Unlocking the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail offers a multitude of challenges that give players the opportunity to earn rewards. Among these challenges is the Forgotten Hall, which can be compared to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss. The Forgotten Hall entices players with significant rewards for completing stages within a specific number of turns, and it even grants a free character along the way. Located in a fixed position within the Astral Express Parlor Car, players can test their skills and reap rewards as they progress through new levels. However, accessing the Forgotten Hall requires a certain unlocking process.

How to Unlock the Forgotten Hall

Trailblazer talking to The Messenger for the Forgotten Hall in Honkai: Star Rail

To unlock the Forgotten Hall, players must embark on the “Fleeting Lights” quest. Although the precise Trailblaze Level required is still a subject of debate among the Honkai: Star Rail community, it is generally recommended to be around Trailblaze Level 20 when undertaking this quest. In case the quest does not appear, try increasing your Equilibrium Level. Some players have reported receiving the quest after completing their first Trial of Equilibrium.

At the beginning of the “Fleeting Lights” quest, Pom-Pom will reach out to you, expressing concern about a peculiar occurrence on the Express. Seeking to uncover the cause of Pom-Pom’s distress, the Astral Express Crew embarks on an investigation. During their search, the Trailblazer discovers a mysterious mirror in the Parlor Car, visible only to them. Accompanying the mirror is The Messenger, an enigmatic entity who insists on keeping its secrets from the Express.

What Happens if You Reveal the Messenger to the Astral Crew?

Whether you choose to inform the Astral Express Crew about The Messenger or not, you will still gain access to the Forgotten Hall. If you do inform them, The Messenger will reprimand you for divulging its secret and mention the need to erase the crew’s memories later. Once you complete the “Fleeting Lights” quest, the Forgotten Hall will become accessible through the Parlor Car at any time.

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How Many Levels Does the Forgotten Hall Have?

Forgotten Hall mirror and The Messenger with the Trailblazer on the Astral Express

The Forgotten Hall consists of 15 Memory Stages, each featuring enemies with progressively higher levels. Players must successfully complete each stage before progressing to the next. It is important to note that completing a stage differs from earning stars. Regardless of the number of cycles taken or the characters that fall during the trial, players receive rewards upon completing each stage. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to unlock 10 additional Memory of Chaos stages that rotate during specific seasons.

How to Earn Stars in the Forgotten Hall

Each Memory Stage provides players with the chance to earn up to three stars by meeting certain conditions during the trial. These conditions typically involve completing the challenge within a specific number of cycles and ensuring that no character faints. For example, Memory Stage 8 grants all three stars only if players manage to defeat all enemies with more than 12 cycles remaining.

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