The Ultimate Guide to the Top Weapon Mods and Perks in Dead Island 2


Ever since the emergence of Dead Rising, it has become almost obligatory for zombie games to feature a crafting system for weapons. The original Dead Island had it, and now Dead Island 2 follows suit. This innovative system allows players to transform ordinary weapons into electrifying powerhouses, blazing infernos, and much more. However, finding the right blueprints and materials can be challenging. With over 30 mods and numerous perks available in Dead Island 2, it can be overwhelming to determine which ones are the best. Fear not! We’ve done the research for you and compiled a comprehensive list of the top weapon mods and perks in Dead Island 2. So, let’s dive in and enhance your zombie-killing arsenal!

Best Weapon Mods

An upgraded bat weapon.
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Superior Melee Liquidator Mod

One of the most sought-after weapon mods is the Superior Melee Liquidator Mod. When applied to a weapon, this mod inflicts Caustic damage, which is particularly effective against zombies due to their limited resistance to this type of harm. As this mod’s effectiveness stems from continuous hits, it pairs exceptionally well with fast-attacking weapons like daggers or brass knuckles.

To acquire the Superior Melee Liquidator Mod, complete the “Fool’s Gold” Lost and Found quest, which also rewards you with the formidable Blood Rage Legendary dagger.

Superior Melee Electrocutor Mod

Among the various elemental mods, the Superior Melee Electrocutor Mod stands out. This mod adds a shocking effect to your weapon, stunning zombies and allowing the electricity to arc to nearby targets. When water is present, the impact of this mod becomes even more devastating. Just make sure you’re not caught in the deluge when the sparks start flying!

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To obtain the Superior Melee Electrocutor Mod, accomplish the “Dez and the Mother of Satan” sidequest in Venice Beach.

Superior Ranged Punctuator Mod

Although less glamorous, the Superior Ranged Punctuator Mod deserves recognition due to its ability to induce Bleed status on enemies. This mod works effectively against all types of adversaries and gradually diminishes their health. Additionally, it provides a damage boost that perfectly complements automatic weapons.

The Superior Ranged Punctuator Mod can be tricky to acquire. It awaits you inside the Theater Box Office Safe, located in the Hollywood Boulevard area. However, obtaining the key is the real challenge, as it is held by a formidable zombie named Nick, who randomly appears within this area.

Superior Melee Mutilator Mod

The Superior Melee Mutilator Mod not only enhances damage output but also weakens enemies. Contrary to its name, this mod does not reduce the damage dealt by zombies; instead, it replenishes your stamina with every successful hit. If you enjoy utilizing powerful, charged attacks, this mod will ensure you can keep swinging without exhausting yourself.

Similarly to the previously mentioned mod, the Superior Melee Mutilator Mod is locked within a safe. Find the Serling Reception Safe in the hotel, but be prepared to locate another random zombie in the Lotusville Mall to obtain the key.

Best Weapon Perks

An electric mace.
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In Dead Island 2, two perks, Leech and Vampire, may initially appear similar. However, Leech surpasses Vampire in terms of practicality. This perk provides you with a chance to restore health upon damaging a zombie. Over time, the accumulated health regeneration will save you from depleting your valuable medical supplies and potentially even prevent unnecessary respawns.

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Unlocking the Leech perk is effortless since you will likely achieve it naturally while playing the game. Simply complete the Leechblade Challenge, which entails killing 100 zombies using melee weapons.


While not as effective as the Leech perk, Vampire still offers a valuable means of health preservation. It replenishes your health with every zombie kill. Although the benefits are not as pronounced, combining both Leech and Vampire perks on a weapon maximizes your survivability.

Accessing the Vampire perk requires you to reach Venice Beach in the game and gain the ability to collect zombie parts. Once you’ve obtained this ability, gather 200 zombie parts to unlock the perk.

Static Charge

The Static Charge perk is specialized and can only be applied to a weapon equipped with an Electrocutor Mod. By incorporating this perk, your weapon’s electrical damage output significantly increases with each strike, often resulting in electric shocks emanating from the hit zombies.

To unlock the Static Charge perk, electrify 50 zombies and inflict them with the Electrified status.


Once you’ve unlocked Fury mode in the game, you’ll find it invaluable when tackling formidable special infected enemies. Every successful attack in Fury mode replenishes your health, making it the ideal choice in dire situations. The Ferocious perk enhances the rate at which you accumulate Fury, allowing you to unleash your rage more frequently.

To acquire the Ferocious perk, complete the sidequest “Lending a Hand,” located on the Ocean Avenue map.


By utilizing the top weapon mods and perks in Dead Island 2, you can amplify your zombie-slaying capabilities to astonishing heights. The Superior Melee Liquidator Mod, Superior Melee Electrocutor Mod, Superior Ranged Punctuator Mod, and Superior Melee Mutilator Mod empower your weapons with distinct advantages against the undead hordes. Meanwhile, the Leech, Vampire, Static Charge, and Ferocious perks augment your overall survivability and combat prowess. So, equip yourself with these invaluable enhancements and let the zombie apocalypse tremble in fear!

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