Unlocking New Fleeces in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb offers various ways to customize your gameplay style. One of the key methods is through the use of Fleeces, which have the power to drastically change your Crusade experience. Some Fleeces can boost your damage against enemies, while others allow you to draw Tarot cards at the beginning of each new adventure. It’s important to note that unlocking these Fleeces is no walk in the park and requires dedication to obtain them all.

Collecting Four Pieces of a Holy Talisman

To unlock a Fleece, you must first gather four pieces of a Holy Talisman. Once you’ve acquired all four corners, you can exchange them for a completed Holy Talisman, which in turn can be swapped for a Fleece. At the start of the game, these resources might be rare, but you’ll soon discover multiple ways to add them to your inventory. Here are a few methods:

  • Complete quests for the Fisherman: The Fisherman, located at Pilgrim’s Passage, rewards you with Holy Talisman pieces for completing a few quests.
  • Complete quests for Sozo: Sozo, a memorable character in Cult of the Lamb, not only teaches you the Brainwashing Ritual but also provides Holy Talisman fragments for completing other quests.
  • Bring an Eye of Witness to Plimbo: You can find an Eye of Witness by revisiting previously cleared areas. Handing one of these to Plimbo will grant you a Holy Talisman fragment.
  • Sacrifice followers to Midas: Midas can be found in the appropriately named Midas’s Cave. Offering followers as sacrifices will yield a Holy Talisman piece.
  • Chat with the Cloaked Figure: This enigmatic being appears at all four map locations during the night. They will request various objects and reward you with a Holy Talisman fragment. Be aware that some of their requests are quite demanding, so approach these conversations with caution.
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Unlocking New Fleeces

Once you possess a completed Holy Talisman, you’re ready to unlock a new Fleece. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Head to your Shrine.

Step 2: Interact with the Altar at the end of the Shrine.

Step 3: Select the Crown option.

Step 4: Scroll down to the Fleeces section.

Step 5: Choose the Fleece you wish to unlock. There are a total of five, each offering a unique perk during your Crusades.

Step 6: Once a Fleece is unlocked, simply click on it to have your character wear it and enjoy its corresponding benefits.

Fleeces are invaluable assets that significantly enhance your gameplay. While acquiring them may require considerable time and effort, they prove to be well worth it. Not only do Fleeces assist you in overcoming challenging battles, but they also introduce substantial replayability to the game. Make sure to explore all the available options to fully experience the impact they have on your time with Cult of the Lamb.

The Holy Talisman from Cult of the Lamb on a black background.
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