The Top Used Car Websites for 2023

EVs are incredibly popular right now, but finding one can be a challenge. With most good EVs priced over $40,000, buying a used car is becoming a more enticing option. Not only can you avoid long waiting lists and inflated prices, but you may also qualify for tax rebates if you read the fine print.

But where should you start your search?

The Best Used Car Websites: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Ride

The best used car websites provide a user-friendly interface that offers comprehensive details about the cars you’re interested in. From high-resolution photos of both the interior and exterior to the vehicle’s service history and optional equipment, these websites have it all. Some even utilize historical data to help you determine if you’re getting a great deal or if the price is too high.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of the classifieds and auction sites you should explore when shopping for your next used car online. But remember, even with these resources, it’s always a good idea to inspect the car in person and take it for a thorough test drive before making a decision. After all, you don’t want to part with a significant amount of your hard-earned cash without being sure of what you’re getting.


The Best Well-Known Site

Autotrader homepage.

When it comes to advanced search tools, few sites can surpass AutoTrader. Similar to other platforms, AutoTrader allows you to specify the make, model, and price range of the used cars you’re interested in. Additionally, it offers various filters based on fuel economy and other parameters. Looking for a car with a user-friendly navigation system? Or perhaps a sedan with four doors and keyless entry? Simply select the options you need, and let the results come to you.


The Best Site for the Basics

CarsDirect car listing.

If you prefer simplicity and straightforwardness, CarsDirect is the website for you. It enables you to search for used cars within your specific area based on body style, price, make, and model. Not only does CarsDirect include offerings from dealers, but it also includes listings from private owners. You even have the option to view a Carfax report for your desired car. When you find a car you like, you can easily submit an inquiry to the seller for more details or special financing options. CarsDirect also provides links to car dealers’ websites and comprehensive maps with directions to their locations.

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The Most Convenient Used Car Site

Carvana Austin

For the ultimate convenience in used car buying, look no further than Carvana. Carvana is well-known for its massive car vending machines and its ability to drop off cars right at your doorstep. This makes it an ideal choice for those who don’t want to travel long distances to get their new car. In fact, if you live in the U.S., Carvana will deliver the car of your choice directly to your door. Selling a car on Carvana is also incredibly convenient, as they will even pick it up from your home.


The Best Site for Classic Car Lovers

Hemmings car listing.

If you’re a classic car enthusiast, Hemmings is the place to be. This website is a collector’s dream, celebrating everything from 1960s Chevrolet Impalas to Studebakers from the 1930s to newer classics from the 1980s. Not only does Hemmings offer tools for locating specific parts and services for your classic car, but it also provides a daily newsletter and a regularly updated blog written by a team of knowledgeable writers. Additionally, Hemmings boasts an online store where you can purchase die-cast models, books, and wall calendars.


The Best Site for Browsing on the Go

Autolist car listing.

Autolist may seem similar to other sites at first glance, but it stands out for its excellent mobile connectivity. While the Autolist website is attractive and user-friendly, its accompanying mobile app for Android and iOS is a standout feature. This intuitive software allows you to quickly search through databases from various shopping apps and dealer websites. It also provides valuable information such as how long a vehicle has been for sale, how its asking price has changed over time, and even provides insights into the car’s Carfax report. If you prefer browsing for your next ride on the go, Autolist is the perfect resource for you.

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The Best Site for Finding a Bargain

CarGurus listings for cars in Portland.

For those looking to find a great deal, CarGurus is the ultimate destination. This site ranks ads based on dealer reputation and price, going the extra mile to educate buyers about a vehicle’s market value. With this information, you’ll know if it’s the right time to shop or if you need to broaden your search area. CarGurus also displays the duration a vehicle has been listed on the site and tracks how its list price has changed over time. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have the power to negotiate on cars that have been listed for a while or decide if it’s too early to ask for a price cut.


The Best Site for Cross-Site Comparisons

AutoTempest car listings.

If you’re familiar with sites like Kayak or Skyscanner, then AutoTempest will feel right at home. This site combines search results from popular platforms like eBay Motors,, AutoTrader, CarsDirect, and more. It casts a wide net across multiple used car sites, ensuring you have access to a comprehensive range of listings. AutoTempest’s homepage also provides additional resources such as buying guides, checklists, and advice on negotiating and avoiding purchasing a lemon. The site includes specific guides for various makes and models, car reviews, and a compilation of frequently asked questions. It even allows you to save search results for easy access and provides recommendations for top-notch shipping services.

Kelley Blue Book

The Best Site for an All-Inclusive Experience

KBB homepage.

Kelley Blue Book is undoubtedly a car buyer’s best friend. This comprehensive website offers accurate estimates of your car’s value, helps you determine fair prices for used cars, and provides an extensive selection of both used and new car listings. You can browse top picks and tips, calculate your monthly car payment, and compare different cars. In addition, Kelley Blue Book offers expert and consumer reviews and allows you to find local dealers and check your credit score. This website also features an assortment of awards pages, giving you a quick overview of the best cars in various categories.

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Cars & Bids

The Best Auction Site for Enthusiasts

Cars & Bids car listings.

If you’re an enthusiast looking for something special, Cars & Bids is the perfect auction site for you. This platform, launched by Doug DeMuro in the summer of 2020, specializes in unique and desirable cars. You won’t find common models here; instead, Cars & Bids focuses on low-mileage luxury cars and rare gems like the BMW L6 or Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. Each auction listing includes a comprehensive gallery of the car, including close-ups and service records if available. You’ll also find a detailed description highlighting the car’s main features, ownership history, and any known flaws. Carfax reports are included with each listing, and many sellers include videos to ensure a stress-free buying experience.

Car-Enthusiast Forums

Bimmerforums classified listings.

While the websites mentioned above cover a wide range of options, it’s also worth exploring online car owner and enthusiast groups for something more specific. If you have a particular car in mind, don’t be afraid to check out the forums or owners’ clubs associated with that vehicle. A quick Google search with the terms “forums” or “owners club” along with the make and model will likely lead you to a community dedicated to your desired car. These forums often have classifieds sections where experts in the community list their cars for sale, ensuring you find what you’re looking for in a community that shares your passion.

Editors’ Recommendations

Remember, whether you choose to buy from one of these websites or explore car-enthusiast forums, always exercise caution and conduct thorough research. Happy car hunting!

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