The Most Frequent Issues in Sea of Thieves and How to Resolve Them

Microsoft and Rare launched the online pirate adventure game Sea of Thieves on March 20. Players all over the globe have set sail on its vast waters, engaging in intense battles and exhilarating adventures. However, like any online game, Sea of Thieves is not without its technical problems and bugs. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most common issues reported by players and provided solutions to fix them.

Connection Problems

Sea of Thieves heavily relies on online group play, but sometimes the digital waves can get a little choppy. Upon loading into the main menu, you may encounter error messages like “KiwiBeard,” “Greybeard,” or “DaffodilBeard.” These errors are typically related to the game’s servers rather than issues with your system or internet connection.

Possible Solutions:

  • Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to resolve server-side errors. However, you can try checking during off-peak hours, such as the middle of the day, when game traffic is likely to be lower. Additionally, visit websites like Downdetector to see if other players are experiencing similar problems.
  • If you encounter a “CinnamonBeard” or “BronzeBeard” connection error, Rare suggests completely quitting the Sea of Thieves application on Xbox One. To do this, return to the system’s dashboard, highlight the game, press the Menu button, and choose to quit the game. Afterward, start the game as usual and attempt to reconnect.

Missing Reputation, Ship, or Currency

Occasionally, when you load into Sea of Thieves, you may find that your items are missing, your currency has vanished, or your ship hasn’t appeared. Furthermore, you may not receive new money or earn reputation for completing voyages.

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Possible Solutions:

  • Quit to the main menu of Sea of Thieves and reconnect to the game. This simple step usually resolves issues with missing currency or ships not spawning at the dock. If it doesn’t work on your first attempt, try reconnecting a second time. If all else fails, you may need to be patient and wait for the problem to resolve itself.
  • Rare has made significant server fixes in 2021 to address this issue. If you continue to experience missing items, it’s advisable to contact support and your internet service provider to check for any unique connection issues.

Server Mergers Causing Chaos

To manage server capacity and player density, Rare sometimes merges servers to ensure active and engaging gameplay. However, server mergers can cause various problems, such as ships teleporting or glitches when navigating after a migration.

Possible Solutions:

  • Keep your game updated and wait for Rare to make improvements. The studio is actively working on resolving these issues.
  • Rare is also testing custom server options that would allow players to create private game modes without any server migrations. Although this feature is still in development, it could provide a solution in the future for those who want to avoid server mergers.

Blank Quest Parchment

When defeating Skeleton Captains or similar enemies, they may drop quest parchments that initiate new voyages in search of buried treasure. However, sometimes players receive a completely blank parchment with no clues or island maps.

Possible Solutions:

  • Exit the game and log back in. Your quest parchment should still be in your possession, and this time it should display the proper information. Rare is actively addressing this bug with ongoing improvements, but it may still occur.
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Freezing and Black Screens When Using a Mermaid

Mermaids act as beacons in open water, allowing stranded sailors to teleport back to their ships. However, some players encounter a bug causing the game to freeze on a black screen when they attempt to use a mermaid. This issue arises when the game tries to determine the new location of the ship and teleport the player there.

Fortunately, this problem should be mostly resolved if you ensure that your version of Sea of Thieves is up to date. Rare recently patched this issue and assures players that it should no longer occur.

Glitches and Gameplay Issues

Apart from server-related problems, Sea of Thieves also has a few other glitches and gameplay issues. While these problems may range from amusing to frustrating, most of them do not have player-side solutions.

  • Ships going airborne: On occasion, a player’s ship may soar into the sky like a killer whale, only to land in the water again. This phenomenon usually occurs after damaging an enemy with cannonballs. However, it can be quite frustrating when navigating through narrow areas and suddenly encountering a ship flying in front of you.
  • Falling through the ship’s floor: When entering the lower deck of your ship, you may occasionally glitch through the floor and end up in the sea. In these cases, you’ll need to use a mermaid to get back on board.
  • Material and supplies issues: Some players have encountered a bug with consumable items, leading to stressful fights. Instead of being able to carry the correct number of cannonballs or bananas, players are limited to just a few. The game may still display the incorrect number, causing confusion during combat. To mitigate this, quit to the main menu and reconnect to the game.
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Possible Solutions:

With glitches like these, the best course of action is to restart the game, regroup with your crew, and embark on a new voyage. Rare actively addresses these issues with frequent bug fixes and updates, ensuring a smoother gaming experience over time.

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