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Sword Master Story: A Comprehensive Tier List and Guide

Sword Master Story is an exciting gacha game developed by Super Planet for both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. As a renowned game publisher, Super Planet has released popular titles like Evil Hunter Tycoon, Videogame Guardians, Idle Guardians, and Lucid Adventure. Their latest addition, “Sword Master Story,” has taken the gaming world by storm since its global release in October 2020. With a diverse range of heroes to collect, upgrade, and employ in battles, Sword Master Story promises an engaging gameplay experience.

In this Sword Master Story tier list, we aim to provide you with valuable insights into the game’s best characters. Mastering the art of team-building is crucial for success in Sword Master Story, as not all heroes possess the ability to carry you to the endgame or make significant progress on the arena leaderboards. By referring to this tier list, you can identify the top-tier heroes that excel in combat and make your journey through the game more enjoyable. Let’s delve into the tiers and explore the best characters in Sword Master Story.

S+ Tier

  • Yui – Tier S+
  • Zeus – Tier S+
  • Lugrant – Tier S+
  • Ymir – Tier S+
  • Mia – Tier S+

S Tier

  • Cayron – Tier S to S+
  • Ariel – Tier S
  • Airi – Tier S
  • Efreet – Tier S
  • Vivian – Tier S
  • Cain – Tier S

A Tier

  • Kana – Tier A
  • Joan of Arc – Tier A
  • Aina – Tier A
  • Gaia – Tier A

B Tier

  • Theseus – Tier B
  • Dark Lord – Tier B
  • Ares – Tier B
  • Artemis – Tier B
  • Odin – Tier B

C Tier

  • Rosie – Tier C
  • Belphegor – Tier C
  • Dark – Tier C
  • Lucifer – Tier C
  • Kalisia – Tier C
  • Mary – Tier C
  • Lilith – Tier C
  • Athena – Tier C

Please note that this tier list is subject to change as the game evolves with updates and balance adjustments. For further clarification on each character’s skills and strengths, refer to the original source.

Noteworthy Characters

Now, let’s take a closer look at a few exceptional characters from the Sword Master Story roster:


Kana is a 5-star Archer class character, well-known for her remarkable Attack and Firepower abilities, along with a high CRIT rate. As a formidable force on the battlefield, Kana is invaluable for dealing devastating blows to your enemies.


Lilith, a 5-star Mage class character, possesses the power to increase attack power and speed. Additionally, Lilith’s passive ability reduces the defense of enemies, making her a force to be reckoned with in battles.

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As an archer character, Mary is a 5-star powerhouse in Sword Master Story. She excels in both attack power and speed, and her passive ability blocks incoming damage while increasing critical rate. Mary is an excellent addition to any team.


One of the prized 5-star characters in Sword Master Story, Odin harnesses the power of thunder to unleash devastating attacks and stun enemies. Additionally, his passive ability grants him chances to cast lightning, further increasing his damage output.


Vivian, a 5-star warrior class unit, provides valuable support to her allies by increasing defense and reducing missile penetration. With her passive ability, she also enhances her own attack, making her a crucial asset in your team.


Yui, one of the best healers in Sword Master Story, holds a top-tier position. Her healing abilities are unparalleled, ensuring the restoration of HP for your team. With her passive ability, Yui increases the potency of her healing powers, keeping your heroes in top shape during battles.


Aina, a 5-star mage class character, boasts stellar skills that summon a meteor to inflict damage and stun enemies. Not only that, but Aina’s abilities also increase the attack of her allies, ensuring a powerful assault against your foes. Aina’s passive ability further boosts attack and penetration, making her an invaluable member of any team.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, a 5-star mage character, showcases the ability to summon light, dealing damage and stunning enemies. Furthermore, her presence enhances the defense of her allies, ensuring their survival in challenging battles. With her passive ability, Joan of Arc bolsters health and defense, solidifying her role as a formidable hero.


Kalisia, a 5-star mage character, possesses the power to summon a meteor, causing damage and stunning enemies. Her passive ability increases critical damage, enabling her to strike fear into the hearts of her opponents.


Lucifer, a 5-star mage character, harnesses the power of darkness to inflict damage and stun enemies. With her passive ability, Lucifer deals bonus damage against bosses, making her a valuable asset when facing daunting challenges.


