Star Ocean: The Divine Force: A Look at Release Date, Trailers, and Gameplay

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When it comes to beloved JRPGs, Star Ocean may not be as well-known as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. However, fans of this slightly more obscure series are quick to sing its praises. First established in 1996, the Star Ocean games have had an irregular release schedule, with only five mainline games released so far. The most recent installment, Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, received mixed reviews, leaving fans uncertain about the future of this smaller franchise.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force – A New Hope

Sony’s October 2021 State of Play event surprised fans with the announcement of Star Ocean: The Divine Force. This unique JRPG from the masters of the genre, Square Enix, combines fantasy elements with a sci-fi-inspired universe. Although the trailer provided a brief glimpse into the game, more information has been gradually emerging. If you’re intrigued by this distinctive-looking game, here’s everything we currently know about Star Ocean: The Divine Force.

Release Date

Raymond pointing on his ship.
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Star Ocean: The Divine Force is set to release on October 27, 2022.


Raymond leaning over a crew member.
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Although the trailer showcased the game’s availability on PlayStation 4 and PS5, Star Ocean: The Divine Force will also be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, as well as PC. It will be released simultaneously on all platforms, ensuring no exclusivity, timed or otherwise. While the current-generation versions are expected to offer certain advantages, such as enhanced graphics, faster load times, and improved frame rates, no specific details have been revealed yet.

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Trailers and Story

Just like the Final Fantasy series, each new Star Ocean game is a standalone experience. Star Ocean: The Divine Force introduces a new cast of characters and a fresh story, making it accessible to players new to the series. The trailer briefly showcases a crew forced to abandon their ship due to an impending attack. It then transitions to a lush planet with transparent spheres floating in the sky. The protagonist is seen running through this fantastical world with a floating robot companion, granting them unique abilities to dash and glide through the air.

The game’s narrative revolves around two protagonists named Raymond and Laeticia. Raymond, the captain of the ship Ydas, hails from a technologically advanced civilization called Verguld. On the other hand, Laeticia is a princess and knight from the developing planet Aster IV. Their paths cross when Raymond becomes stranded on Laeticia’s world. The choice of protagonist and the decisions made during the journey will shape the game’s story, providing players with different perspectives and outcomes. With the repeated mention of the “fate of the universe,” Star Ocean: The Divine Force promises an epic and far-reaching tale.


Raymond and Laeticia attacking a big frog monster.
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Star Ocean: The Divine Force reintroduces familiar mechanics while offering new gameplay elements. Exploration and traversal play a significant role, emphasizing verticality and full 3D freedom. Characters can fly and maneuver in all directions, enhancing the immersive experience.

Combat adopts a full-action approach, departing from the traditional turn-based combat found in previous titles. Players can engage enemies directly in the game world without transition screens or random battles. Attacks are swift and responsive, with characters showcasing various skills, abilities, and magical spells. The game encourages tactical play by allowing players to pause the action, issue commands, switch characters, or plan strategies at any time. As the story progresses, additional party members, each with their unique skills and abilities, will join the player’s journey.

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Raymond flying over a dusty canyon.
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Star Ocean: The Divine Force focuses on delivering a solid single-player experience and does not include a multiplayer component. While fans enjoyed optional multiplayer features in previous Star Ocean titles, this game strives to captivate players with its immersive single-player narrative.


Star Ocean: The Divine Force offers several pre-order editions, each with unique bonuses. In the Digital Deluxe edition, players will receive the base game, a soundtrack with over 80 songs, two armor pieces, and several accessories. For PlayStation 4 and PS5 owners, the Limited Edition includes the base game, a four-CD soundtrack, an artbook, two Star Ocean keychains, and all the digital content from the Digital Deluxe edition.


Star Ocean: The Divine Force breathes new life into the series, combining captivating storytelling, immersive exploration, and action-packed combat. With its distinctive universe, intriguing characters, and epic narrative, this JRPG promises an unforgettable experience. Mark your calendars for October 27, 2022, and embark on a thrilling adventure when Star Ocean: The Divine Force launches on multiple platforms.

Note: This article is created for informational purposes and does not constitute financial or gaming advice. OnSpec Electronic, Inc. is not affiliated with the Star Ocean series or its developers.

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