The Greatest Weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Prior to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link’s array of weapons was usually limited to a few options. A sword, a bow, and a handful of other weapons were reliable choices. However, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the weapon durability system from the previous game continues, necessitating frequent weapon swapping.

Given that nearly anything can be wielded as a weapon, even a simple stick, the power disparity between the worst and best weapons is immense. This time around, Hyrule is significantly larger, making it even more challenging to acquire the best and most distinctive weapons. If you aim to prepare for the battle against Ganon, the following are the best weapons and where to find them in Tears of the Kingdom.

Best Weapons and Where to Find Them

Link grabbing the Master Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
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Master Sword

We all expected the Master Sword to make an appearance on this list. It is not only one of the best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, but arguably the absolute best. Personal preference might be the only argument against it. Not only is this the only weapon capable of regenerating its durability, but it also retains its iconic ranged ability from the first Zelda game. When you have full hearts, your normal attack shoots out a beam to strike from a distance, making this sword a true double threat.

Obtaining the Master Sword is no easy feat. We have a comprehensive guide outlining the process, but in summary, you must ascend to the top of the Light Dragon and remove it from its perch. This task requires at least two full Stamina wheels, meaning you must undertake serious upgrading before you can wield such a powerful blade.

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Savage Lynel Bow/Great Eagle Bow

Bows are excellent, but when things become intense, most players tend to switch to a melee weapon. With the Savage Lynel Bow, however, things rarely get that dire if you have decent aim. This bow has a base damage of 32, which is already remarkable for a bow, but that value effectively triples since it fires three arrows per shot. Even when a group becomes aware of your presence, the stopping power and armor-piercing ability usually grant you ample time to eliminate your assailants before they draw near.

As the name suggests, the Savage Lynel Bow is a drop from the dangerous Lynel foes found in Central Hyrule Depths and in Hyrule Field.

The Great Eagle Bow is similar in many ways but may suit your playstyle better depending on your preferences. It is slightly weaker, dealing 28 damage per shot instead of 32, but also shoots three arrows per shot. The main difference is its significantly higher firing rate. Acquiring this bow is much easier since you don’t have to rely on a rare drop.

To obtain this bow, complete all the Rito Village quests and offer Teba 3x Diamond, 5x Wood, and a Swallow Bow.

Scimitar of the Seven

Link holding the Scimitar of the Seven.
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Scimitars are the iconic weapons of the Gerudo people, and the Scimitar of the Seven was Champion Urbosa’s favorite. It is initially decently strong, with a base attack of 28, but its true beauty lies in the passive ability called Strong Fusion. By using robust materials, you can create an incredibly powerful sword.

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To unlock the Scimitar of the Seven, you must first complete all the quests in Gerudo Town and then speak to Isha, who can forge the blade for you in exchange for 10x Flint, 4x Diamond, and a Gerudo Scimitar.

Boulder Breaker

If you prefer wielding big, two-handed weapons, then the Boulder Breaker will surely capture your interest. This Goron weapon is both colossal and slow. It boasts an incredible 38 base attack but cannot be fused. Nevertheless, its Demolisher passive ability makes it perfect for smashing through damaged walls or rocks.

If you wish to test your might with this massive club, clear all the Goron City quests and consult Fugo. Creating the Boulder Breaker requires 3x Diamond, 5x Flint, and a Cobble Crusher.

Lightscale Trident

Link acquiring the Lightscale Trident.
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Spears are fantastic weapons for quick attacks that keep you at a safe distance. The Lightscale Trident, a Zora weapon, possesses a decent 22 base attack. However, it compensates with two other remarkable qualities. Firstly, its attack speed is exceptional, and secondly, it boasts the Water Warrior passive ability. If you can wet your weapon, its attack power receives a substantial boost. If you have Sidon, you can accomplish this by creating a water shield whenever you wish.

Similar to the previous weapons, obtaining the Lightscale Trident requires completing all the quests in Zora’s Domain. Once accomplished, bring 3x Diamond, 5x Flint, and a Zora Spear to Rothuri, who will craft one for you.

Blue Moblin Pounder

This final selection may not be the strongest endgame weapon, but it is easily one of the finest weapons attainable early in your Tears of the Kingdom adventure. It is another two-handed weapon, but one that can be fused. Its attack power will be that of the weapon you use to create it, plus an additional 13, making it notably potent during the initial hours of gameplay.

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To fabricate a Moblin Pounder, simply combine a two-handed weapon of your choice with a Blue Moblin Horn. Acquiring the horn should pose no challenge if you don’t already have one in your possession.

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