over shutting down the system completely. While in Rest Mode, certain functions continue to operate in the background. For instance, Rest Mode significantly reduces power consumption by disabling most features. Additionally, you have the convenience of charging your DualSense controllers and other devices while in Rest Mode, eliminating the frustration of returning to dead accessories. Rest Mode also enables automatic game updates in the background. This means you can dive into your favorite games as soon as you return. Moreover, leaving your system in Rest Mode grants you the ability to install games via the PlayStation app or website, allowing you to initiate downloads remotely. And that’s not all! You can even launch Remote Play from a PS5 in Rest Mode, enabling you to play games from a smartphone or PS Vita without needing to be near your system.

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When Not to Use Rest Mode

It’s important to note that if you plan on performing maintenance on your system or need to unplug it for any reason, it is highly recommended to shut down the PS5 entirely. This precaution is necessary as cutting power without proper shutdown procedures can result in data loss or even corrupt the system’s memory. Additionally, if you encounter any software issues with your PS5, such as glitches or freezing, it is advisable to power down the system instead of relying on Rest Mode. This ensures a thorough reset occurs, potentially resolving the problem.

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