Artemis, a top-notch 5-star grade archer class character, boasts exceptional skills. She summons ice arrows that deal substantial damage to enemies, while her passive ability boosts the critical rate of her team, ensuring devastating blows.


Dark, one of the 5-star mage characters in Sword Master Story, possesses transformative abilities. She can transform into a dragon, causing massive damage to enemies. Dark’s passive ability reinforces her attack, establishing her as a formidable force on the battlefield.

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Ares, one of the warrior class characters, wields immense power. His skills increase attack speed and power, while his passive ability blocks incoming damage and enhances his attack capabilities.

Dark Lord

Dark Lord, a 5-star mage character, possesses incredible damage-dealing abilities. With his skills, Dark Lord fires a hellfire that inflicts substantial damage. Furthermore, his passive ability boosts the attack power of the entire team.


Gaia, an archer class character, showcases tremendous power with her skills. She inflicts massive damage on enemies, and her passive ability allows her to shoot arrows that penetrate enemies, increasing her critical rate.


Athena, a 5-star mage, summons a light that inflicts damage and stuns enemies. With her passive ability, Athena strengthens her attack power, further solidifying her position as a top-tier hero.


Cain, a warrior class hero, possesses exceptional abilities. With his skills, Cain summons a demon that increases attack speed and power. Additionally, his passive ability enhances his attack capabilities, making him an invaluable asset in battles.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many more exciting characters to discover in Sword Master Story. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect team for your playstyle.

Sword Master Story Guide and Tips

To make the most of your Sword Master Story experience, consider the following tips:

Game Modes

Sword Master Story offers four main game modes: Adventure, PvP, Battle Dungeons, and Raid. Clearing the Adventure mode stage 100 will unlock a plethora of content. Challenge yourself by defeating bosses and their minions, becoming stronger with each victory. In PvP mode, you can test your mettle against other players, earning rewards based on your ranking. Battle Dungeons allow you to farm essential in-game items, such as EXP potions, gold, equipment, accessories, and Awakening Cubes. The Raid mode pits you against powerful enemies, rewarding you based on the damage inflicted. Join a guild to gain additional rewards and bonuses, as higher guild levels yield greater benefits.

Team Organization

Properly organizing your team is crucial for success in Sword Master Story. Ensure that your team comprises a healer, damage dealers, and resilient warriors. To optimize your team composition, check the PvP menu and analyze the top players’ team setups for inspiration. Avoid investing resources in characters that offer limited utility. Refer to the Sword Master Story tier list to identify the most viable heroes for your team.

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Strengthening Your Heroes

To enhance your heroes’ power, allocate resources to level them up, develop their skills using Awakening Cubes, and reinforce them using gold. Equip suitable gear and accessories to amplify their base attributes and improve their combat performance. Transcend characters using character shards to unlock their maximum potential.

Equipment Acquisition

You can obtain top-tier equipment in Sword Master Story through high-level PvE Adventure stages, 5-star summons, and dark dungeons. Utilize these opportunities to acquire powerful gear for your heroes, enabling them to dominate the battlefield.

Additional Tips

  • Completing quests rewards you with rubies, an in-game currency.
  • Take advantage of Sword Master Story coupon codes for additional benefits.
  • Obtain character shards from the Raid mode or summons.
  • Enhance equipment and accessories to boost your heroes’ capabilities. Focus on higher star levels for better results.
  • Utilize the refine feature cautiously to improve gear options.
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Rebirth in Sword Master Story

Rebirthing a unit in Sword Master Story involves maxing out the unit’s reinforcement level, initially capped at 200. After reaching the maximum reinforcement level, you can initiate the rebirth process. Rebirthing resets the unit’s level to 0 while retaining its reinforced level, which increases by one (e.g., from 200 to 201). Rebirth allows you to further raise the unit’s power by increasing the reinforcement level cap.


Stay connected with the Sword Master Story community to access updated guides, tips, and tricks. Join the discussion on Reddit at and connect with fellow players on the Facebook Group at You can download Sword Master Story from the Play Store ( and iOS App Store (

This comprehensive Sword Master Story tier list and guide should equip you with the knowledge to conquer the game’s challenges. As you embark on your journey, strive to build the ultimate team, strengthen your heroes, and excel in various game modes. Remember, a combination of strategy, skill, and well-curated heroes will pave the way to victory in the Sword Master Story universe.

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