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The Updated Conclusion: All You Need to Know

Capcom’s remarkable remake of Resident Evil 4 is not merely a copy of the original 2005 action-horror masterpiece. The 2023 version takes certain liberties, not only fleshing out characters but also reimagining key plot elements. These changes serve to strengthen the connection to Capcom’s prior remakes while also toning down some of the game’s crass humor.

Departures in the Remake’s Ending

While the general story beats remain relatively unchanged, the remake introduces important tonal shifts that could potentially foreshadow future developments. Let’s delve into the specifics of Resident Evil 4’s new ending and explore how it diverges from the original.

A Recap of Resident Evil 4’s Ending

In both the original game and the remake, the climactic showdown against Osmund Saddler takes center stage. After a grueling battle with the mutated cultist, Ada Wong comes to the rescue by providing Leon S. Kennedy with a red rocket launcher. With a powerful blast and a stab to the eye, Leon vanquishes Saddler. However, in the process, he is knocked back onto a metal grate, inadvertently dropping a sample of the Plaga virus-contained amber. This is where the story takes a different turn.

Ada Wong’s Role: From Villain to Anti-Hero

In the original game, Ada takes advantage of Leon’s vulnerability, double-crossing him at gunpoint and snatching the sample without explanation. She promptly hops onto a helicopter, sets a bomb timer, and tosses Leon the keys to a jet ski. This climactic moment of the 2005 edition portrays her purely as a villain.

Fast forward to 2023, and things change significantly. Instead of holding a gun to Leon’s head, Ada casually retrieves the sample while he lies down. She mentions that she and Luis had “an arrangement” before strolling over to a helicopter that is approaching. Assuring Leon she will take good care of the sample, she invites him to join her on the helicopter. Leon declines, and they part ways — a subtle reference to a Resident Evil 4 DLC starring Ada.

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Ada’s Transformation to an Anti-Hero

As Ada departs, an explosion rocks the island, prompting her to toss Leon the key to a jet ski. Rather than triggering the bomb herself, Ada plays a less supervillain-like role. She comes across as more of an anti-hero in the finale, assisting Leon and Ashley in their escape. The timed sequence depicting their getaway remains largely unchanged as they navigate safely off the island on the jet ski. Departing the danger zone, they discover that the Plagas-afflicted villagers have been neutralized following Saddler’s demise.

A Heartwarming Conclusion

In the final moments, Leon and Ashley share a friendly exchange on the jet ski. Notably, the remake removes a somewhat unsettling line where Ashley suggests indulging in a little “overtime.” Instead, she asks Leon if she should put in a good word with her father, the President, to secure Leon’s assignment to her security detail. He declines, acknowledging Ashley’s ability to take care of herself. This heartwarming moment addresses one of the original game’s major criticisms by giving the “damsel in distress” a more fulfilling character arc.

Farewell to Dated Elements

The remake also bids farewell to another dated scene. In the original game, the post-credits call with federal agent Ingrid Hunnigan features Leon confirming the success of the mission before attempting to flirt with her. This sequence, culminating in a hackneyed final line, has been entirely eliminated. Instead, as Leon and Ashley traverse the waters on the jet ski, Hunnigan’s voice can be heard over the radio, inquiring about the mission status.

A Crucial Post-Credits Scene

Although the remake removes the aforementioned codex call, it still includes a post-credits scene that holds significant implications for the series’ future. This scene originates from the original game’s bonus chapter, “Assignment: Ada,” which follows Ada’s quest to obtain Plaga samples. While there is a slight alteration in how this scene unfolds, the impact remains substantial.

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Ada’s Encounter with Wesker

In the original game, aboard the helicopter after taking the Plaga sample from Leon, Ada receives a call from none other than Albert Wesker, one of the primary antagonists in the series. He discloses that he has been manipulating her all along. In a classic supervillain soliloquy, he reveals his plan to revive the sinister Umbrella Corporation and hints at an impending “change” in the world. As the helicopter soars away, he laughs maniacally, setting the stage for Resident Evil 5.

Ada’s Revised Role

The remake presents a complete reimagination of this sequence. While on the helicopter, Ada contacts Wesker to inform him of the successful extraction of the sample. Curious about Wesker’s intentions, she is met with a menacing response, hinting at a forthcoming “new dawn” accompanied by mass casualties. Ada, immediately realizing the grave implications, promptly removes her headset, holds the helicopter pilot at gunpoint, and demands a change of course.

Ada as an Anti-Hero

This alteration is crucial in solidifying Ada’s position as more of an anti-hero than a cartoonish femme fatale. Rather than being an active participant in Wesker’s malevolent schemes, she becomes a victim who has been manipulated. Once Ada comprehends the true purpose of retrieving the sample, she betrays Wesker without hesitation, remaining true to her promise of safeguarding it.

Future Possibilities

What do these changes signify for the future? Several interpretations are feasible. On one hand, Capcom could be sidestepping the potentially controversial task of remaking Resident Evil 5, providing a clean slate to entice new players while concluding the Plaga storyline on a positive note. Alternatively, they may be setting the stage for the next remake, establishing Wesker as the main antagonist and presenting a fresh portrayal of Ada in a heroic role. The intentionally vague nature of the remake leaves room for Capcom’s future creative directions.

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Considering the immense success of Resident Evil 4, it is safe to assume that Capcom will not be abandoning its remake endeavors anytime soon.

Resident Evil 4 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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