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Battlefield 2042’s initial release did not go as smoothly as expected for EA. Despite its potential to become the next popular live service game, the launch was plagued by numerous bugs, a controversial specialist system driven by abilities, and overly large maps. While Digital Trends’ reviewer praised the base game, many players expressed their dissatisfaction, prompting EA to spend months addressing these issues. Finally, on June 9, over six months after the game’s launch, Season 1: Zero Hour was released. In preparation for this update, I had the opportunity to test some of the new content, specifically focusing on the new Specialist Ewelina Lis and the new Exposure map. In this article, we will explore whether Battlefield 2042 has truly improved since its launch and if the new additions are enough to entice non-hardcore Battlefield fans to return.

The Additions: Specialist Ewelina Lis, Exposure Map, and More

The main highlights of Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 update include the introduction of a new specialist named Ewelina Lis, armed with a rocket launcher, as well as a new map set in the Canadian Rockies called Exposure. Additionally, players can expect new weapons such as a crossbow and marksman rifle, along with a battle pass offering various unlockables, both free and paid. This update undoubtedly brings substantial new content to Battlefield 2042, but it doesn’t address all of the game’s core issues.

The Battle Pass: Realistic Customizations and Challenges

Unlike other games with extravagant crossovers and outlandish outfits, Battlefield 2042’s battle pass focuses on providing realistic appearances for specialists, vehicles, and weapons. Challenges form the core progression system of the battle pass, similar to what we’ve seen in Halo. Luckily, 30 tiers of the battle pass are accessible for free, with only cosmetic items locked behind a paywall. This approach ensures that everyone can try out the new specialist, Ewelina Lis. As an Engineer Specialist, Lis is invaluable with her reliable rocket launcher, especially for destroying vehicles. Although the new Ghostmaker R10 Crossbow and BSV-M Marksman Rifle may be underwhelming in terms of speed and power, Lis’s usefulness makes her a valuable addition to most squads. Her capabilities shine on the brand-new Exposure map.

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The Exposure Map: A Vertical Battlefield

Exposure, set in the Canadian Rockies, stands out among the new Battlefield 2042 maps due to its distinctive and vertical layout. Taking place in and around a mountain base, this map supports both 128-player and 64-player matches. The most intense firefights occur in a spot nestled on the mountain’s side, allowing players to approach either by foot through the mountain or from the skies with the new stealth helicopters. While I thoroughly enjoyed these moments and the exhilaration of attacking the base in a helicopter, traversing the map on foot outside of the base still feels cumbersome due to its size, a common issue across all Battlefield 2042 maps.


While Battlefield 2042 has made significant improvements since its rocky launch, the Season 1 update may not be enough to captivate non-hardcore Battlefield fans. The introduction of the new Specialist Ewelina Lis, the Exposure map, and other additions certainly enhance the gameplay experience. However, the game’s core problems, including its large maps and underwhelming weapons, still persist. Nevertheless, Battlefield 2042 remains an engaging multiplayer experience worth exploring.

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