The Top Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

As any aspiring witch or wizard attending Hogwarts Legacy knows, there is always room to grow and expand one’s magical prowess. Luckily, the Talent system within the game allows you to do just that. These Talents, which can be thought of as skills, function similarly to those found in other RPGs. However, Hogwarts Legacy offers an extensive array of Talents, forcing players to carefully choose which ones to invest their valuable points into. While some Talents may align with your preferred playstyle and character traits, there are a select few that stand out as exceptional regardless of your approach. Here, we will explore the ten best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy.

Obtaining Talents

A spread of talent cards.
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Before delving into the best Talents, it’s important to understand how to acquire them. Access to the Talent screen becomes available only after completing the early quest named “Jackdaw’s Rest.” Additionally, you won’t begin accumulating Talent Points until reaching level 5 and beyond. Keep in mind that Hogwarts Legacy has a level cap of 40, granting a maximum of 35 Talent Points. With a total of 48 Talents to choose from, it’s impossible to obtain all of them on a single character. Furthermore, once Talent Points are utilized, there is no way to refund them. So, spend your points wisely!

Gaining Talents is relatively straightforward. For each level gained in Hogwarts Legacy, you earn a Talent Point. The experience points (XP) necessary for leveling up are garnered by completing main quests, side quests, engaging in various activities, and defeating enemies.

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Talents are categorized into five distinct groups, each offering its own set of unlockable Talents. However, similar to a skill tree, it’s important to note that you cannot choose any skill from any category right away. Each tree is divided into tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 Talents. Tier 1 Talents become available at level 5, tier 2 at level 16, and the final set unlocks at level 22.

The five Talent categories are as follows:

  • Spells (10 skills) – Enhancing spellcasting abilities.
  • Dark Arts (10 skills) – Amplifying Dark Art capabilities.
  • Core (16 skills) – Offering general buffs.
  • Stealth (4 skills) – Improving sneaking and stealthy maneuvers.
  • Room of Requirement (8 skills) – Focusing on augmenting potions and plant effectiveness.

The Top Talents to Acquire

A talent skill tree and description.
Image used with permission from OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

Now let’s explore the ten best Talents available in Hogwarts Legacy, suitable for all playstyles. We’ll delve into what these Talents do and the requirements for unlocking them.

  1. Accio Mastery (tier 1): Requires knowledge of Accio. Nearby enemies are drawn towards you when Accio is used to summon a target.
  2. Confringo Mastery (tier 1): Requires knowledge of Confringo. Confringo produces fiery bolts that seek out enemy targets.
  3. Glacius Mastery (tier 2): Requires knowledge of Glacius. Striking a frozen enemy with Glacius causes damaging shards to disperse outward from the target.
  4. Stunning Curse (tier 1): Requires knowledge of Stupefy. Stupefy has a curse-like effect on enemies, increasing the damage they take.
  5. Revelio Mastery (tier 2): Requires knowledge of Revelio. Extends the range of Revelio.
  6. Thunderbrew Potency (tier 3): Requires the ability to use Thunderbrew potions. Significantly increases the range and damage of the potion effect.
  7. Petrificus Totalus Mastery (tier 3): Requires knowledge of Petrificus Totalus. Petrificus Totalus emits an area of effect that can impact nearby enemies.
  8. Avada Kedavra Mastery (tier 2): Requires knowledge of Avada Kedavra. Killing an enemy with Avada Kedavra results in the elimination of all cursed enemies.
  9. Maxima Potion Potency (tier 2): Requires the ability to use Maxima Potions. Maxima Potions provide additional damage to attacks and can break enemy shields.
  10. Human Demiguise (tier 1): Requires knowledge of Disillusionment. Allows you to sprint while using Disillusionment.
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These Talents offer a wide range of benefits to enhance your magical journey at Hogwarts Legacy. Choose wisely, and let your character flourish with these exceptional abilities!

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