The Finest Armor Sets in God of War Ragnarok

In the realm of God of War Ragnarok, Kratos has embraced a new fashion sense, donning various armor sets to safeguard himself from the frigid climate and formidable adversaries. These armor sets not only bestow a stylish appearance upon Kratos but also enhance his abilities, enabling players to customize their playstyle. With a plethora of armors to discover and upgrade, let’s delve into some of the most formidable sets in the game.

Steinbjorn Armor

Kratos wearing Steinbjorn armor.

The Steinbjorn armor set reigns supreme among the pantheon of God of War Ragnarok armors, earning high acclaim for its versatility and utility. Each piece of this set offers distinct advantages:

  • The Steinbjorn Plackart fortifies Kratos’ Defense stat and even restores his health with each successful attack, particularly when his health is low.
  • The Steinbjorn Gauntlets excel in both Strength and Defense. When hit, these gauntlets possess a moderate chance of staggering enemies and inflicting Stun upon them.
  • The Steinbjorn Waist Guard further enhances Defense and complements it with a moderate chance of dealing stagger and Stun damage to enemies upon being attacked.

The Steinbjorn armor not only bolsters Kratos’ defensive capabilities but also turns damage taken into advantageous opportunities. Its ability to restore health during critical moments can prove invaluable in dire situations. Obtaining this remarkable armor requires obtaining the Mystical Heirloom Relic in Midgard and defeating four mini-bosses to obtain the necessary crafting materials.

Guiding Light Armor

Kratos wearing guiding light armor.

For those feeling fortunate, the Guiding Light armor set provides a strategic choice with a touch of risk. Here’s a breakdown of its individual components:

  • The Breastplate of Guiding Light augments Strength, Defense, and Luck. It offers a moderate chance of increasing Strength, Runic, and Luck for one of your weapons upon landing any hit.
  • The Gauntlets of Guiding Light enhance Strength and Luck. Additionally, melee strikes have a chance to deal critical hits, causing a small area-of-effect explosion.
  • The Waist Guard of Guiding Light provides heightened Defense and Luck, mirroring the effects of the gauntlets.
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This set proves ideal for those who favor aggressive melee combat. While the base stat enhancements are commendable, the stacking Luck procs make Kratos an unstoppable force. Obtaining the Guiding Light armor is a straightforward affair. Simply progress through the game until you acquire the Guiding Light Favour in Midgard, triggered by interacting with the broken segments of Tyr’s temple.

Surtr’s Scorched Armor

Kratos wearing scorched armor.

Surtr’s Scorched armor stands out with its distinct appearance and strength-focused design. This set enables players to assert their dominance in combat with a blend of raw power and skill. Let’s explore its components:

  • The Surtr’s Scorched Cuirass bolsters Strength, Defense, and Vitality. It grants a bonus damage effect when landing an attack on an enemy during their own attack.
  • The Surtr’s Scorched Arm provides substantial boosts to Strength and Vitality, while reducing damage and stagger when hit during an attack.
  • The Surtr’s Scorched Girdle boasts increased Strength, Defense, and Vitality, mirroring the arm’s effects.

This armor set offers exceptional stats, allowing players to withstand formidable encounters. By capitalizing on the bonus damage effect, basic encounters can be swiftly overcome. Unlocking this set is as simple as completing the necessary Crucible Challenge in Musphelheim.

Dragon Scaled Armor

Kratos wearing Dragon armor.

What better way to showcase strength than by donning the hide of a dragon? The Dragon Scaled armor lives up to the legendary beasts it derives its name from, offering not only strength but also remarkable durability. This set caters slightly more to players who rely on their shields. Let’s examine its composition:

  • The Dragon Scaled Breastplate enhances Strength and Defense. Each block and parry provides a stackable buff to Strength and Defense until the player is hit.
  • The Dragon Scaled Bracers amplify Strength and Defense. Shield attacks deal increased damage, and blocks and parries also inflict damage on nearby enemies.
  • The Dragon Scaled Girdle functions identically to the bracers.
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This set is perfect for those skilled in parrying or adopting a defensive playstyle, as it transforms defensive maneuvers into offensive might. The accompanying stat boosts are the cherry on top. Acquiring the Dragon Scaled armor requires initiating the Quaking Hollow Favour, embarking on a side quest where you must defeat various dragons and collect their loot to craft the set.

Fallen Stars Set

Kratos wearing Fallen Stars armor.

Last but not least, we have the Fallen Stars set. This versatile armor caters to runic users or players seeking a well-rounded set without any overly potent effects. It covers a wide array of stats while offering a defensive bonus. Let’s explore its features:

  • The Plackart of Fallen Stars amplifies Strength, Defense, Runic, and Vitality. When hit while executing a Runic attack or utilizing a Relic, the wearer receives significantly reduced damage.
  • The Bracers of Fallen Stars provide increased Strength, Runic, and Vitality. Taking damage during a Runic attack or Relic usage reduces the cooldown time.
  • The Waist Guard of Fallen Stars elevates Defense, Runic, and Vitality, boasting the same effect as the bracers.

While the defensive effect is handy, it’s advisable to utilize Runic attacks and Relics when not in immediate danger. However, having this perk as a safety net is always reassuring. The statistical bonuses are the true appeal of this set. To obtain the Fallen Stars armor, toss Crystalline Fragments and Shards into the Wishing Well located in Vanaheim.

These remarkable armor sets provide diverse options for players to tailor their playstyle and dominate the realm of God of War Ragnarok. Whether you prefer the versatile Steinbjorn set, the luck-driven Guiding Light set, the aggressive Surtr’s Scorched set, the shield-focused Dragon Scaled set, or the well-rounded Fallen Stars set, each choice will empower Kratos to face any challenge that comes his way.

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