The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to The Crew 2

The Crew 2

By OnSpec Electronic, Inc

Ubisoft Ivory Tower has crafted an extraordinary online open-world racing game in The Crew 2. This immersive game expands beyond the conventional boundaries, allowing you to explore the vast landscape not only with cars, motorcycles, and dirt bikes but also with planes and speedboats. The diverse range of vehicles and activities might seem overwhelming, especially for newcomers or those more familiar with games like Forza Horizon. However, fear not! With a few helpful tips and tricks, you can quickly become a skilled racer, watch your follower count soar, and witness your cash grow.

Getting Started

Complete events to gain followers

Unlike the original 2014 version of The Crew, The Crew 2 does away with heavy scripted storytelling. Instead, your goal is to become a famous racer by participating in events and accumulating “followers.” Whether you’re engaged in a speed race, a motocross event, or simply enjoying thrilling loops in your plane, each activity will earn you new followers.

Initially, you start as a “rookie” and have access to only a few vehicle types, which are unlocked for free as you explore different events. As you progress and reach new levels such as “popular,” “famous,” “star,” and ultimately “icon,” additional vehicles and events become available. Hitting the “icon” status within a few days is not particularly challenging, but knowing which events to prioritize is key.

To identify the number of followers you’ll earn and the amount of cash you’ll receive for successfully completing an event, utilize the game’s overworld map. On the PlayStation 4, simply hit the touchpad on your controller to quickly access the map. From there, you can select any icon to view the rewards and plan your racing strategy. Additionally, you can fast-travel directly to an event without the need to drive there manually.

Leveling up vehicles

Aside from followers, there’s another important element to consider – the base level of your vehicles. Each vehicle comes with its own level, which determines its performance in races. When selecting an event on the map, pay attention to your vehicle’s current level and the recommended level for the event. While it’s possible to race with a lower level, achieving success will prove extremely challenging.

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To enhance your cars, bikes, boats, and planes, you must equip them with additional car parts, referred to as “loot” in the game. These parts are acquired as rewards after successfully completing races. Upgrading your tires, engine, suspension, and more will significantly improve your vehicle’s performance. Each loot item is associated with a color, similar to gear in role-playing games, where purple denotes superiority over green. However, as long as the loot’s level surpasses that of your current car part, it’s worth swapping them.

If you forget to collect the loot you earn, don’t worry. It will be available at the headquarters of the particular discipline to which the race belongs. If you can’t remember the discipline associated with the event, the headquarters will sport the same color as the event’s icon on the map.

To further enhance your level, keep an eye out for bonus “live rewards.” When you hear a beeping sound and notice your mini-map flashing, it indicates the presence of these lucrative rewards. Drive towards the source of the beeping and collect additional loot. Although rare, these rewards can significantly boost your level, enabling you to tackle more challenging races.

What events should you complete first?

As a new player, the abundance of events popping up on your map can be overwhelming. However, not all events are equally rewarding in terms of followers. To maximize your progress, focus on a few specific event types to quickly increase your follower count from the outset.

  • Street races – These are the quintessential races you’ll find in most open-world racing games. In The Crew 2, street races typically yield around 2,000 new followers and can be completed in just a few minutes. While they may be more challenging than other events, practicing street races will greatly enhance your racing skills.

  • Rally raids – Embrace the spirit of adventure! Rally raids are off-road races that traverse forests, swamps, and other areas where conventional cars seldom venture. These races offer freedom of choice regarding your path, and you won’t encounter super-tight turns. The follower rewards are similar to those of street races.

  • Motocross – Get ready for some thrilling dirt bike action! Motocross events incorporate races packed with enormous jumps and tight turns. Despite their seemingly dangerous nature, motocross events are surprisingly easy, offering greater control over your course compared to cars, boats, or planes.

  • Aerobatics – Experience the exhilaration of flying a plane! In aerobatics events, you’ll master various tricks, such as rolls and loops, to earn points and followers. These events are straightforward and can be completed quickly. Even after the time expires, you can continue performing tricks to amass additional followers.

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Tips and Tricks

To aid you in your racing endeavors and ensure a memorable experience, here are some valuable tips and tricks:

  • Lay off the brakes – In most cases, you’ll rarely need to hit the brakes to navigate turns, even when racing in the ultra-fast hyper-cars. Braking when unnecessary often leads to slipping and veering off-course. Instead, reduce acceleration well in advance of the turn to maintain control and regain top speed sooner.

  • Don’t waste nitrous – Your vehicles are equipped with nitrous boost. While it’s tempting to use it liberally during long straight stretches of road, it’s more advantageous to conserve it for emergency situations. Accidentally veering off-road can be swiftly remedied by employing nitrous to swiftly regain your previous speed, potentially saving a race from disaster.

  • Don’t rage-quit races – Losing the lead towards the end of a race might tempt you to restart. However, by doing so, you’re forfeiting valuable followers. Even if you don’t win a race, simply completing it rewards you with a limited number of followers and cash.

  • Utilize “back on track” – Mistakes happen, and when they do, don’t despair. By holding down specific buttons (L1 and R1 on PS4 or LB and RB on Xbox One), you can activate the “back on track” feature. This feature instantly places your vehicle back on the course, allowing you to continue racing despite unfortunate incidents. Utilizing this feature quickly can save you precious time and ensure a competitive edge.

  • Don’t miss photo ops – When traversing the open world, keep an eye out for nearby “photo ops.” These quick missions prompt you to capture images of animals or points of interest in the wilderness, city, or sky. While seemingly unrelated to racing, completing these missions rewards you with as many followers as you’d gain from a street race, and they require significantly less time investment.

  • Show off with freestyle tricks – Racing isn’t the only way to gain followers. Engaging in stunts can earn you additional followers, regardless of the vehicle you’re using. In a plane, you can perform rolls and other aerial maneuvers, while high-speed antics in a street racer will also impress your fans. Keep in mind that freestyle tricks do not yield cash rewards, so participating in events remains crucial for monetary gain.

  • Switch vehicles at any time – The Crew 2 offers the freedom to switch vehicles instantaneously. While exploring the game world, simply click the right analog stick to access an array of vehicle types. Soar into the sky with a plane after sailing off a massive jump in a car, or dive into white-water rapids by switching to a boat. Embrace the versatility and make the most of the diverse vehicle options available.

  • Master drag races – As you progress further in the game, you’ll unlock thrilling drag race events. These races require precise gear shifting to maximize your speed. Before each run, ensure you warm up your engine for quicker acceleration at the start. However, avoid flooring the gas pedal immediately after warming up, as it will hinder your initial speed. Instead, momentarily release the gas to achieve a higher score.

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These tips and tricks will undoubtedly bolster your performance and ensure an enjoyable racing experience in The Crew 2.


Embark on an unforgettable journey across land, air, and water in The Crew 2. With patience, practice, and the guidance provided in this beginner’s guide, you’ll swiftly rise to racing stardom. Follow our advice, complete events strategically, upgrade your vehicles, and remember to have fun along the way. Get ready to amass followers, increase your cash flow, and experience the thrill of becoming an icon in the world of The Crew 2.

Edit: This article is brought to you by OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

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