The Ultimate Collection of Games for Chromebooks

Google’s Chrome OS platform may not have been designed specifically for gaming, but with the availability of web apps, Android games, and Linux support, Chromebooks can now provide a satisfying gaming experience, especially when equipped with decent hardware. Whether you prefer free games or are willing to invest in some exciting titles, there are plenty of options that work exceptionally well on Chromebooks. In this article, we’ll explore the best games for Chromebooks that are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

Streaming Services: Taking Gaming to the Next Level

To truly enhance your gaming experience on a Chromebook, you might want to consider subscribing to a game streaming service. While these services usually come with a monthly fee, they offer the advantage of eliminating compatibility and performance issues by streaming games directly from the cloud. And the best part? Your Chromebook requires minimal resources to run these games, as it acts as the receiver. Let’s take a closer look at two popular game streaming services that work seamlessly on Chromebooks.

Google Stadia: The Go-To Streaming Service

When it comes to streaming games on Chromebooks, Google Stadia should be your first choice. With Stadia, you can purchase games and stream them directly to your Chromebook in stunning 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Google’s library continues to expand, featuring AAA titles such as Doom Eternal, Destiny 2, Baldur’s Gate 3, Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3, and many more.

By subscribing to Stadia Pro for $10 per month, you gain access to an all-you-can-play library of games, similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription. The current selection includes popular titles like Dead by Daylight, Metro Last Light Redux, Human: Fall Flat, and many others. Additionally, the subscription boosts the stream resolution to 4K HDR, even for your purchased games, and offers exclusive discounts.

Nvidia GeForce Now: Your Existing Games, Streamed

Nvidia GeForce Now takes a different approach to game streaming. Instead of making you repurchase games, Nvidia allows you to stream the games you already own by linking your accounts from platforms like Steam, Epic Games, and Uplay. This means you can instantly play your favorite games without any additional investment.

However, keep in mind that the free account places you in a queue. This means you’ll have to wait for a spot on Nvidia’s servers when you launch a linked game. Additionally, the free account limits your gaming sessions to one hour at a time. To enjoy priority access and extend your session length to six hours, consider subscribing to the Founders subscription for $5 per month. This subscription also enables RTX hardware for games that support Nvidia’s ray tracing technology.

Android Games: Entertainment on the Go

One of the great advantages of Chromebooks is their compatibility with Android games. Here are some top picks for Android games that run smoothly on Chrome OS and provide hours of entertainment.

Alto’s Odyssey (free)

Altos Odyssey

If you love endless runner games, then Alto’s Odyssey is a must-play title. Serving as the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, this game trades snowy landscapes for rolling hills of hot orange sand. Players navigate the beautiful landscapes on a snowboard, performing flips and collecting coins as they slide up and down the never-ending hills.

The objective is simple: travel as far as you can without wiping out. Jump over rocks, chasms, and other obstacles to earn points and achieve an impressive final score. Along the way, you’ll discover new biomes, complete goals, and even perform exciting stunts. In-app purchases are available for coin stacks and to remove ads.

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Asphalt 9: Legends (free)

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

If you’re craving a thrilling racing game on your Chromebook, Asphalt 9: Legends is your virtual road warrior. Boasting a vast selection of hypercars, including models from Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors, this game allows you to choose your dream car and race against rival speed machines in stunning locations worldwide.

While occasional frame drops may occur, the game runs smoothly on Chrome OS, delivering an enjoyable racing experience. You can play with touch controls or utilize the keyboard if your Chromebook lacks a touchscreen.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition ($9.99)

Castlevania Chromebook

Considered one of the greatest isometric role-playing games of all time, Baldur’s Gate takes players on an epic adventure in the Forgotten Realms from Dungeons & Dragons. Developed by BioWare before their Mass Effect and Anthem days, this game immerses you in the drama surrounding Baldur’s Gate and the Sword Coast region. Uncover the secrets behind the chaos and the Iron Throne’s attempts to instigate a war.

