Warzone 2.0 and DMZ Contract Guide: Understand Every Objective and Reward

When Warzone entered the battle royale arena, it could have easily relied on the Call of Duty brand name to succeed. But instead, Warzone aimed to stand out from other games by introducing unique mechanics and features. While some features, like the Gulag system, were present from the beginning, others, such as contracts, were added and modified as the seasons progressed.

Contracts play a significant role in Warzone 2.0, offering both familiar and new objectives. They help you gain an advantage over your opponents, earn money for purchasing items or reviving teammates, and accumulate extra XP. However, contracts can also become a double-edged sword that leads to your squad’s downfall. Our comprehensive contract guide for Warzone 2.0 and DMZ will ensure you don’t enter into an agreement without understanding its implications.

How Contracts Function in Warzone 2.0 and DMZ

Map of Safecracker contract on map in Modern Warfare II.
Image used with permission by copyright holder.

Contracts in Warzone 2.0 and DMZ operate similarly to the original Warzone version. You’ll notice various contract icons on the map, indicating available contracts. Upon reaching the location, you’ll find a walkie-talkie that activates the associated contract when interacted with. After accepting a contract, you’ll receive a breakdown of the objective and a time limit to complete it. Successful completion rewards you with cash, XP, and occasionally additional bonuses.

Warzone 2.0 Contracts and Rewards

Characters exiting aircraft in Warzone 2.0.
Image used with permission by copyright holder.

Bounty — Crosshair Symbol

Bounty contracts involve hunting down an enemy player. The map will display a circle indicating the general area where your target can be found, without revealing their exact location. Your target will be informed that they are being pursued, ensuring a fair playing field. Eliminating the target within the time limit rewards you with cash and XP. Engaging in a bounty contract can provide valuable intelligence on enemy positions, even if you don’t intend to pursue the target.

Secure Intel — Document Symbol

This contract involves two steps that can expose you and your squad to risks, as it requires significant movement across the map. After initiating the contract, your initial objective is to locate a laptop within a marked circle on the map. Upon nearing the laptop, its exact location will be revealed. After retrieving the intel, you must deliver it to another marked location. Successfully reaching the destination without getting eliminated grants you cash, XP, and the advantage of knowing the next circle’s location in advance. This information allows you to secure a safe position early and catch other teams off guard as they scramble to reach the new circle.

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Most Wanted — Crown Symbol

Unlike the Bounty contract, Most Wanted designates the player who picks it up as a target for a substantial reward. However, unlike the Bounty contract, this information is visible to all players in the game. Your precise location will be marked on the map until your elimination or the contract’s conclusion. The risks are evident, but successfully surviving this perilous contract rewards you not only with cash and XP but also with the instant revival of any fallen squadmates. The value and difficulty of this contract increase with each eliminated squad member.

Safecracker — Safe Symbol

The Safecracker contract is an opportune contract to grab early in a Warzone 2.0 match. After activating the contract, three safe locations will appear on your map. To complete the contract, you must use C4 to blast open each safe. This action draws attention due to the loud explosions, but the safes contain significant cash and loot. While opening all three safes provides a bonus cash influx, it is not mandatory. Finding and completing this contract early in the game can give you a substantial advantage with better weapons and more cash.

Champion’s Quest (Nuke)

This contract is the most extraordinary, rare, challenging, and powerful in Warzone 2.0. The existence of this contract was even discovered well after the game’s launch. Unlike other contracts, the Champion’s Quest has prerequisites before it becomes available, and meeting those requirements isn’t easy.

To initiate this contract, you must win five consecutive games of Warzone 2.0. After each victory, wait until the match concludes fully before proceeding to the next step. Once you start your next Warzone 2.0 game following five consecutive wins, the location of the Champion’s Quest contract will automatically appear on your map within any of the three zones.

After collecting the contract, your initial objective is to locate three Elements to assemble the nuke. Each Element’s location will be marked on your map. However, collecting each Element comes with a unique status effect:

  • The Beryllium Core grants you the visibility of a Most Wanted contract.
  • The Plutonium Core inflicts damage over time.
  • The Titanium Core disrupts your radar and map.
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Once your team collects all three Elements, the next objective is to survive until the bomb site’s location is revealed on the map. The time required for this revelation is currently unknown. After reaching the bomb site, insert all the components into the bomb and activate it.

Finally, a two-minute timer commences until the nuke detonates. During this time, other teams have the opportunity to disarm the bomb, so it’s crucial to protect the nuke at all costs. If no team manages to defuse the bomb in time, the nuke detonates, the game ends, and your team claims victory.

DMZ Contracts and Rewards

A Stronghold in Warzone 2.0.
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Cargo Delivery or Shipment — Briefcase Symbol

This straightforward contract requires you to transport either a car or a ship to a designated location. Although it may not involve intricate mechanics, the reward is quite generous.

Destroy Supplies — Bomb Symbol

As the name suggests, this contract entails planting explosives at two specified locations to destroy marked supplies. This contract resembles the Safecracker contract in Warzone 2.0 but is relatively easier since you don’t need to stick around after planting the bombs. You’ll receive your payment regardless of your final location.

Eliminate HVT — Crosshair Symbol

This contract shares the same symbol as the Bounty contract, but instead of hunting down a player, you’ll be targeting an AI soldier. Expect the AI soldier to have substantial protection from other AI units within a building or structure. With decent weapons, your team should be fully capable of accomplishing this task.

Geiger Search — Nuclear Symbol

The Geiger Search contract equips you with a Geiger counter to track nearby nuclear materials. As you get closer to the materials, the counter’s number increases. Once you locate and collect both materials, extract them for extra cash.

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Rescue Hostage — Handcuff Symbol

This contract transforms your DMZ match into a mini-objective resembling a scenario from games like Rainbow Six Siege. Your mission involves infiltrating an area, eliminating AI guards, rescuing the hostage, and carrying them to an extraction zone to claim the reward.

Hunt Squad — Skull Symbol

While the Eliminate HVT contract shares the symbol of the Bounty contract, it is the Hunt Squad contract that truly mirrors it. This contract reveals the approximate location of an enemy squad, providing a bounty-like experience but with an entire squad as the target.

Secure Intel — Document Symbol

This contract shares both its name and symbol with the Warzone 2.0 contract counterpart. Consequently, it offers a similar experience. Visit various locations, retrieve the intel, and deliver it to a final location for upload. However, being in the DMZ, the final location is guarded by AI soldiers, adding an extra challenge to the mission.

Raid Weapon Stash — Flag Symbol

If you’re looking to secure powerful weapons in the DMZ, the Raid Weapon Stash contract is worth pursuing. Unlike most DMZ contracts, completing this one rewards you not only with cash but also with valuable weapons. However, be prepared to face AI resistance protecting the weapon stash. Clear the area, claim the weapons, and gain an advantage for the rest of the match.

Understanding the contracts available in Warzone 2.0 and DMZ is crucial for maximizing your chances of success. Each contract presents its own risks and rewards, providing various gameplay experiences. Whether you choose to pursue bounties, secure intel, crack safes, or undertake the ultimate Champion’s Quest, the outcome will depend on your squad’s skill and strategy.

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