Tesla Model Y vs. Kia EV6: A Comparison of Two Popular Electric Cars


The Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6 are two highly sought-after electric vehicles on the market. While the Model Y has long been a leader in the EV space, the EV6 offers a compelling alternative. In this article, we’ll compare the two models to determine which one is the better choice for you.


2023 Kia EV6 GT

The exterior design of these cars is where one can immediately spot the differences. The Model Y features the iconic Tesla look with a tall body, prominent wheel arches, and a sloped rear window. It’s undeniably sleek, but after years of similar designs from Tesla, it may not feel as unique as it once did.

On the other hand, the EV6 boasts a modern and sporty silhouette with angular lines. Its subtle details, like the sloped nose at the front, give it an extra layer of distinctiveness. While the higher-end EV6 models, such as the EV6 GT, offer more aggressive styling, the overall look remains consistent across the lineup. Personally, I find the EV6’s more aggressive styling more appealing.


The interior of a Tesla Model Y.

Tesla has always embraced minimalism in its car interiors, and the Model Y is no exception. The spaceship-like interior features a large horizontal display at the front. While some criticize Tesla for using materials that feel slightly cheap, fans of the minimalist aesthetic appreciate the Model Y’s design. It also offers ample space, with 30.2 cubic feet of trunk space in the two-row model.

The EV6 takes a more traditional approach to interior design. However, it still incorporates modern features and touches. The comfortable seats have a relatively premium feel, and the EV6 introduces dedicated controls instead of relying solely on a touchscreen. While some of these controls are capacitive, they still provide a touch display experience without physical buttons. The EV6 is only available in a two-row option, but it provides 24.4 cubic feet of space behind the second row.

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Battery and Charging

View of the front of a 2023 Kia EV6 GT.

Battery range and charging capabilities are crucial considerations for any EV owner. The Model Y comes in two variants: the Long Range model, which offers 330 miles of range, and the Performance model, which provides 303 miles of range. With the ability to charge at up to 250 kilowatts, the Model Y can be fully charged in under 30 minutes.

The EV6 offers more variety with its models. The base EV6 Wind boasts a range of 310 miles for the rear-wheel drive model and 282 miles for the all-wheel drive model. The GT-Line offers a range of 310 miles for the RWD and 252 miles for the AWD. Finally, the EV6 GT, the highest-end model, offers 206 miles of range. All EV6 models support charging at up to 350kW, allowing you to charge from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to find a charging station that supports these speeds. While the Model Y offers a longer range, the EV6 excels in faster charging capabilities.

Tech and Infotainment

Tesla Model Y vs. Kia EV6: which is better?

Tesla is renowned for its tech-forward approach, and the Model Y exemplifies this. Almost everything in a Tesla is controlled through the touchscreen, which features a well-designed user interface with intuitive controls. Although not everyone loves touchscreen controls for every function, Tesla’s software is more polished and easier to navigate than most.

The EV6 takes a more traditional approach to infotainment. Kia, along with parent company Hyundai Motor Group, has invested significant effort into improving the user experience. Currently, the EV6 offers an intuitive app-like layout for its software. In addition, it supports CarPlay and Android Auto, providing a more familiar experience for users. Both cars offer autonomous features, allowing them to drive on the highway, but the Model Y supports Tesla’s Full Self-Driving mode as an optional add-on. The EV6 offers camera-based blind spot monitoring and 360-degree camera views for parking.

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Tesla Model Y vs. Kia EV6: which is better?

Both the Model Y and the EV6 showcase impressive performance. Acceleration is a key feature of electric vehicles, and both excel in this area. The Model Y and the EV6 provide exhilarating acceleration and responsive steering, making driving a thrilling experience. For those seeking the fastest option, the EV6 GT offers a slight edge, reaching 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.2 seconds. However, it’s important to note that the base models have a more significant difference, with the Model Y Long Range achieving 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds compared to the EV6 Wind’s slightly longer time of over 6 seconds.


Considering the price is another important aspect when choosing an electric vehicle. As of now, the Tesla Model Y Long Range model is priced at $54,990, while the Performance model costs $58,990. On the other hand, the EV6 Wind starts at $48,700 and reaches $61,600 for the EV6 GT. However, it’s worthwhile to mention that the recently announced Inflation Reduction Act may favor Tesla. As the Model Y is assembled in the U.S., it still qualifies for a $7,500 tax rebate, whereas the Korean-built EV6 no longer qualifies.


Both the Tesla Model Y and the Kia EV6 are exceptional electric vehicles with distinct features. The better choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you are drawn to advanced tech and a minimalist interior, the Model Y is worth considering. However, if you prioritize a comfortable interior, features like CarPlay, and a lower base price, then the EV6 is the way to go.

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