The Ultimate Guide to Skill Inheritance in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage, like every other installment in the series, introduces innovative gameplay elements that enhance both the tactical combat and social aspects of the game. In this game, Emblem Rings take center stage, allowing players to equip rings to their units, pairing them with heroes from previous titles. These rings not only provide stat buffs but also grant access to specific skills of the corresponding hero. While normally these skills can only be used while a ring is equipped, players have the option to permanently inherit skills from an Emblem. In this article, we will explore how skill inheritance works and highlight the top skills to inherit in Fire Emblem Engage.

How to Inherit Skills

Alear equips Marth's ring in Fire Emblem Engage.
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To inherit skills from an Emblem Ring, certain requirements must be met. First, players need to reach chapter 4 and unlock the Ring Chamber in Somniel. Second, they must ensure they have enough Skill Points (SP) to purchase the desired skill and have a Bond level of at least 5 with the Emblem they wish to inherit from. The higher the Bond level, the more skills become available for inheritance, but also the higher the cost.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, players can access the Ring Chamber and enter the Inherit Skills menu through the pedestal. This menu allows players to browse all available Emblems and skills for inheritance, along with their respective SP costs. Skills range from as low as 100 SP to as high as 2,000 SP, so it’s crucial to make thoughtful decisions about where to allocate hard-earned points.

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It’s important to note that each unit can only inherit a maximum of two skills from Emblems. While skills can be swapped later, keep in mind that this method won’t turn a unit into an unstoppable force.

Best Skills to Inherit

Marth striking a pose.
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Now, let’s delve into the best skills to invest SP in for each of the 12 base Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage.


Skill: Avoid +30
Unlockable at Bond level 19, the Avoid +30 skill is a valuable addition to any character. It provides a flat buff of +30 to the unit’s Avoid stat, greatly increasing their chances of evading incoming damage during combat.


Skill: Holy Stance
Holy Stance is a situational skill that can be acquired right away, as it is one of Celica’s default skills. When a unit with this skill takes damage from a Corrupted unit, 10% of the damage received will be reflected back onto the attacker.


Skill: Canter +
Canter + is a game-changer, relieving some of the pressure of managing unit positioning and attacks. This skill allows units to move up to three spaces after taking action. It can be inherited at Bond level 13.


Skill: Vantage
Vantage is the default level of this skill, obtainable from the start. As stronger versions become available, it can be upgraded. With Vantage, units will counterattack before the attacker strikes if their HP is at 25% or less when the battle commences. The higher the skill level, the less HP is required for the effect to trigger.

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Skill: Strength +2
For players using Roy, hitting hard is essential. The Strength +2 skill provides a straightforward +2 boost to strength and can be accessed right from the beginning.


Skill: Alacrity
As a speed-focused Emblem, Lyn offers an incredible skill called Alacrity. This skill, which improves with higher levels, can be inherited as soon as Bond level 5 is reached. With Alacrity, any unit capable of executing a follow-up attack will do so before the enemy can counter, provided their speed is nine or more points higher than the enemy’s.


Skill: Gentility
At its lowest level, Gentility reduces all incoming damage by three. As the Bond level increases to 18, players can upgrade this skill to reduce damage by up to five.


Skill: Wrath
Once Bond level 13 is achieved, players can inherit the Wrath skill. Wrath grants a +1 Crit boost for each HP the attacking unit has lost, with a maximum of 30. This skill is perfect for dealing with slightly wounded foes and finishing them off.


Skill: Healing Light
In Fire Emblem Engage, deciding whether to heal another unit or the healer themselves can be challenging. However, with Healing Light, players no longer need to make that decision. Using a Staff, any healing the unit performs will also heal them for 50% of the amount healed on the target.


Skill: Dual Support
At Bond level 13, players can acquire the Dual Support skill. This skill grants a bonus to Avoidance based on the unit’s Support level with adjacent allies, up to a maximum of +90. Similar to Marth’s skill, avoiding enemy attacks is always a valuable buff.

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Skill: Quality Time
The base form of Quality Time can be inherited right away, and it should be. After a unit finishes its action or waits, it will restore 5 HP to any adjacent teammate and increase Support. At Bond level 18, players can unlock a higher-level version that increases the healing amount to 10 HP.


Skill: Mentorship
As the former professor from Three Houses, Byleth continues to inspire with their initial Mentorship skill, which can be inherited as soon as Bond level 5 is reached. Once acquired, any unit with this skill will always receive a 1.2X experience multiplier, which also applies to adjacent allies. While its effectiveness may vary depending on the unit, having that XP multiplier on one unit from an early stage makes power-leveling much easier.


With skill inheritance, players can customize their units and create powerful combinations in Fire Emblem Engage. By carefully choosing and inheriting skills from Emblems, players can enhance their units’ capabilities and gain an edge in combat. Whether it’s boosting stats, gaining unique abilities, or improving survivability, skill inheritance adds a new layer of strategic depth to the game. So, dive in, unlock the Ring Chamber, and unleash your unit’s true potential in Fire Emblem Engage!

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