The Ultimate Collection of Breath of the Wild Mods for PC

Breath of the Wild has established itself as an almost flawless game over the past four years. However, for the zealous fans out there, it’s only natural to seek some variation in the gameplay. That’s where the best Breath of the Wild mods for PC come in, offering a wide array of changes that range from character and weapon models to the very core mechanics of the game.

The BCML Cross-Platform Mod Loader: Your Modding Savior

Mods installed in the BCML mod loader.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Before delving into the mods themselves, it’s crucial to install the BCML Cross-Platform Mod Loader. Developed specifically for Breath of the Wild, this mod loader streamlines the organization and implementation of your mods. By ensuring compatibility and allowing easy experimentation, BCML makes the process hassle-free and avoids the need for constant uninstallation and reinstallation.

For aspiring modders, BCML is an indispensable tool that significantly simplifies the modding experience.

Linkle + Alternative Hair: Customize Your Hero

Character models from the Linkle mod.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Linkle, a popular mod based on Hyrule Warriors, transforms the iconic Link into a female counterpart. This not only changes the character model but also includes alternate armor designs, allowing for greater character customization—especially after obtaining the game’s best armor. Additionally, the modder offers fixes for armor icons, dialogue, the title screen, and more.

To further enhance the Linkle experience, we recommend combining it with the Alternative Hair and Eye Colors mod. Although limited to Linkle, this mod expands the range of available hair and eye colors. Together, these mods enable you to create your very own character within the vast world of Breath of the Wild.

No Shield Damage from Surfing: Preserve Your Shields

Link shield surfing in Breath of the Wild.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Shield surfing is undeniably one of the most enjoyable activities in Breath of the Wild. However, constantly wearing down your shields can become tiresome. Introducing the No Shield Damage from Surfing mod—a self-explanatory gem that ensures your shields remain unscathed while indulging in this thrilling pastime. Just remember that this mod is not compatible with other shield-related mods.

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Hyrule Rebalance: A Comprehensive Overhaul

Enemy rebalances in Hyrule Rebalance mod.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Hyrule Rebalance, currently in its seventh version, is a mod that breathes new life into virtually every aspect of Breath of the Wild. This overhaul brings balance to enemy difficulty, ensuring that looting corresponds with the challenge. It also adjusts bug sizes, making them easier to catch, and enhances bow range based on their power. These highlights are just a glimpse of what Hyrule Rebalance has to offer.

While Breath of the Wild provides a balanced experience by default, Hyrule Rebalance adds several quality-of-life improvements. It presents an excellent opportunity for those who have already explored every corner of the game and crave a slightly different adventure.

End Game: A Captivating Boss Battle

Link facing off against Ganon in Breath of the Wild.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Contrary to what its name implies, the End Game mod does not introduce new endgame content. Instead, it revamps the final battle against Ganon, injecting it with greater challenges and excitement. First, the mod forces players to confront the four Blights at Hyrule Castle, even if they haven’t defeated the Divine Beasts. Additionally, it enhances Ganon’s and the Blights’ speed while reducing their stun durations, resulting in a tougher fight overall.

Whether it’s your second or seventh playthrough of Breath of the Wild, End Game offers a satisfying challenge that will keep you hooked.

Second Wind: A Breathtaking Expansion

Link standing in front of a castle in Breath of the Wild.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Calling Second Wind a mere mod wouldn’t do it justice—it’s more of an expansion. This exceptional addition to Breath of the Wild introduces new quests, weapons, bosses, and numerous other features that would fit seamlessly within official DLC. Second Wind borrows elements from other mods like Survival of the Wild, End Game, and Hyrule Rebalance (all of which are included in this list). On top of that, it provides new music, a revamped town, and a treasure trove of other surprises.

Centered around the Ancient Trial quest, which includes 15 accompanying side quests, Second Wind offers a rewarding and comprehensive experience. The developer is even working on an upcoming expansion called the Ancient Island, which promises an overarching quest. After uncovering all the captured memory locations, Second Wind is sure to keep you captivated.

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Xbox One/PS4 UI: A Controller-Friendly Interface

Button layout for a PS4 controller in Breath of the Wild.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

If you prefer playing Breath of the Wild with an Xbox One or PS4 controller, you can simplify your experience by updating the user interface (UI) to match your controller’s layout. The Xbox One UI mode replaces the on-screen prompts with Xbox button symbols, while the PS4 UI mode presents DualShock 4 button symbols. Although not as flashy as Second Wind or End Game, this UI update helps mitigate any confusion caused by Switch button prompts.

Survival of the Wild: A Test of Survival Skills

A vendor in the Survival of the Wild mod.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Survival of the Wild is centered around intensifying the survival mechanics in Breath of the Wild. This mod introduces a more unforgiving weather system, a hunger mechanic, and a minimalist UI for a truly immersive experience. If you desire a more demanding and challenging adventure, Survival of the Wild is the mod for you. By shifting the focus from exploration to survival, it provides a refreshing change of pace for those embarking on their second playthrough.

Classic Weapons Pack: Iconic Blades and Shields

Link standing with a sword and shield.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

The Classic Weapons Pack mod injects a dose of nostalgia into Breath of the Wild by integrating iconic swords and shields from The Legend of Zelda franchise. It replaces existing weapon models with legendary options like the Mirror Shield from Ocarina of Time, the Ikana Mirror Shield from Majora’s Mask, and the Knight Shield from Hyrule Warriors. Although this mod doesn’t alter the core gameplay experience, it infuses a delightful visual flair, complementing the very best weapons in Breath of the Wild.

HD Menu and Map: Crisp and Clear Icons

Updated icons in Breath of the Wild.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Emulating Breath of the Wild on PC allows you to push the game’s resolution beyond the capabilities of the Switch’s 1080p output. However, certain elements might not transition seamlessly to the higher resolution. This is where the HD Menu and Map mod shines, replacing the icons with higher-resolution versions. Not only are item icons enhanced, but map icons are also boosted by over three times the base resolution, resulting in an overall sharper and more visually appealing experience.

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Revo Reshade Redux: Elevating Visual Splendor

Link standing in a field in Breath of the Wild.
Image used with permission by the copyright holder.

Breath of the Wild is already a breathtaking game, but the Revo Reshade Redux mod takes it to the next level. This mod eliminates the infamous yellow haze, balancing the colors for a more natural and immersive visual experience. It significantly enhances contrast, adding depth to the world, particularly at higher resolutions.

Designed with the RTGI ray tracing shader for Breath of the Wild in mind, this mod enhances reflections to simulate a ray tracing effect. However, access to this feature requires a subscription to the developer’s Patreon.

Henriko’s Faithful Music Mod: A Melodious Journey

When it comes to music mods for Breath of the Wild, the options are plentiful, catering to individual preferences. For players wanting to retain the essence of Breath of the Wild while exploring different tunes, Henriko’s Faithful Music Mod is the perfect fit. Instead of featuring original or other Zelda tracks, this mod presents a collection of melodies borrowed from various games. It captures the spirit of Breath of the Wild while offering a fresh auditory experience.

Check out the video above to see if Henriko’s Faithful Music Mod strikes the right chord with you. It preserves the vibe of the original music while providing an alternative soundtrack to accompany your epic adventures.

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