Resident Evil 4: How to Complete and Chapter Count

Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 remake is far from your typical video game rehash. Instead of a faithful 1:1 remake, the 2023 version of Resident Evil 4 presents a completely reimagined take on the 2005 horror classic. The gameplay and story have both undergone major overhauls, resulting in significant changes to the original’s structure.

So, how does this impact the length of the remake and the number of chapters? Let’s dive in and find out.

How Long is Resident Evil 4?

Leon fights off a parasite in Resident Evil 4's remake.
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The original Resident Evil 4 provided a lengthier experience within the horror series. While it could be completed in about 10 hours if you focused solely on the story, the game’s open-ended areas allowed for a bit more flexibility in terms of playthrough time. On average, players took about 15 hours to finish the 2005 version.

The 2023 remake of Resident Evil 4 closely aligns with its predecessor in terms of length, despite being a very different game. Our initial playthrough took approximately 15 to 20 hours. It’s worth noting that we didn’t achieve 100% completion, leaving a few blue requests unfinished and not attaining perfect scores at the shooting range. If you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in the game, you can expect to invest around 25 to 30 hours of gameplay.

And that’s not even factoring in the additional content like New Game+, the challenge system, and the upcoming Mercenaries mode. True completionists will undoubtedly spend even more time unlocking every single thing the game has to offer.

How Many Chapters are in Resident Evil 4?

The Garrador stands tall in the Resident Evil 4 remake.
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The most significant change in the Resident Evil 4 remake lies not in its length but in its chapter structure. The original game consisted of 19 chapters spread across five distinct acts. For example, the opening village sequence encompassed the first three chapters of the game.

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In contrast, the 2023 remake of Resident Evil 4 features a total of 16 chapters. If you’re concerned that this means less content overall, fear not. The story has been reworked to combine and restructure certain chapters, while still maintaining all the major beats of the original game — and even adding some new ones. The result is a slightly more streamlined experience.

Overall, you can expect a similar gameplay and narrative experience in terms of length and the order of events. As you progress through the game, you’ll notice significant divergences in the chapters around the midway point, but the general trajectory remains consistent.

That’s all the information you need to know about completing Resident Evil 4 and its chapter count. Grab your controller and prepare to immerse yourself in this reinvented horror classic!

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