Warzone 2.0 DMZ Strongholds: Enemies, Loot, and More

Warzone became a smash hit for the Call of Duty series. This free-to-play, stand-alone battle royale game took the beloved mode and infused it with the dependable gameplay and mechanics that the CoD franchise is known for. Now, after a few years, we finally have our hands on the latest iteration of this live-service title with Warzone 2.0. This sequel brings a new map, weapons, mechanics, and a battle pass system. But the developers didn’t stop there.

Inspired by the success of Escape From Tarkov, just like the original Warzone drew inspiration from other popular battle royale games, Warzone 2.0 introduces a new DMZ mode and the inclusion of Strongholds in both the battle royale and DMZ modes. These Strongholds function differently in each mode but play a crucial role for players seeking the more intense gameplay offered in DMZ. If you’re diving into this mode for the first time, here’s everything you need to know about how Strongholds work in DMZ.

What Are Strongholds?

Taraq Village location in Warzone 2.0

To most Warzone 2.0 players, the concept of Strongholds may be unfamiliar. However, regardless of whether you’re playing battle royale or DMZ, it’s important to pay close attention to these new locations.

Strongholds are special buildings on the map that are full of top-tier loot and plenty of cash waiting to be claimed. However, this treasure isn’t given away freely. AI soldiers guard these Strongholds and will attack anyone who dares to breach their defenses.

These Strongholds can appear in up to 77 different locations on the new Al Mazrah map. However, in any given match, they will only show up in a select few. To locate them, keep an eye out for the castle icon on the map every time you start a new game.

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How Strongholds Work in DMZ

Characters wearing armor in Warzone 2.0

In DMZ mode, Strongholds are already present on the map when the game begins. However, unlike in the battle royale mode, these buildings are locked and require a keycard to gain entry. Keycards can be obtained as random loot drops or purchased for $5,000 from any Buy Station. Since they are not particularly rare, it’s often better to save your cash and search for them or eliminate AI opponents. Look for their telltale blue glow to spot them easily.

Once you have a keycard and enter a Stronghold, you will be presented with an objective to complete within that specific building. Completing the objective will result in a reward. Most often, the objective involves clearing out all the AI soldiers inside, but there are also objective-based missions such as cracking a safe or defending a location from waves of AI. Once you finish the objective, you will receive a random assortment of high-level loot, including armor vests, killstreaks, gadgets, and even weapons.

Strongholds are filled with valuable Contraband items and intel required for various faction missions. While the AI soldiers might not be overly dangerous, they add another layer of risk. It is highly recommended to enter a Stronghold with a full squad and have good weapons and equipment prepared in advance, just in case.

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