Turn on These 6 Accessibility Settings in The Last of Us Part I for an Enhanced Gaming Experience

The release of The Last of Us Part I on PlayStation 5 has generated mixed reviews. While the game is still an excellent one, it has been criticized for not being a significant remake of the 2013 classic. Despite this, there is one standout feature in the remake: a wide range of accessibility options. By exploring the game’s menu, players will discover numerous customization features, including voice cutscene descriptions and haptic dialogue feedback. These accessibility settings not only cater to players with specific needs but also enhance the overall gaming experience for everyone. If you’re about to embark on this adventure, consider activating the following options to make the most of your game time.

Enhanced Listening Mode

Before diving into the game, I highly recommend that all players access the Navigation and Traversal menu and enable Enhanced Listening Mode. This tool allows you to press the circle button to scan for nearby items and the square button to locate enemies. It’s especially useful for meticulous players who want to find every single item in a room. By triggering this mode, you can easily locate and collect crafting materials without missing a beat. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the range and duration of the scan.

Enhanced Listening Mode also adds clever audio cues. When the scan detects objects, it emits a ping sound at the precise location of the target. The pitch of the ping changes depending on the object’s height relative to yours. This detailed scanning tool is something I wish had been available when I first played the game. It saved me a tremendous amount of time searching empty rooms.

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Navigation Assistance

A white arrow shows Joel where to go in The Last of Us Part I.

Navigation Assistance is a no-brainer feature that you should definitely utilize. By clicking on the left thumbstick, an arrow appears on the screen, pointing you in the direction of your next objective. This setting perfectly complements Enhanced Listening Mode. When you activate Navigation Assistance while using the scan mode, the arrow will guide you towards the most recently scanned item or enemy instead of the main objective. This feature ensures that you never get lost and allows for a smoother gameplay experience.

Combat Vibration Cues

A crucial feature during my playthrough, Combat Vibration Cues, proved to be more than just an accessibility function. This option, available in the Screen Reader and Audio Cues menu, greatly enhances combat. With Combat Vibration Cues enabled, your DualSense controller vibrates whenever you aim at an enemy. This vibration feedback significantly reduces wasted shots and helps you line up headshots more accurately. Additionally, the controller rumbles with every successful hit, intensifying the impact of your shots. Being able to rely on your senses during battles provides a unique and immersive experience that I would love to see in more games.

Ledge Guard

Ledge Guard may seem like a simple adjustment, but it’s one that you’ll be grateful for. Located in the Navigation and Traversal menu, this setting reduces frustration by preventing you from accidentally walking off ledges that would normally be fatal. When near a non-lethal ledge, you’ll receive a slight rumble and an audio cue, reminding you to proceed with caution. This feature ensures that you won’t meet an untimely demise due to misjudging the height of a cliff.

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Auto Weapon Swap

Joel places a rifle on a table in The Last of Us Part I.

In The Last of Us, ammunition is scarce, and you’ll often find yourself frantically swapping weapons during intense encounters. To streamline your gameplay and minimize time spent in menus, the Auto Weapon Swap feature is a game-changer. As you progress further into the game and your arsenal expands, this option becomes especially valuable. No more opening menus and cycling through your weapons manually by holding the square button; Auto Weapon Swap does the work for you.

Auto Pick-Up

Are you tired of repeatedly mashing a button to pick up every crafting component in The Last of Us? Auto Pick-Up is the perfect solution to this issue. Activating this option in the Assistance section of the Alternate Controls menu ensures that you automatically collect any healing items or miscellaneous objects lying around. Although it may seem like a small time-saver, it allows you to stay focused during combat and maintain the pace of the game.

To conclude, The Last of Us Part I offers an impressive array of accessibility settings that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. These features not only cater to players with specific needs but also provide benefits for all players. By utilizing these options, you can fully immerse yourself in the world of Joel and Ellie while enjoying a smoother and more enjoyable adventure.

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