The Top Weapons in Dave the Diver

Even though your time in Dave the Diver involves managing a sushi bar and exploring the Blue Hole to catch fish, gather resources, and complete quests, this undersea adventure isn’t always peaceful. As you upgrade your equipment and dive deeper into the unknown, you’ll encounter more dangerous and terrifying sea creatures.

But fear not! You have an array of weapons at your disposal in Dave the Diver. Some are ideal for subduing prey, while others are designed to annihilate any beast that sees you as its next meal. These weapons can be crafted and upgraded using blueprints and materials found in diving boxes. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best weapons in Dave the Diver.

The Red Sniper Rifle

A computer showing the red sniper upgrades.

From a statistical standpoint, nothing surpasses the Red Sniper Rifle. This powerhouse inflicts 32 damage per shot, the highest of any weapon, and boasts a range of 20. With three shots per magazine, this sniper rifle is incredibly accurate, especially with its laser sight. Although its limited ammo capacity can be a drawback, few creatures can withstand even a single shot, let alone three. To craft the Red Sniper Rifle, collect the three blueprints and gather the following items:

  • 1 Glass
  • 2 Scrap Iron
  • 3 Iron Ore
  • 50 Gold

The Sticky Bomb Gun

A sticky bomb gun in Dave the Diver.

While the Sticky Bomb Gun may not match the damage output of the Red Sniper Rifle, it earns second place on our list due to its versatility. This weapon launches sticky bombs that attach to your target before detonating, allowing you to maintain a safe distance. It has a base damage of 20, a range of 7, and can hold 5 shots at level 1. Despite the sniper’s low ammunition capacity, the Sticky Bomb Gun remains competitive. Once you find the blueprints, craft the Sticky Bomb Gun using the following resources:

  • 2 Scrap Iron
  • 3 Lead Ore
  • 100 Gold
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The Grenade Launcher

If you’re willing to take a risk for greater raw damage, the Grenade Launcher is an excellent choice. With just one shot, it can turn most fish into pulp. However, be cautious as your grenades will explode on contact, regardless of the distance from you. The Grenade Launcher’s arcing trajectory requires more compensation compared to the straight-line travel of sticky bombs. Each grenade deals 25 damage, has a range of 10, and offers 4 shots at level 1. To craft this explosive weapon, gather the blueprints and the following materials:

  • 3 Iron Ore
  • 3 Lead Ore
  • 100 Gold

The Tennis Racket

While other melee weapons may surpass the Tennis Racket in terms of raw power, the racket’s insane knockback ability provides immense utility in close-quarters combat. Dealing 10 damage, the racket grants you breathing room to counter-attack or escape from dangerous situations. You can find the Tennis Racket as a random drop in weapon crates.

Harpoon: Lightning Tip

Although there are various tips available to modify your trusty Harpoon gun, all of them are temporary. Despite this limitation, if you come across the Lightning Tip, your Harpoon gun will become your go-to primary weapon for the rest of your dive. The Lightning Tip not only deals extra shock damage upon hitting a fish but also chains electricity to nearby fish, inflicting additional damage. This makes it perfect for taking down clusters of foes. Similar to the Tennis Racket, you’ll need to rely on luck to find the Lightning Tip during your dive.

Now armed with this knowledge of the best weapons in Dave the Diver, you can make an informed decision before embarking on your next underwater adventure. Happy hunting!

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