Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – Exploring the Fate of Cal, Cere, and Bode

Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated game, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, has finally arrived, taking players back into the Reign of the Empire era alongside Jedi Knight Cal Kestis. This thrilling adventure serves as a continuation of the story from its predecessor, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In the previous game, Cal, his mentor Cere, Nightsister Merrin, and pilot Greez made a bold move by destroying a Holocron containing the locations of force-sensitive children. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor picks up the tale five years later, as Cal grapples with the ongoing conflict against the Empire and discovers a new and ominous threat linked to The High Republic and a mysterious planet.

How does the journey in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor begin?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor commences with Cal Kestis appearing to be captured on Coruscant. However, it is revealed that this capture is part of an elaborate plan orchestrated by Cal and his newly formed crew since disbanding from the Mantis crew in the previous game. During this daring mission, Cal encounters Bode Akuna, who is fighting to protect his daughter Kata from the clutches of the Empire.

Bode helps Cal up in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
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Their mission leads them to a damaged ship belonging to the Utapauian senator. However, their efforts are thwarted when they are ambushed by an Imperial Squad led by the Ninth Sister. Though Cal manages to eliminate the Ninth Sister and escape on the Mantis, the rest of the crew members are killed, and the ship sustains significant damage. With limited options, Cal crash-lands on the planet Koboh, where Greez now resides.

After encountering the formidable Bedlam Raiders, led by the powerful Gen’Dai named Rayvis, Cal reunites with Greez. Despite Greez’s encouragement to settle down, Cal remains committed to his mission and embarks on a quest to find a piece of technology hidden in the caves beneath Greez’s Saloon. It is during this search that Cal stumbles upon an ancient ruin from The High Republic era and releases a droid named ZN-A4, affectionately known as Zee, who was sent on a mission by Jedi Knight Santari Khri to find the “Key to Tanalorr.”

Curiosity piqued, Cal delves into this newfound revelation, learning that Santari Khri and Jedi Dagan Gera had discovered Tanalorr—an elusive planet beyond the treacherous Koboh Abyss—where they hoped to establish a new Jedi stronghold. Determined to stop Dagan and perhaps find a safe haven for themselves, Cal, Bode, and Greez embark on a mission that will test their resolve.

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The quest to stop Dagan Gera

Following their encounter with Zee, Cal, Greez, and Bode, who subsequently joins the crew on Koboh, decide to search for Tanalorr with the intention of making it their new home. Their journey takes them to Jedha, where Cal’s mentor Cere Junda collaborates with Jedi Master Edo Cordova to rebuild the Jedi Archives and support the Hidden Path—a group devoted to protecting force-sensitive individuals from the Empire.

Cal and Bode do a handshake in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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Due to a sandstorm, they are forced to land a distance away from the base, leading Cal to reunite with Merrin, a Nightsister who had previously left the Mantis crew to explore the galaxy independently. While seeking shelter in a cave, Cal reunites with both Cere and Edo. Although information about Tanalorr is scarce, Edo directs them back to Koboh and its Shattered Moon to search for devices that could help them reach their desired destination.

Cal discovers a damaged device on the planet and its Shattered Moon, revealing that Dagan had betrayed the Jedi Order when it decided against settling on Tanalorr. Cal retrieves these devices and returns to Jedha. However, their plans are momentarily derailed as they assist Merrin in defending a Hidden Path safehouse under attack by the Empire. In the midst of the chaos, they manage to recover the contact codes and, in an unexpected moment, Cal and Merrin share their first kiss while taking down an enormous drilling machine.

Once back at Cere’s base, they realize that the devices they retrieved are compasses capable of guiding them through the treacherous Koboh Abyss. Although Santari Khri destroyed two of the compasses following Dagan’s betrayal, one remains, and they set out in search of it. As they return to Koboh, the Mantis crew—now joined by Merrin—discovers that Zee has been taken captive. Cal rescues the droid after a fierce confrontation with Dagan and must then confront Rayvis on the Shattered Moon.

