The Last of Us Part 1: Enhancing Your Weaponry

In The Last of Us Part 1, resources are scarce and survival is key. Just like in survival horror games, managing your inventory is crucial, and upgrading your weapons is no exception. While your firearm selection may not be extensive, you have the opportunity to enhance each weapon in various ways, maximizing the effectiveness of every precious bullet you come across.

How to Upgrade Your Weapons

Joel places a rifle on a table in The Last of Us Part I.
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To upgrade your weapons in The Last of Us Part 1, you’ll need four things: a weapon, parts, a workbench, and tools. Weapons are obtained through story progression, while parts can be found in drawers, cupboards, and even behind shiv doors in substantial quantities. Tools are rarer but unlock new upgrades for your weapons. The maximum tool level you can reach is five. Workbenches are specific locations where you can take a pause, spend your parts, and improve different aspects of your weapons.

Best Weapon Upgrades to Acquire

The Last of Us Part 1: best weapon upgrades
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Weapon Holsters

One of the first upgrades you should prioritize is getting additional holsters. These holsters increase your carrying capacity for pistols and long guns, allowing you to swiftly switch between two of each type. With multiple weapons readily available, you’ll have an advantage in challenging situations, especially when faced with a firefight or an onslaught of Clickers.

El Diablo: Armor Piercing

El Diablo, the exceptional sidearm in The Last of Us Part 1, is powerful enough to eliminate enemies with just one or two shots. Equipped with a scope, it almost functions as a miniature rifle. However, you’ll encounter this weapon fairly late in the game, and ammunition for it is uncommon. To maximize the value of each shot, upgrade the armor piercing stat, ensuring that any enemy struck will not rise again. This upgrade can be enhanced twice, with the cost of 75 scrap and level four and five tools respectively.

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Hunting Rifle: Scope and Armor Pierce

The hunting rifle is a reliable long-range weapon. With high base damage, it is a suitable choice for most situations unless foes are right in your face. To augment its effectiveness, invest in a scope and armor piercing upgrades. The scope provides better target visibility, allowing you to confidently land critical headshots. The cost of these upgrades is modest, with level one requiring 25 scrap and level two, 35 scrap. While increasing raw damage is tempting, prioritize armor piercing to dispatch Clickers and armored humans with ease, costing just 15 and 40 scrap for level one and two respectively.

Pump Shotgun: Recoil and Range

No zombie game is complete without a trusty shotgun. The pump shotgun is a reliable mid to close-range weapon in The Last of Us Part 1. While unupgraded shots can eliminate humans and Clickers in one blast when they’re close, hitting targets from a distance becomes increasingly challenging due to damage drop-off. To overcome this, minimize recoil by investing in two recoil reduction upgrades, costing 15 and 40 scrap respectively. Additionally, consider increasing the gun’s range to expand its effectiveness. Although not suitable for sniping, additional range allows you to maintain damage even at a moderate distance. These upgrades will require 30 and 50 scrap.

Bow: Range

The bow often goes unnoticed, but it can be a game-changer in The Last of Us Part 1. Serving as the sole ranged stealth weapon, the bow allows you to silently eliminate enemies, occasionally retrieving your arrows from your targets. Use it wisely, as it’s best employed during moments of stealth rather than amidst chaotic gunfights. Focus on boosting its range, enabling you to snipe isolated targets from safer locations. You can upgrade the range three times, and each level is relatively inexpensive, costing 20, 30, and 50 scrap respectively. Reload speed and draw speed upgrades aren’t essential for stealthy bow usage.

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Clip Size for Everything

Lastly, regardless of the weapons you prefer, consider increasing their clip sizes if possible. This upgrade holds significant importance for two reasons. First, it ensures you won’t run out of ammunition during critical moments and need to reload. Second, it allows you to stockpile more rounds, further boosting your overall ammo capacity. While you may rarely find yourself swimming in surplus ammo, larger clips provide an advantage.

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Investing in weapon upgrades is vital in The Last of Us Part 1. By strategically enhancing your arsenal, you’ll increase your chances of survival in the face of scarcity and adversity. Upgrade wisely, choose the best enhancements for your playstyle, and embark on your journey armed with the knowledge to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

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