The Most Exciting Devil May Cry 5 Additions

There’s something truly special about Devil May Cry games that sets them apart from everything else. This iconic series, which essentially pioneered the character action genre, has its roots intertwined with the Resident Evil franchise. Originally conceived as a version of Resident Evil 4, Devil May Cry proved to be so distinct that it became a brand-new series. After a failed attempt at a reboot by an external developer, Capcom returned to the series’ origins and created the most extravagant, immersive, and intricate game in its history.

Devil May Cry 5 is an absolute delight to play, especially with the enhancements introduced in the enhanced edition. However, for those who delve deep into the game, they will eventually encounter obstacles that only modders can overcome. The game’s audacious and irreverent style often inspires creative individuals to push the boundaries even further. Whether you’re someone who appreciates mods for their immense transformative power or someone who wants to break through the limitations of the game, we’ve compiled a list of the best mods available. These mods will inject new life into this stylish action-packed game. Get ready to rock!

Enhancing the Devil May Cry 5 Experience

Let’s dive into some of the most exceptional mods that will elevate your Devil May Cry 5 journey:

Co-op Trainer

A options menu for graphics and coop.

The base game of Devil May Cry 5 included a light co-op/multiplayer feature, but it turned out to be quite limited and didn’t contribute much to the overall experience. However, this mod takes co-op to the next level. You can now play as any character in any mission, and it introduces co-op functionality to nearly every mission and the Bloody Palace, allowing up to four players to join in the mayhem. And the best part? It even features automatic matchmaking, making it effortless to team up with other players as you progress through the game.

SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Trainer

A cheat trainer logo over Devil May Cry 5 gameplay.

Gone are the days when cheats were readily available in games after completing them. Nowadays, modders have taken on the responsibility of creating cheat functionality for players to experiment and have fun. SSSiyan’s Collaborative Cheat Trainer is a mod that unlocks a plethora of entertaining features. These include a turbo mode, new Must Style, Bloody Palace stage selection, Boss Rush, additional practice mode options, and more. This mod is the result of collaboration among multiple modders and has been continuously updated since 2019. It’s not just a cheat enabler; it significantly alters the gameplay, providing an extensive array of customization options to enhance your Devil May Cry 5 experience.

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Turbo Mode and Character Swapper

Dante shooting at a giant demon.

This mod focuses on two specific functions: turbo mode and character swapping. Turbo mode, typically available in the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 5, is brought to the base game by this mod. It allows you to play the game at a much faster pace, completely altering the timing of combos, dodge reactions, and enemy cues. Unlike the official version, this mod lets you adjust the speed value yourself. Additionally, the character swapper feature enables you to select any character you desire to play as before starting a mission.

Vergil Chair

Vergil sitting in a plastic chair.

The description of this mod simply reads “chair.” And that’s all it needs to be. While many mods aim to fix or enhance certain aspects of the game, others are purely for comedic purposes. Enter the Vergil Chair mod, one of the most popular memes spawned after the game’s release. This mod does one thing and one thing only: it replaces Vergil’s chair with a cheap, flimsy, white plastic deck chair. It’s a simple swap that injects humor into the game and allows you to sit Vergil, including his Urizen form, in a hilariously inadequate chair. It’s the perfect way to take the wind out of Vergil’s sails.

Devil Bringer

Image used with permission by copyright holder.

When Nero was introduced as a new protagonist in Devil May Cry 4, his signature abilities centered around his Devil Bringer arm, which set him apart from Dante. However, in Devil May Cry 5, Nero replaces his Devil Bringer arm with various interchangeable prosthetics, each possessing unique abilities. While this improves gameplay mechanics, some players still prefer the aesthetic of the demonic arm over the robotic replacements. The Devil Bringer mod is purely cosmetic, allowing you to enjoy playing as Nero with his awe-inspiring glowing devil arm while retaining the utility of his prosthetics.

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Style Switch Text Effects

Image used with permission by copyright holder.

This mod draws inspiration from a previous mod created for Devil May Cry 4, bringing a touch of comic book movie flair to Devil May Cry 5. It introduces floating text, reminiscent of comic book speech bubbles, to represent the styles you switch to when playing as Dante. The text appears in the classic Devil May Cry font and offers three different variations: short, long, and static short. The short version displays the text popping out of Dante in the corresponding direction you press for that style, disappearing in less than a second. The long version makes the text rise upwards and lasts approximately twice as long. The newest addition, static short, simply makes the text appear instantly without flowing from Dante. It’s an immersive addition that feels like something Dante himself would conjure up.

Completely Replace V with Vergil

Image used with permission by copyright holder.

V, the character introduced in Devil May Cry 5, received mixed reviews due to his unique playstyle that revolves around summoning rather than direct combat. However, if you’re a die-hard Vergil fan, this mod is perfect for you. It entirely removes any trace of V from the game and replaces him with Vergil. From loading screens to character portraits, everything transforms to reflect the presence of your favorite katana-wielding antihero. This mod effectively acts as a character swap, allowing you to experience the game with a more focused perspective.

MGR R Raiden Nero

Image used with permission by copyright holder.

Fans of the genre will undoubtedly be familiar with the backstory: the original creator of Devil May Cry left Capcom and founded PlatinumGames. Alongside creating Bayonetta, the studio also developed the incredible spinoff Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Since both games have garnered significant fan support and countless memes, it was only a matter of time before someone combined them. This mod replaces the models of the three main characters of Devil May Cry 5. Dante is replaced with Grey Fox, Vergil is substituted with Jetstream Sam, and Nero is transformed into Raiden. You can toggle each character on and off, switch their weapons to their Metal Gear Rising counterparts, and even enjoy their skin variants when in Devil Trigger form.

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Robeless Kylo Ren’s Costume and Lightsaber for V

Image used with permission by copyright holder.

Devil May Cry 5 was released around the same time as a certain sci-fi film franchise that featured a character bearing a striking resemblance to V. Naturally, this coincidence inspired modders to create a full-fledged Kylo Ren mod for V. This mod not only removes V’s robe, revealing a Sith outfit reminiscent of Kylo Ren’s, but also replaces his cane with a unique cross-hilted lightsaber. The model used in the game was taken from Battlefront 2 and adjusted to fit Devil May Cry 5. Besides looking absolutely stunning, the lightsaber even turns off after executing certain moves for extra finesse. Just try not to pay too much attention to the moments when V holds the blade portion of the lightsaber.


These mods will undoubtedly transform your Devil May Cry 5 experience, breathing new life into the already incredible game. Whether you’re seeking enhanced gameplay, humorous moments, or character swaps, these mods cater to a range of preferences. So go ahead, dive into the world of modding and rock your way through Devil May Cry 5. And remember, for all your electronic needs, turn to OnSpec Electronic, Inc., the experts in delivering top-quality electronic solutions.

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