After a grueling battle with Rayvis, Cal learns of the life debt between him and Dagan. Defeating Rayvis, Cal is informed that Dagan plans to retrieve the final compass from an observatory located in the mountains of Koboh. Rayvis, seeking an honorable death, requests that Cal end his life—a request that Cal reluctantly fulfills. Cal and Bode then launch an assault on the observatory, where a massive clash between the Empire and the Bedlam Raiders unfolds. Eventually, they confront Dagan, who reveals his true intentions of establishing a new Jedi Order on Tanalorr, using it as a stepping stone to dominate the galaxy.

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Rayvis and Dagan speak in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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Following a grueling fight, Cal and Bode emerge victorious, defeating and killing the fallen Jedi. The crew, now in possession of the final compass, begins their journey back to Jedha. However, Bode shows increasing signs of unease upon realizing that Cal intends to utilize Tanalorr as a sanctuary not only for themselves but also for the Hidden Path, extending its protection to others. Amidst the celebration of the repaired compass by Edo Cordova, the unexpected occurs—an Imperial attack on the Jedha base, and Bode betrays the group. Edo tries to reason with Bode, but his efforts prove fatal, as Bode kills him and flees. This betrayal sets the stage for the final act of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s thrilling conclusion

After Bode’s treachery and the tragic deaths of Edo Cordova and Cere Junda, Cal pursues Bode on a speeder amidst a massive Imperial assault on the Jedha base. To his dismay, Cal discovers that Bode, once a Jedi, now works for the Empire. Although Cal is ultimately defeated, he manages to evade capture. Players are then briefly entrusted with controlling Cere as she valiantly defends Jedha and engages in a fierce battle against Darth Vader himself, who leads the Imperial onslaught. Despite her bravery, Cere succumbs to Darth Vader’s might and falls in combat.

Deeply scarred by Bode’s betrayal and the loss of Edo and Cere, Cal tracks down Bode to an Imperial Security Bureau base on Nova Garon, guided by a locator beacon. Wreaking havoc on the Imperial Forces, Cal begins to unravel Bode’s past. He discovers that Bode had served as an undercover agent for the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars but was compelled to collaborate with the Empire after they murdered his wife and sought to capture his daughter for their nefarious purposes. Unbeknownst to them, Bode had become a mole for the Empire, seizing the opportunity to serve them wholeheartedly when Cal revealed his intention to use Tanalorr for the Hidden Path.

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Cal fights Stormtroopers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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On Nova Garon, Cal manages to access Bode’s quarters, where he finally meets Kata face to face. Despite their friendly interaction, Bode returns and escapes with Kata, leaving Cal consumed by rage and on a path of destruction. However, Merrin proves instrumental in preventing Cal from fully succumbing to the Dark Side. Though Bode escapes, the Mantis Crew discovers that aligning arrays on Koboh can unlock a route to Tanalorr.

Assisted by Zee, they successfully open a passage through the Abyss, allowing Greez to pilot the Mantis without sacrificing the ship. Together, they arrive on Tanalorr, prepared to confront Bode. However, before the climactic battle unfolds, Cal and Merrin make a pact to try and reason with Bode, not wanting Kata to suffer the same loss they have endured. As they discover Kata, she leads them to Bode. Despite their efforts, it becomes clear that Bode is irredeemable, and a fierce confrontation with Cal ensues.

After a grueling fight, Cal appears to have the upper hand, imploring Bode to surrender. Instead, Bode seizes this moment to launch a counter-attack, inflicting harm upon Kata, Merrin, and BD-1. With no alternative, Cal momentarily embraces the power of the Dark Side, using a blaster given to him by Bode earlier in their journey to ultimately defeat and kill his former ally. Cal and Merrin, accompanied by Kata, make their way back to the Mantis, realizing the weight of their actions and the need to nurture and heal the traumas they have passed on to Kata.

Before departing, the crew solemnly honors Edo Cordova, Cere Junda, and Bode Akuna with a traditional Jedi funeral, remaining by their side until only their embers and lightsabers remain. With this somber farewell, the main story of the game draws to a close. Cal, Merrin, Greez, Kata, and BD-1 have survived the arduous journey, but the lives of Cere, Dagan, and Bode have been lost.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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