The Last of Us Part 1: Uncovering the Locations of All Toolboxes


In a momentous event on Sunday night, HBO viewers witnessed the captivating finale of The Last of Us, as Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed game was brought to life through live-action. Staying true to the source material, this faithful adaptation had only a single significant change, which will aid in the seamless transition into the show’s portrayal of The Last of Us Part II. Note: Spoilers for The Last of Us TV show and The Last of Us Part II video game will be discussed.

A Pivotal Alteration

During the climactic scene in the final episode of The Last of Us Season 1, Joel ruthlessly eliminates most of the Fireflies and the doctors at the Salt Lake City hospital. They were about to perform a life-threatening operation on Ellie in their pursuit of a cure. This chilling sequence captures the same morally perplexing essence found in the game, with very few alterations. Joel spares the nurses who were assisting the surgeon, but after picking up a scalpel and stating his determination to keep Ellie, he fatally shoots the surgeon. A lingering shot then focuses on the face of the deceased surgeon, emphasizing the gravity of Joel’s massacre.

A Shot with Profound Consequences

Although seemingly a minor cinematic adjustment, that lingering shot carries great significance for players familiar with The Last of Us Part II. In the original game, the victim, a nameless doctor, receives little consideration. However, in Part II, we encounter Abby, the doctor’s daughter, driven by a thirst for revenge. What was an impulsive act for Joel becomes deeply personal for someone he has never met. By incorporating this additional shot, the finale confidently sets the stage for future developments. Even if casual viewers are unaware, the foundation is being laid for a narrative that will prove to be pivotal in the upcoming season. Moreover, the finale tantalizes us further by astutely casting Laura Bailey, who portrays Abby in The Last of Us Part II, as one of the nurses during the scene. This is likely a tribute to the game’s cast, as was the case with Troy Baker’s appearance as Joel in episode 8. However, it also serves as a teaser for what lies ahead in the next season — Abby is coming for Joel. So, let’s prepare our golf balls.

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Seizing the Opportunity

Back in 2013, when Naughty Dog released The Last of Us, they were unaware of the vital role this doctor would play in the sequel’s story. Consequently, not much emphasis was placed on him in the game. However, the developers attempted to rectify this by presenting a retelling of the sequence from Abby’s perspective in The Last of Us Part II, along with updated character models in the game’s remake. Showrunners Craig Maizin and Neil Druckmann, however, have the advantage of knowing the significance of this moment from the very beginning. Unburdened by the constraints of Joel’s third-person perspective, they can devote time to moments like this, effectively emphasizing the weight of Joel’s actions and laying the groundwork for what lies ahead. This short and subtle divergence from the original game exemplifies the unique possibilities offered by the TV show and hints at its tremendous importance as we embark on season 2. Stream The Last of Us on HBO Max.

The Last of Us
Image: The Last of Us Part II

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