Street Fighter 6: Unraveling the Enigma of Passcode Puzzles

Street Fighter 6 introduces World Tour mode, a captivating addition that greatly deviates from the usual multiplayer focus of fighting games. Unlike the conventional single-player experiences that consist of a series of battles against computer-controlled opponents, World Tour mode offers a fresh take by incorporating hubs for exploration, encounters with masters for training, and a plethora of unlockable content. Additionally, this mode introduces an unexpected twist ─ puzzles. As you progress through the game, you may find yourself not only challenged by formidable adversaries but also confronted with intricate number puzzles. Fear not, as we are here to guide you through solving these mind-bending enigmas, enabling you to quickly return to the heart-pounding action.

A poster with a clue to a code in Street Fighter 6.
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How to Crack the Mystery Code in the “Tracking the Mystery Code” Quest

As you embark on the main quest in Chapter 8-2, aptly titled “Tracking the Mystery Code,” you will come across your first puzzle in World Tour mode.

Step 1: Your objective is to locate three posters hidden in Metro City. Each poster holds a clue crucial to deciphering the required code.

Step 2: The three posters are discreetly placed throughout Metro City. However, fear not, as they are conveniently marked on your map. Here are their locations:

  • On a cargo container in the Red Steel Factory behind Gomorrah
  • In Bayside Park (preferably at night) on a billboard near the water, next to the stairs
  • On the window of the Full Tank Burger shop on Westbay Avenue

Step 3: Each poster presents a combination of two letters and numbers, rather than explicitly providing the code. Here are the codes associated with each poster:

  • ST33
  • ND29
  • RD51
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Step 4: Deciphering the codes involves paying attention to the first two letters, which indicate the order of the numbers to be entered. These letters correspond to the positions of the words “first,” “second,” and “third.”

Step 5: Access your phone and open the Messages app. Enter the code “332951” to progress to the next stage of the quest.

A text message log in Street Fighter 6.
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How to Solve the SiRN Staff Grace Puzzle

Several chapters later, in Chapter 13-4, a woman named Grace in the SiRN building will present you with a challenging math problem, which, once solved, grants you access to a new contact.

Step 1: Engage in conversation with Grace to receive the problem.

Step 2: The math equation you must solve is 2^6 x 3 x 643.

Step 3: Although you could meticulously follow the order of operations, the solution is remarkably simple, making it likely that you can guess it correctly.

Step 4: Regardless of your approach, the solution is “123456” ─ as straightforward as it gets!

Step 5: Open your phone once again, navigate to Messages, and input the code.

Step 6: Speak to Grace once more to conclude this quest.

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