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World of Warcraft (WoW) is a game that offers players the freedom to customize their gaming experience. The introduction of add-ons has allowed players to modify the game’s user interface (UI) according to their preferences. With the launch of WoW Classic, players are now searching for classic add-ons to enhance their gameplay. In this article, we will explore some of the best add-ons for WoW Classic that can help you navigate the world of Azeroth with ease, regardless of your class.

Details! Damage Meter Classic

Details! Damage Meter Classic is a powerful add-on designed specifically for WoW Classic. It provides real-time information about the damage and healing done by you and your party members. The add-on also allows you to track the usage of abilities and view death logs. Despite its robust features, Details! is lightweight and ensures smooth gameplay even during intense boss encounters.


Bartender4 is a renowned add-on for customizing the game’s UI. It enables you to rearrange your hotbars and place important abilities in convenient locations on your screen. With Bartender4, you can easily create a personalized UI that suits your gameplay style. Although it may not be visually impressive, the freedom it provides is invaluable. For a more visually appealing experience, you can pair Bartender4 with SpartanUI Classic.

WeakAuras 2

WeakAuras 2 simplifies the management of combat information in WoW Classic. It converts buffs, debuffs, and consumables into customizable auras on your UI. These auras can be moved around to create a dynamic interface that helps you keep track of important information. By consolidating class effects into a readable part of the screen, WeakAuras 2 improves player performance significantly.

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DeadlyBossMods – Classic

DeadlyBossMods is a valuable add-on for raiders. It serves as a mid-battle strategy guide, alerting you and your team about boss mechanics. This add-on warns you about incoming fears, area attacks, and tank busters, ensuring a smoother raiding experience. Although it is primarily designed for end-game content, DeadlyBossMods can also be beneficial in dungeon encounters. However, please note that the add-on is still a work in progress for Classic and currently supports only a few dungeons.

AtlasLoot Classic

AtlasLoot Classic is a helpful add-on that provides an in-game enemy drop table. With AtlasLoot, you can quickly check where specific items drop without having to tab out of the game. It saves you the hassle of searching for loot information on external websites. AtlasLoot Classic offers a convenient way to plan your loot acquisition and avoid unnecessary distractions.


Questie is a popular add-on that enhances the questing experience in WoW Classic. It displays quest objectives on the map, allowing you to track your progress easily. Questie also provides information about quest rewards, quest giver locations, and quest repeatability. The latest version even includes party support, automatically tracking the progress of your party members. If you value your time, Questie is a must-have add-on.


Bagnon simplifies inventory management by consolidating all your bags into one. This add-on automatically groups items based on type and provides a search bar for easy navigation. Bagnon also supports inventory management across multiple characters, item rulesets, and item counts. Additionally, the Bagnon community offers various add-ons that further improve your inventory management experience.

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ItemTooltipProgressionIcons is a small but useful add-on that adds tooltips to your items. It indicates whether an item is used for a profession or a quest. This feature helps you quickly decide which items to sell or keep, streamlining your inventory management.


OmniCC is an essential add-on for tracking cooldown times. Unlike the default WoW Classic UI, OmniCC displays the exact seconds remaining on your ability cooldowns. This information provides you with better control and timing during gameplay. Although there are multiple versions available, both the original and ported versions of OmniCC work effectively in WoW Classic.

Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus is a comprehensive quality-of-life add-on that enhances various aspects of WoW Classic. It offers a range of improvements, such as automatically accepting quests, blocking duel requests, and disabling screen glow effects. The modular design of Leatrix Plus allows you to choose the specific features you need. If you’re looking to install only one add-on, Leatrix Plus is highly recommended.


By incorporating these add-ons into your WoW Classic gameplay, you can enhance your gaming experience and make your adventures in Azeroth even more enjoyable. From detailed combat information to improved UI customization and inventory management, these add-ons cover a wide range of essential features. Install them today and embark on your journey through WoW Classic with confidence.

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