The Sims 4: Horse Ranch Expansion Brings Western Charm to Life

A New Addition for Horse Lovers

Sims enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the inclusion of horses in The Sims 4. Finally, their wishes have been granted with the release of the Horse Ranch expansion. This latest addition to the game introduces a plethora of new gameplay and storytelling options for horse enthusiasts to explore.

During a recent press preview event, members of The Sims 4 team, including production director JoAnna Lio and lead producer George Pigula, provided an in-depth look at the features of the expansion pack. From the creation of the perfect ranch in the charming world of Chestnut Ridge to gameplay mechanics like riding, training, and bonding with horses, Horse Ranch offers an immersive experience for new and seasoned players alike.

A Vast and Picturesque World

Chestnut Ridge, the world introduced in the Horse Ranch expansion, consists of three distinct neighborhoods: Galloping Gulch, New Appaloosa, and Rider’s Glen. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the American Midwest, Chestnut Ridge showcases rocky outcroppings, dusty trails, and a meandering river.

Exploration is key in Chestnut Ridge, as the world boasts vast open spaces perfect for horses and Sims to discover together. Whether traveling the trails or engaging in activities, players will find themselves immersed in a bustling social scene, encountering various Sims throughout the equestrian park, line dance bar, and other charming locations.

A Sim stands next to a horse, brushing it. The horse is a light tan color with white spots and a brown mane and tail.
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Unleash Your Inner Horse Whisperer

The horses themselves take center stage in Horse Ranch. Like cats and dogs, these magnificent creatures are considered household members and occupy one of the eight available slots in each Sim house. You have the freedom to customize your horses in Create-A-Sim, with over 30 real-world horse breeds to choose from. Adjust various details such as coat color, body mass, and mane and tail styles to create your perfect equine companion. And, just like Sims, cats, and dogs, horses possess unique traits like Brave, Defiant, Fearful, and Mellow.

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In addition to creating horses, players can also purchase, rescue, and breed them. Breeding horses reveals special traits exclusive to foals and bred horses. Horses can develop four different skills: Agility, Jumping, Endurance, and Temperament. These skills will determine their performance in the five equestrian competitions available in the expansion pack: Barrel Racing, Show Jumping, Endurance Racing, Western Pleasure, and the Ultimate Horse Championship. Victorious players can expect rewards such as Simoleons and decorative plaques.

A full shot of the equestrian center in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch. It's a large white building with a green roof and stable doors. A fenced-in riding arena is out front.
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Embrace Ranch Life

Horse Ranch offers more than just equine adventures. Alongside the horse-related additions, players can delve into various aspects of ranch life. Sims can adopt new traits and aspirations, such as Horse Whisperer and Championship Rider, providing additional depth and goals for gameplay. Additionally, Sims now have the opportunity to grow ingredients and create nectar, the Sims’ equivalent of wine. Discover hidden nectar recipes and engage in the process of making nectar, whether for personal enjoyment or profit.

To further enhance your ranching experience, miniature goats and sheep are available to be milked and sheared. These adorable additions can contribute to your ranch’s productivity by providing wool and milk. For those overwhelmed by the tasks required to maintain a ranch, fear not! Hiring a ranch hand is now an option. These invaluable assistants can be found on a board in town and help with various tasks such as horse care, plant harvesting, and item repairs.

The Sims 4: Horse Ranch expansion pack will be available on July 20 for all platforms.

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