Solve the Winter Mystery Quest in Stardew Valley

Every season in Stardew Valley brings its own unique twists to gameplay. From special activities to exclusive crops and quests, there are plenty of things to do before the next season arrives. One such quest is the Winter Mystery quest, which can only be completed during the winter season. As the name suggests, this quest involves solving a mystery, making it one of the more challenging quests in the game.

Starting the Winter Mystery Quest

A Winter Mystery Start

Starting the Winter Mystery quest is easy. You will likely trigger it naturally while playing Stardew Valley, but in case you missed it, here’s how to start it. Simply visit the bus stop between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. during the winter season. You’ll witness a quick cutscene where a shadowy figure walks down the road. As soon as it notices you, it scampers off towards Pelican Town.

Your journal will update with the quest titled “A Winter Mystery.” It states, “You encountered a suspicious looking figure by the bus stop. When it saw you, it fled toward town. Could there be a clue to its whereabouts?” Your objective is to find the shadowy figure. While it may not seem like much to go on, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through the next steps.

Finding the Shadowy Figure

Stardew Valley A Winter Mystery Solution

The Winter Mystery quest becomes trickier because the major clue in finding the shadowy figure disappears if you take too long to solve the mystery. Yes, those footprints you’re supposed to follow will eventually vanish. Thankfully, the location you need to go to remains the same, regardless of when you start or finish the quest.

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Head into town and make your way to the playground next to the Community Center. If you act swiftly, you’ll see the footprints leading to a large bush behind the benches. Inspect the bush, and you’ll be greeted by the shadowy figure known as Shadow Guy. He apologizes for taking a certain item and hands it over to you. And just like that, the quest is solved!

The Magnifying Glass Reward

Stardew Valley Winter Mystery Reward

As a reward for completing the Winter Mystery quest, Shadow Guy gives you the magnifying glass, which is added to your skills tab. This handy tool allows you to find secret notes while engaging in various activities like farming, mining, and fishing. Keep in mind that the chance of finding a note is quite low, so consider it a bonus rather than something to actively search for.

There are a total of 25 secret notes scattered throughout the game. These notes provide valuable information about people’s preferences for gifts and even provide some puzzle solutions. Remember not to give the notes themselves as gifts, as everyone in town dislikes them. Once you read a note, any gift information it contains will be added to your gift log for that specific character.

If you’re an avid Stardew Valley player, completing the Winter Mystery quest and obtaining the magnifying glass is definitely worth it. So prepare yourself for the challenge, follow the clues, and enjoy the rewards that await you!

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