The Top OS Upgrades for Armored Core 6 Multiplayer

Introduction: Mastering the Art of Customization

In Armored Core 6, being a skilled pilot is just the beginning. As a mechanic, you’ll spend ample time fine-tuning your mech for each mission. Unlike other FromSoftware games, where weapon and equipment upgrades are standard, Armored Core 6 offers a different approach. Enter OS Tuning upgrades – an essential aspect of your build that grants various advantages. These upgrades, obtainable with OS Tuning chips earned from the Arena, come in both passive and active forms. While you can keep all passive upgrades active, you’ll need to make strategic choices with the active ones. Let’s explore the most potent OS upgrades that will give you the edge in Armored Core 6.

## Quick Turn: Enhancing Control and Flexibility

Unlock a game-changing maneuver by investing in Quick Turn. This upgrade allows your mech to swiftly snap to either side or execute a complete flip, eliminating the need for sluggish manual rotation. While its execution may initially feel awkward – involving the left analog stick for direction and the boost button – mastering Quick Turn will significantly improve your overall experience in Armored Core 6.

## Repair Kits: Your Lifeline in the Heat of Battle

For fans of FromSoft games, Repair Kits act as the Estus Flasks of Armored Core 6. However, unlike Estus, you can never possess more than three at a time. Maximize their potential with the OS upgrade that enhances their effectiveness. For each upgrade level, this upgrade elevates the Armored Points (AP) restored by each Repair Kit by a substantial 500 points. As you progress to sturdier mechs, investing in maxed out Repair Kits becomes essential, unless you possess unparalleled skill and never require healing.

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## Assault Armor: Warding off Pesky Threats

In the midst of relentless swarming enemies, Assault Armor is your ultimate “get off me” move. Triggering this ability creates a small blast around your mech, delivering damage and stagger effects to close-quarters intruders. The best part? You won’t harm yourself in the process. Upgrade this ability, and you’ll gain the ability to use it multiple times within a mission, providing invaluable crowd control and peace of mind.

## Explosive Weapons: Amplifying Your Arsenal’s Devastation

If explosive firepower is your forte, then the Explosive Weapons upgrade is a must-have addition to your mech’s loadout. Missiles, grenades, and all things that go boom are already potent in Armored Core 6. With each upgrade, your explosive arsenal receives a modest 3% damage increase, amplifying their already formidable destructive capabilities. Don’t underestimate the power of compounding enhancements – when fully upgraded, the explosive weapons become exponentially deadlier.

## Direct Hit Modifier: Exploiting Vulnerabilities for Maximum Impact

Similar to the mechanics in Sekiro, staggering enemies in Armored Core 6 sets the stage for swift and devastating attacks. Optimize these opportunities, especially against boss encounters, by investing in the Direct Hit Modifier upgrade. This enhancement boosts your damage output against staggered enemies by an impressive 5% per upgrade. Utilize this upgrade wisely, and you’ll unleash a barrage of calculated strikes, decimating your foes with ruthless efficiency.

Armored Core 6 offers a wealth of OS upgrades to enhance your multiplayer experience. From mastering control and flexibility to unleashing devastating assaults, these enhancements will place you at the forefront of the battleground. Embrace the power of customization and unlock the full potential of your mech. For more information about Armored Core 6 and other cutting-edge electronic products, visit OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

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