The Sims 4: Growing Together Expands Family Dynamics and Introduces Playable Infants

The latest expansion pack for The Sims 4, called Growing Together, is centered around the theme of family. This DLC, which was announced in February, offers new storytelling possibilities for Sims families. From engaging in activities like building a treehouse together to introducing new social features that strengthen the bonds between Sims, this expansion pack aims to enhance the family experience in the game.

New Family Dynamics and Interactions

Growing Together focuses on multigenerational gameplay through the introduction of new social elements and interactions. While family gameplay has always been a core feature of The Sims 4, Growing Together takes familial relationships to a deeper level. Players will find a new drop-down menu in the Create-A-Sim section that allows them to set specific family dynamics between individual family members. These dynamics, such as Difficult, Supportive, and Jokesters, shape the relationships between Sims and provide new storytelling opportunities.

Another addition to Create-A-Sim is the likes and dislikes section. Alongside preferences for color, music genre, and activities, players can now choose characteristics and conversation topics for their Sims. These likes and dislikes further customize social interactions. When Sims meet, they will consider the traits, characteristics, and lifestyles of other Sims, deepening the social system in The Sims 4. The expansion also introduces new likes and dislikes such as affection, arguments, complaints, funny Sims, high-energy Sims, and nature enthusiasts. These additions, combined with the new dynamics, promise to add excitement and exploration to Sims’ relationships.

An elder Sim and an adult Sim sit across a dining table from each other. They have different likes and dislikes displayed above their head.
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One significant feature introduced in Growing Together is milestones. Starting from the Infant life stage and continuing through all other stages, Sims can now achieve positive and negative milestones. For example, an infant may learn to sit up, an adult may get married, or a Sim may suffer bladder failure. These milestones create lasting memories that can trigger moodlets later in life. If a Sim suffers a bladder failure in a specific location, they may remember it while visiting that place again. This addition expands the storytelling possibilities in The Sims 4, allowing players to create dramatic or nostalgic experiences for their Sims.

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Explore the New World of San Sequoia

In addition to the gameplay additions, Growing Together introduces a new world called San Sequoia. This bayside town provides plenty of outdoor activities for Sims to enjoy. With three neighborhoods – Gilbert Gardens, Anchorpoint Wharf, and Hopewell Hills – Sims can indulge in nature paths, fishing at the lake, or spend quality time in the urban park. Notable locations in San Sequoia include a movie theater and a public splash pad play area, offering additional opportunities for family activities.

A child Sim is riding a bike, while other Sims cheer them on.
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Moreover, players can expect new activities for their Sims. Sleepovers can now be scheduled using the in-game calendar, providing an opportunity for socializing. Child Sims can create friendship bracelets and learn to ride kid-sized bikes, adding small but enjoyable details to their lives. These new activities contribute to a more vibrant and immersive gameplay experience.

Playable Infants Arrive in the Base Game Update

While Growing Together offers a wealth of new content and gameplay, a significant update to the base game will also be released in March. Since the launch of The Sims 4 in 2014, babies have been a part of the game but not as a playable life stage. However, with the upcoming update, this changes. On March 14, a base game update will “free the babies,” introducing infants as a new playable life stage. Infants can interact with other Sims, crawl around, eat, and develop their motor skills. This update provides players with more freedom and chaos in how they shape their Sim families. Infants will exhibit unique quirks such as hating bedtime or loving to be held, adding personality to their early development.

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A baby Sim and an elder Sim sit together on the floor, while the Sims behind them are asleep in various positions.
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Infants will also be fully customizable in Create-A-Sim, with new outfit options, hairstyles, and skin details like birthmarks. Additionally, the update brings a variety of new items, including four types of cribs (including a travel crib), three new toys, and nursery items.

The Infant base game update will be available on March 14, and The Sims 4: Growing Together expansion pack will launch on March 16 for all platforms.

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