Resident Evil 4 Remake: Unveiling Small Key Locations and Best Weapons


It’s clear that Leon wasn’t adequately prepared for the challenges that awaited him in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Armed with only a basic handgun and a knife, he soon discovers that he’ll need much stronger firepower to survive against the grotesque monsters in his path. In this guide, we’ll explore the locations of small keys and the best weapons available in the Resident Evil 4 remake, helping you make informed choices to ensure your survival.

Small Key Locations

As you progress through the game, you’ll come across locked drawers that contain valuable items. These drawers can only be opened using small keys, which are strategically placed throughout the game. By finding and utilizing these keys, you’ll gain access to powerful weapons and enhancements that will greatly aid you in your fight against the Ganados and Las Plagas.

Best Weapons in the Resident Evil 4 Remake


Let’s start with the Red9, a fan-favorite from the original game that has made its return in the remake. This versatile handgun can be obtained as early as Chapter 3, making it an excellent choice for investing your upgrades. Initially criticized for its recoil, the Red9 can be easily modified with a stock, allowing you to snipe with precision. With the Exclusive upgrade, which boosts its power by 1.5x, this handgun becomes a formidable weapon that can handle any situation.

Bolt Thrower

The Bolt Thrower may not possess the raw power or accuracy of other firearms, but its unique feature sets it apart. After eliminating enemies, you can retrieve the bolts it shoots, significantly reducing your need for ammunition. Additionally, the Bolt Thrower can launch mines and has a secondary firing method, providing you with additional versatility. Though its Exclusive upgrade simply doubles its ammo capacity, it’s worth considering for the decreased need to reload.

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For those seeking a reliable rifle, the Stingray is a solid choice. This semiautomatic rifle grants you control over its firing rate, and its default clip size is impressive. If you aim for weak points, the Stingray deals three times the damage, making it a formidable weapon against enemies. It also supports various scopes for enhanced precision. While the Exclusive upgrade, which increases your final firing rate by 2x, may not always be necessary, it can be helpful in challenging situations.

LE 5

The LE 5 is an easy-to-miss hidden gem that surpasses the capabilities of the Punisher. This SMG offers a higher firing rate, larger clip size, and increased power. It excels at piercing shield-wielding enemies. With the Exclusive upgrade, the LE 5 gains the ability to pierce up to five targets simultaneously, further expanding its effectiveness.

Broken Butterfly

As a fan-favorite, the Broken Butterfly magnum stands out as both a visually striking weapon and a deadly one. Among non-special weapons, it deals the highest damage in the Resident Evil 4 remake, making it a force to be reckoned with. However, unlocking its full potential comes at a price, as magnum upgrades are among the most expensive in the game. The Exclusive upgrade dramatically increases its final damage by 1.5x, solidifying its status as a powerhouse.


The Striker shotgun overcomes the common drawback of slow firing rates typically associated with shotguns. With its semiautomatic capabilities, it dishes out damage rapidly and boasts a generous clip size. When facing enemies at close range, the Striker ensures you won’t run out of ammunition. Consider obtaining the Exclusive upgrade to further increase the already substantial clip size.

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Rocket Launcher

While the Rocket Launcher requires a significant investment of both cash and inventory space, its iconic status makes it an undeniable asset. Capable of delivering devastating one-hit kills, the Rocket Launcher’s effectiveness varies depending on the difficulty level. It doesn’t offer any upgrades, as its power is already unmatched. Make each shot count, as you’ll only have one chance to annihilate your target.

Primal Knife

Although not a gun, the Primal Knife deserves mention due to its exceptional usefulness in the Resident Evil 4 remake. This essential tool can save you in tight situations, thanks to the ability to parry and finish downed enemies. However, its durability is a drawback. By locating and destroying all 16 Clockwork Castellans, you can unlock the Primal Knife. Its Exclusive upgrade renders it unbreakable, allowing you to rely on it indefinitely.

In conclusion, mastering the Resident Evil 4 remake relies heavily on choosing the right weapons and utilizing small keys to unlock valuable items. OnSpec Electronic, Inc. offers an exceptional gaming experience, and by selecting the best weapons suited to your playstyle, you’ll be well-equipped to face the horrors that await in this gripping remake.

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