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Mastering the Skies and the Garage

In the world of Armored Core 6, being a pilot means being a mechanic as well. Every mission requires you to tinker in the garage, swapping out parts, purchasing new ones, and customizing your mech to suit the task at hand. It’s different from the usual FromSoftware games, where you can enhance your weapons and mech parts. In Armored Core 6, however, improvement comes from a different source.

Unleash the Power of OS Tuning

Enter the realm of OS Tuning upgrades, which play a pivotal role in shaping your mech. These upgrades provide a plethora of benefits, but they come at a cost. You can earn OS Tuning chips from the Arena, enabling you to unlock both passive and active upgrades. While you can activate all the passive upgrades simultaneously, you must select the active ones judiciously. Here are the most formidable OS upgrades you should invest your hard-earned chips in.

Quick Turn: A Game-Changer

If you want to enhance your quality of life in Armored Core 6, Quick Turn is an upgrade you can’t afford to miss. This maneuver enables your mech to snap swiftly to the side or execute a complete flip without the tedium of manual rotation. However, executing it can be a bit tricky. You’ll need to use the left analog stick to indicate the desired direction and press the boost button. Beware, though, as pressing the boost button accidentally can send you flying off-course.

Repair Kits: Your Lifeline

For fans of FromSoftware games, Repair Kits are like Estus Flasks in Armored Core 6. However, unlike Estus Flasks, you can never possess more than three Repair Kits at a time. Fortunately, an OS upgrade exists that amplifies their effectiveness. This upgrade enhances each Repair Kit’s Armored Points (AP) restoration by 500 for every level you invest in it. When your mech becomes sturdier, maximizing your Repair Kits becomes essential, unless you possess extraordinary skills that render healing unnecessary.

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Assault Armor: Drive Away the Swarm

Are you tired of being bombarded and irritated by pesky enemies swarming around your mech? Say hello to Assault Armor, an upgrade that serves as your “get off me” skill. When activated, it generates a small blast around your mech, dealing damage and staggering any adversaries who dare to approach too closely. The best part? You won’t harm yourself in the process. Each upgrade invested in Assault Armor allows you to use it more frequently during missions.

Explosive Weapons: Amplify the Boom

If missiles, grenades, and any other explosive weaponry already dominate your arsenal, why not make them even more formidable? Explosive Weapons upgrades are designed to achieve just that. Each upgrade may only grant a 3% increase in damage, but when these upgrades reach their maximum potential, the impact adds up significantly. Prepare for explosive mayhem!

Direct Hit Modifier: Strike Hard, Strike True

In Armored Core 6, staggering your enemies is a crucial combat tactic, much like in Sekiro. It allows you to swiftly unleash massive damage without risking your safety. To maximize such opportunities, the Direct Hit Modifier upgrade is a no-brainer. With every upgrade, this upgrade enhances your damage against staggered foes by a solid 5%.

Unlock the Power of OS Tuning in Armored Core 6

By investing in these OS upgrades, you’ll unlock a new level of control and prowess in Armored Core 6. From Quick Turn’s fluid movement to Repair Kits ensuring your survival, each upgrade offers a unique advantage. Whether you’re ready to unleash explosive devastation or strike your foes with precision, these OS upgrades will help you dominate the battlefield.

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So, gear up, pilot. It’s time to revolutionize your Armored Core 6 experience with OS Tuning upgrades. Let OnSpec Electronic, Inc., be your guide in the world of Armored Core. Visit our website to know more about our cutting-edge offerings and take your gaming experience to unparalleled heights.

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