The Top Weapons in Far Cry 6 and How to Obtain Them

The Essence of the Article: The revolution in Yara relies on violence in Far Cry 6. The island is ruled by dictator Anton Castillo, who misuses a cancer treatment to consolidate his power. As a skilled guerilla fighter named Dani, it’s your mission to dismantle Castillo’s oppressive regime and liberate the people. However, Yara is a vast and dangerous place, filled with both soldiers and natural threats. Luckily, Dani is proficient in various weapons of destruction. This article will guide you through the best weapons in Far Cry 6 and explain how to acquire them.

How to Unlock Weapons

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While you can obtain some basic weapons by looting fallen enemies, the most powerful ones require specific actions to unlock. Non-unique weapons can be obtained by finding them in military-controlled areas, upgrading your base’s Guerilla Garrison to sell weapons, completing missions, or participating in treasure hunts.

Unique Resolver weapons, on the other hand, are one-of-a-kind guns with special names, stats, and abilities. They can be found in specific locations or obtained by completing specific missions. Each weapon’s acquisition method will be detailed below.

MS-16 S Rifle

Before diving into the unique weapons, it’s worth mentioning the MS-16 S rifle. Though underrated in the game, this semi-automatic rifle is readily available in the early stages. It possesses minimal recoil, a 15-round clip, and decent damage potential. However, when combined with armor-piercing ammo, a suppressor, and the Specter Sight, the MS-16 S turns into a lethal tool capable of silently eliminating heavily armored enemies from a distance.

To obtain the MS-16 S, search military zones or purchase it from the Guerilla Garrison.

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La Varita

La Varita may seem unremarkable at first, but when paired with the Triador Supremo, it becomes exceptionally potent. La Varita’s shots can penetrate walls, and the Triador Supremo allows you to see through them. This combination grants you unparalleled power, enabling you to dispatch enemies without exposing yourself. Additionally, La Varita deals maximum damage, making it ideal for headshots.

Both La Varita and the Triador Supremo are part of the Triada Relics treasure hunts. The quest begins in Oluwa Cave on Isla Santuario, the starting island. Solve the hunts to uncover the relics, and upon returning to the cave, you’ll receive these formidable weapons.

El Tirano

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For long-range engagements, the El Tirano sniper rifle stands out. Although it lacks a suppressor, it compensates with armor-piercing rounds and a 10x magnification scope. With these features, you can eliminate targets from extensive distances.

To acquire El Tirano, infiltrate Escila Fort located in the Valle de Oro region’s northern part. Ascend the lighthouse on the coastline and claim the rifle at the top.

Death Rites

When searching for a reliable fully automatic rifle, the Death Rites is a standout choice. Its AK-inspired design and unique perks make it a versatile weapon. With armor-piercing rounds and the Headshot Supremo, every headshot builds your Supremo charge. The Vampiric Triada mod allows you to recover health with each successful hit on enemies. This combination enables you to sustain yourself even in challenging situations, making the Death Rites a formidable choice.

To obtain the Death Rites, head to Maldito, a small town in the southeast of El Este’s zone. Look for a burning building and venture inside to find the rifle in a chest.

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RAT4 Rocket Launcher

While not a unique weapon, the RAT4 rocket launcher excels in dealing with heavy-armored or airborne targets. Its explosive firepower solves problems effectively. Combine it with the Lock-On mod to improve accuracy and hit your mark effortlessly.

You can find the RAT4 rocket launcher in military zones or purchase it from the Guerilla Garrison.

Crackle and Pop

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Crackle & Pop is an LMG that unleashes explosive rounds, perfect for overpowering armored vehicles. It boasts a 2x scope, making it great for close-quarters combat. While it lacks sniping capability, its quick reload speed compensates for that.

To add Crackle & Pop to your arsenal, venture into the El Rayo Cinema in Esperanza. Find the ladder on the east side of the building, climb onto the roof, and locate the chest waiting for you.

The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain is a top-tier SMG choice. It delivers a torrent of bullets, making it devastating at close range. Equipped with Soft Target bullets, it shreds unarmored enemies effortlessly. This unique SMG includes a built-in suppressor, making it ideal for stealthy playstyles. The Gunslinger mod allows for quick weapon switching, while the Keep it Cool mod enables the suppressor to cool down rapidly when firing in bursts.

Obtain The Iron Curtain during the mission Balance the Books. Head to the abandoned hotel in Segunda’s western area. Dive into the waters west of the hotel and search for an underwater chest.


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Alternatively, the standard MP7 is a reliable SMG that rivals The Iron Curtain in performance. When equipped with Soft Target ammo, an extended magazine, and a decent scope, it becomes a powerhouse. The MP7 excels in fast-paced and aggressive gameplay, providing the firepower necessary to overcome any challenge.

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Like other standard weapons, you can find the MP7 in military zones or purchase it from the Guerilla Garrison.

The Autocrat

Sidearms often go unnoticed, but they serve as life-saving backup weapons. In intense situations, swapping to a sidearm is quicker than reloading, and The Autocrat is an excellent choice. Despite its compact size, it packs a punch with high damage and accuracy. With mods, it becomes even deadlier when aimed or hitting an enemy’s body.

Retrieve The Autocrat during the mission Du or Die while infiltrating Fort Quito. Search for a door inside the fort’s walls, descend through the hatch, and locate the weapon case in a locker room.

Exterminator Supremo

Finally, your Supremo offers unparalleled firepower. By default, you possess the ability to launch rockets from your backpack, ideal for eliminating clusters of enemies or armored vehicles. This Supremo is acquired automatically and proves invaluable throughout the game.

Volta Supremo

As an alternative to the Exterminator Supremo, the Volta Supremo specializes in disabling vehicles. It emits a massive EMP blast, rendering vehicles inoperable. This Supremo can be obtained from Juan or one of his arms dealers.

Remember, mastering these weapons will be crucial in your journey to liberate Yara from Castillo’s tyranny. Arm yourself and fight for freedom!

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