The Ultimate Guide to Stylish Among Us Costumes

Among Us, despite its simple graphics, offers a plethora of creative and distinctive cosmetics for players to dress up their spaceperson. With a wide range of hats, skins, and colors available, you can showcase your unique personality or even opt for a more eccentric style. Simply head to the laptop in the waiting lobby and explore the various options until you find the perfect look.

Fortunately, these costumes are purely cosmetic and do not provide any bonuses or advantages. However, with countless combinations to choose from, who wouldn’t want to be the most stylish crewmate or imposter in the game? Join us as we explore the best Among Us costumes that are sure to convince others of your innocence.

Best Among Us Costume Combinations

Players have gone wild with their creations, utilizing a few simple colors, hats, and outfits to make stunning costumes. While many costumes are available for free, some are exclusive to holiday events like Halloween and Christmas, and a few may require a small payment. Mobile players can expect to pay between $1 and $2, while PC players enjoy additional free hats and skins. If you want a pet to accompany you, it will cost $3 on any platform.

The Engineer

To blend in seamlessly, sometimes standing out is the key. Sporting the Hard Hat along with either a reflective vest or stained overalls gives you the appearance of just another crew member. Looking like you know what you’re doing never hurts.

The Elf

If you manage to acquire the Christmas-themed items, donning one of the Elf Hats is an excellent way to gain positive attention. After all, who would suspect a helpful little green elf of being an imposter? Complete the look by turning yourself green, perhaps with a standard green outfit.

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The Chef

Who could possibly turn against a Chef? Dress yourself in white, put on the Chef’s hat, and you’ll become everyone’s best friend. Just make sure no one grows suspicious of the ingredients you’re using in your latest stew, or you may find yourself in a pickle.

The Elvis

When you’re dressed as “The King” himself, deflecting blame becomes an art. Just sing one of his classic tunes, and everyone will forget about any suspicions. Just be cautious and avoid any “Jailhouse Rock.”

The Devil

Wouldn’t the Devil be too obvious of a suspect to be the imposter? With red devil horns, red skin, and a classy suit adorned with a red tie, you’ll have everyone doubting your trustworthiness. However, make sure you can talk your way out of any situation, or this costume might backfire.

The Angel

Why not don a halo and become the epitome of innocence: an Angel? There’s something about that floating golden loop that makes it hard for others to vote you out. Utilize that trust to maintain a good rapport with your team.

The “Batman”

While you can’t actually be Batman, you can become a literal “batman” by wearing the batwings headpiece. Pair it with an all-black or brown suit, and you’ll become the hero that the crew deserves. Or perhaps, if you play long enough, you’ll live to see yourself become the imposter.

The Plague Doctor

Despite originating from the 14th century and the bubonic plague, the image of a plague doctor has made a comeback. The beak-like mask may be a little unsettling, but when paired with an old-timey top hat and simple overalls, it exudes a sense of style. If nothing else, the imposter may think twice before getting too close to you.

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The Regular Doctor

For a more modern doctor outfit, look no further than the mirror headband and lab coat. Although the purpose of the headband remains a mystery, it undeniably adds an air of authority to your character. Just avoid mentioning anything about needles, as it may lead to unnecessary ejections.

The Captain

Who says a crew captain can’t resemble a ship or airplane captain? Sporting a captain’s hat and outfit may not clarify your precise role, but speaking with authority will ensure that others fall in line.

The Sheriff

When a crime scene is discovered, who better than the local sheriff to take charge of the investigation? With your oversized hat and tan pants, you can effortlessly assume command of the situation. Immerse yourself in the role with an accent, and you’ll easily win everyone’s trust, partner.

The Fruit/Vegetable

A fruit could never harm anyone, right? All you need to do is wear the leaf headpiece and choose a color to transform into everyone’s favorite healthy snack. Opt for green or red to become a classic apple, purple for a grape or eggplant, or orange for a carrot or, well, an orange.

The Businessman

Another character you can fully embrace is the old-fashioned, wealthy businessman. With a sharp white hat and spotless white suit or tuxedo, strut around the ship as if you own the place. If you ever become suspected of foul play, simply dismiss such matters as beneath you.

Jason Voorhees

Admittedly, this costume may attract attention and suspicion, but it undeniably looks cool. The hockey mask with red eyes, coupled with overalls, exudes pure menace. While talking your way out of accusations may prove difficult, the satisfaction of donning this costume while “stabbing the crew in the back” is unmatched.

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The Pirate

Thanks to a certain film franchise, pirates have managed to transform their reputation. Those who were once seen as untrustworthy individuals on ships are now perceived as fun-loving jokers with hearts of gold. Everyone wants to be friends with a pirate, so don a dew rag and a brown adventuring outfit, and perhaps you can stir up a mutiny, or maybe not.

Enjoy dressing up in these marvelous costumes and let your creativity shine in Among Us!

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