The “enhanced” edition of this classic 1998 game features upgraded visuals and improved gameplay, running on an enhanced version of the original Infinity Engine. Along with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion, the game includes a new adventure and three additional characters to enhance your experience. While it supports mouse, touchpad, and keyboard input, game controllers are not supported.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night ($2.99)

Fallout Shelter Chromebook

For fans of retro side-scrolling action, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night offers one of the best gaming experiences. As the sequel to Rondo of Blood, this game follows Maria Renard and Alucard as they investigate the reemerged Castlevania, searching for Maria’s missing brother, Richter, and confronting Alucard’s resurrected father, Dracula.

Featuring an incredibly catchy soundtrack, this 1997 PlayStation hit remains a classic. The game includes a Continue feature, allowing you to pick up where you left off after each demise. While touchscreen controls are available, using a mouse, touchpad, or game controller is highly recommended for a more seamless experience.

Fallout Shelter (free)

PUBG Mobile Chromebook

Step into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout Shelter, where you must manage a shelter to ensure humanity’s survival after the nuclear fallout. Your primary task is to attract residents and create a thriving underground community equipped with generators, food, water, and living quarters. The game offers an “ant farm” view, allowing you to zoom in and observe your residents as they go about their daily tasks.

Despite its simulator roots, Fallout Shelter offers a taste of the full Fallout experience. Each NPC has a unique SPECIAL profile that determines their role within the shelter. The game runs smoothly in full-screen mode and supports mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, and controller input.

Pac-Man (free)

Stardew Valley Chromebook

Enjoy a classic gaming experience with Pac-Man, one of the most beloved video games of all time. Now available on Chromebooks through the Google Play Store, this game challenges you to navigate mazes as Pac-Man, eating Pac-Dots and fruits while dodging enemy ghosts. Power Pellets and strategic maneuvering are your only means of defense.

In addition to the nostalgic action, Pac-Man offers new daily missions, tournaments, and token rewards. The game doesn’t require a touchscreen-equipped Chromebook; you can simply use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys for controls.

PUBG Mobile (free)


Experience the battle royale phenomenon with PUBG Mobile. As one of the best mobile games of all time, PUBG offers an immersive battle royale experience on your Chromebook. However, note that the game will match you with players using the same emulator. To join the larger PUBG community, you’ll need to play on a mobile device.

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Due to the game’s mobile optimization, there may be a learning curve when using mouse and keyboard controls. The settings are somewhat customizable, allowing you to adjust the on-screen buttons to your preference. Engage in intense battles against 99 other players, whether solo, in a duo, or as part of a four-player squad.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic (free)

Arcane Legends

Relive the excitement of the original Sonic the Hedgehog game with Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, now available on Chromebooks through the Google Play Store. Speed through seven classic zones as Sonic the Hedgehog, sprinting through loop-de-loops and defeating enemies along the way.

The game is optimized for touchscreen Chromebooks, but Xbox Controllers can also be used if necessary. It’s a lightweight game that guarantees plenty of fun.

Stardew Valley ($7.99)

HTML 5 Games Entanglement

If you’re tired of the daily grind of office work, why not escape to the farm you recently inherited? Stardew Valley offers a charming farming simulator experience that allows you to restore a dilapidated shack on an overgrown plot of land. From planting crops to raising livestock, this game offers a wide range of farming activities to enjoy.

If you’ve played FarmVille or loved the Harvest Moon games, Stardew Valley will feel familiar and engaging. Begin by clearing land, planting seeds, and exploring the charming town of Pelican Town. The game supports mouse, touchpad, touchscreen, and controller input. As a bonus, you can obtain this game for free through Google’s Perk program for Chromebooks.

Web Games: Fun in the Browser

In addition to Android games, Chromebooks provide access to an array of web-based games. These games can be played directly in your browser, offering a convenient and diverse gaming experience. Here are some fantastic web games that you can enjoy on your Chromebook. (free)

Save the Day is a web-based game that gained immense popularity for its simple yet addictive gameplay. Beginning as a tiny blob on a graph paper world, your objective is to consume other players and grow stronger. As you grow, you’ll discover unique abilities and learn strategic ways to outmaneuver your opponents. Experience the thrill of seeing players from around the world running from you or trying to engulf you.

