Solving the Village Chief’s Manor Combination Lock Puzzles in Resident Evil 4

In the world of Resident Evil 4, things are not quite the same as in our reality. Besides the existence of viruses and parasites that transform people into zombies, houses and buildings in this realm often secure their doors using intricate puzzles. When you reach the Village Chief’s Manor, you will encounter two challenging puzzles that stand in your way of finding the president’s daughter. Although one puzzle provides a clue, it can be cryptic and easily missed. The second puzzle is even more perplexing, leaving you uncertain about what needs to be done. However, fear not! We are here to help you solve the Village Chief’s Manor puzzles in Resident Evil 4.

How to Solve the Cabinet Lock Puzzle

A rotating lock with symbols on it.
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Upon entering the manor and dealing with a lone enemy in the bathroom, you will encounter the first puzzle on the ground floor. Behind the house, down the hallway with a Red Herb, you will find a large cabinet. This cabinet lock has three symbols that must be aligned correctly to open it. The symbols include wheat, animals, babies, and birds. It is unlikely that you will be able to guess the solution, so head up to the second floor and examine a book on a table in the hallway. The book, titled “Illuminados 4:3,” contains the solution. Pay close attention to the middle paragraph, which highlights the following text: “The old farmer, his finest crop. The Slight swineherd, his stoutest pig. The beggarly grandam, her own beloved babe.”

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Knowing this, the solution to the puzzle will be the symbols of wheat, a pig, and the baby (not a second pig like Babe). Once you open the cabinet, you will find the Crystal Marble, which is required to unlock the second door on the second floor. However, be prepared for a surprise attack from the villager you previously took out in the bathroom.

How to Solve the Marble Puzzle

A marble with bubbles in a bug shape.
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Taking the Crystal Marble upstairs and slotting it into the locked door will trigger the second and final puzzle in the Village Chief’s Manor. This puzzle is considerably more challenging than the first.

You will be presented with a close-up image of the marble, which is filled with air bubbles and the symbol of the cult in the center. Your objective is to align the bubbles so that they form the shape of the symbol behind them. The tricky part is that you must move the marble in 3D space, adjusting it from side to side and forwards and backwards. There is no clear indication of how to direct your movements, but we found that the best strategy is to face the bubbles as flat as possible. From there, you can determine if you need to spin the marble to align it or rotate the entire marble if it appears to be facing the wrong way.

Once you successfully align the bubbles, the door will finally unlock, granting you access to the final room in the manor.

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