Street Fighter 6 Director Reveals the True Purpose of World Tour Mode

While the traditional Fighting Ground experience in Street Fighter 6 made a strong impression at Summer Game Fest, the highly ambitious World Tour mode is still shrouded in mystery. The game’s State of Play trailer briefly showcased this mode, where a player-created character explores Metro City and other locations from a third-person perspective, engaging in fights and breaking boxes along the way.

Capcom describes World Tour mode in their press release as a “single-player immersive story mode that pushes the boundaries of what a fighting game is, allowing players to leave their own legacy with their player avatar.” While they haven’t revealed much about the mode’s gameplay at this time, I had the opportunity to talk to Game Director Takayuki Nakayama at Summer Game Fest Play Days. He shed some light on how World Tour aligns with Capcom’s goal of making Street Fighter 6 the leading entry point in the fighting game genre.

Finding the Purpose of World Tour

In World Tour, players will explore Metro City and other iconic Street Fighter locations with a player-created avatar. Nakayama hopes that this experience will appeal to those who aren’t dedicated fans of the series or the genre.

“World Tour is a completely distinct mode that offers a unique experience compared to traditional fighting,” he explained. “Even if someone isn’t a hardcore fan of fighting games, we wanted to incorporate elements that could make them fans of Street Fighter outside of the usual fights.”

World Tour certainly presents a fresh approach for the Street Fighter series. Nakayama also hopes that World Tour players will learn more about the world and characters of Street Fighter along the way, fostering a love for fighting games as a whole.

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“We want players to immerse themselves in this mode and discover their love for fighting games through the journey of World Tour,” Nakayama emphasized. “Players will have opportunities to meet beloved characters like Ryu and Chun-Li, allowing them to delve into their backstories and understand who they are in the world of Street Fighter 6.”

A player stands in Metro City's Times Square equivalent in Street Fighter 6 World Tour.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

World Tour represents one of Street Fighter 6’s main pillars. The other two are the standard Fighting Ground mode and the multiplayer-focused Battle Hub. Nakayama mentioned how challenging it is to determine the right amount of content to include in a game, especially after Street Fighter V’s initial launch received criticism for lack of content. However, he hopes that World Tour will provide ample content to address those concerns.

“We were definitely aware of the criticism we faced with Street Fighter 5, and we continue to learn from those experiences to create a better product with Street Fighter 6,” Nakayama acknowledged. “Finding the right balance for users is challenging, but we’re working hard to develop something that players will appreciate.”

World Tour appears to have the potential to engage players for an extended period while introducing them to the fundamentals of fighting games and the world of Street Fighter. This addition complements Street Fighter 6’s already fantastic core fighting mechanics. Capcom’s goal of making Street Fighter 6 one of the most accessible fighting games ever goes beyond World Tour mode.

Everyone is Here to Fight

Throughout our conversation, Nakayama repeatedly emphasized his desire for Street Fighter to be entertaining and appealing to those who have never played a fighting game before. To make Street Fighter 6 more accessible, the developers have included the Modern Control Type, enabling players to execute flashy combos with simple button presses.

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Nakayama believes that the Modern Control Type addresses one of the biggest challenges newcomers face in the fighting game genre: executing combos and special moves. “We understand that newcomers often find it difficult to perform combos and special moves,” he explained. “We wanted to offer a new way to play that reduces these frustrations while allowing people to enjoy the game.”

However, he is clear that the Modern Control Type is not an “easy mode” in Street Fighter 6, but rather a way to enable more people to appreciate fighting games. He even supports the use of this control type in official tournaments.

“We are not saying this is an easy mode by any means,” Nakayama clarified. “It’s simply a new way to play Street Fighter that addresses common frustrations that many people have. Choosing the modern mode doesn’t mean you’re a bad player; it’s just another option for enjoying the game. If players want to compete in tournaments using the Modern Control Type, there’s nothing wrong with that. We want to provide a world where players have choices in how they play Street Fighter 6.”

A player runs through a Chinese neighborhood in Street Fighter 6 World Tour.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Nakayama also hopes that once players fall in love with Street Fighter 6, they will stay engaged. Discussions are already underway about Street Fighter 6’s post-launch live service, although Nakayama believes that making it the best entry point for the fighting game genre as a whole is the key to its continued success. World Tour mode is just one of Capcom’s secret weapons in achieving this goal.

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“I’m creating a fighting game, but more importantly, I’m creating a Street Fighter game that appeals to a much broader audience. Street Fighter 6 is not just for hardcore fighting game fans; it’s also for people who may not be familiar with the genre,” he concluded.

Street Fighter 6 is set to release in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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