Arcane Legends (free)


Arcane Legends is an exceptional free-to-play RPG that offers hours of entertainment on Chromebooks. Create your character, engage in thrilling battles, unleash powerful magic, and even tame adorable pets. This well-balanced RPG provides a World of Warcraft-like experience, ensuring you’ll have an unforgettable adventure. Please note that although not available directly from the Chrome Web Store, you can access Arcane Legends from the Spacetime Studios website. Other titles in the Legends series include Pocket Legends (casual animal-based RPG), Dark Legends (gothic), and Star Legends (sci-fi).

Entanglement (free)

HTML 5 Tag Pro

Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing puzzle game called Entanglement. Praised for its beautiful design and addictive gameplay, Entanglement challenges you to create paths by moving tiles around a board. The longer and more complex your path becomes, the higher your score. This laid-back puzzle game offers a soothing experience that will keep you engaged for hours.

Save the Day (free)

Web Quake

Save the Day is an exciting twist on classic arcade games. Instead of shooting aliens or thugs, you become a helicopter pilot tasked with rescuing survivors caught in the midst of a fire. Maneuver your helicopter to avoid the flames while saving as many people as possible. This game’s approach is refreshing, and its cartoony graphics are pleasing to the eye. Get ready for an enjoyable challenge.

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Spelunky (free)

The best games for Chromebooks

Embark on a retro adventure with Spelunky, a throwback to 8-bit console days. Equipped with a miner’s hat, you’ll venture into dark depths, searching for treasure and saving trapped individuals. Use arrow keys for movement, press Z to jump, X to whip, A to throw grenades, and C to throw ropes and climb. Gather as much loot as you can, progress to lower levels, and navigate a world filled with traps, fierce creatures, and perilous falls.

TagPro Capture the Flag (free)

The best games for Chromebooks

Enjoy a complex game of capture the flag with TagPro, a captivating browser game inspired by the classic Minesweeper. TagPro offers a team-oriented experience focused on strategic gameplay. Gather your friends, create your teams, and engage in intense flag-capturing battles. Enjoy the short and competitive nature of this game, where chaos is never too far away.

Web Quake (shareware)

The best games for Chromebooks

Indulge in some nostalgic first-person shooting action with Web Quake. As the game that revolutionized the first-person shooter genre, Quake offers an immersive experience. This web-based version of the game features the full episode that players eagerly played before its official release in 1996. Take advantage of enhanced controller compatibility, full keyboard and mouse support, and easy accessibility. Say goodbye to complicated setups or limited storage. With Web Quake, you can quickly jump into the action and enjoy this classic game.

Install Linux for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

While not directly related to the “best games” theme, enabling Linux on your Chromebook opens up a world of gaming possibilities. Many top-notch games are accessible via Linux, with Steam being the go-to platform for Linux gaming. Although the process of installing Linux on a Chromebook can be lengthy, it’s worth the effort if your Chromebook meets the hardware requirements for the games you want to play. Make sure to check the specific requirements for each game on Steam before proceeding.

If you’re interested in installing Steam on your Chromebook, we’ve provided a guide to help you get started. Once Steam is up and running, you’ll have access to an extensive collection of Linux-compatible games, including popular titles like Ark: Survival Evolved, BioShock series, Civilization VI, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Deus Ex series, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead 2, Mad Max, Metro series, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rocket League, Shadow of Mordor, and The Witcher series.

With the help of Linux, your Chromebook can become a powerful gaming machine, delivering an enhanced gaming experience beyond what you thought was possible.

Conclusion: Embrace the World of Gaming on Chromebooks

Chromebooks may not have been initially built for gaming, but with the flexibility of web apps, Android games, and Linux support, they have become formidable gaming machines. Whether you enjoy action-packed Android titles, captivating web-based games, or the diverse gaming options available through Linux, there are countless opportunities to unleash your inner gamer on a Chromebook.

So, grab your Chromebook, choose your games, and let the gaming adventure begin! And for all your electronic needs, remember to visit OnSpec Electronic, Inc. to explore a wide range of quality devices.

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