Warzone 2.0 DMZ: Tips and Strategies for the Latest Call of Duty Game Mode

While the standard multiplayer modes in the Call of Duty series have kept players engaged for over a decade, it was the introduction of Warzone in 2019 that took the series to new heights with its polished and addictive battle royale mode. Now, the highly anticipated full sequel, Warzone 2.0, has arrived, bringing with it a plethora of exciting updates and a brand new game mode called DMZ. Inspired by games like Escape From Tarkov, DMZ offers a unique gameplay experience that requires a different mindset than any other mode in Call of Duty. To help you succeed in your first DMZ run, here are some valuable tips and tricks.

Unequip your shotgun

Players in helicopter in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Before diving into your first DMZ match, make sure to unequip your shotgun. While it may have its uses in specific situations, bringing it with you can be more of a liability than an advantage. In DMZ, when you die, you lose everything you had with you. By leaving the shotgun behind, you increase your chances of picking up a better weapon on the field and bringing it back with you.

How Stashes work

Character standing at the top of a platform in Warzone 2.0

DMZ introduces a new mechanic called Stashes. Your Stash serves as your inventory for the game mode and consists of four sections: On-Soldier, Key Stash, Loadout, and Weapon Stash.

  • On-Soldier: This slot contains the equipment you choose for your Operator at the start of the DMZ match, including Self-Revives, armor, Kill Streaks, and Gas Masks.
  • Key Stash: Here, you store any keycards you find but don’t use during the match. These keycards can be used to open Strongholds, and if you extract with them, you can bring them into your next match.
  • Loadout: Similar to other Call of Duty games, this is where you customize your weapons, equipment, and field upgrades for the match.
  • Weapon Stash: In this section, you store all the weapons available for your Loadout. DMZ mode provides a few free Contraband weapons exclusive to the mode. If you die with any of these guns, they’re gone for good. However, weapons acquired from other players or AI can be added to this stash if successfully extracted.
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Use the Insured Slot to protect guns you don’t want to lose, but remember that they will go on a cooldown timer. You start with one Insured Slot but can unlock more as you progress.

Do Faction Missions

Character calling in killstreak in Warzone 2.0

Faction Missions are a new addition to Warzone 2.0. These missions offer objectives that can reward you with extra Contraband, XP, Tokens, Operator skins, weapon blueprints, and other valuable rewards. Before starting a match, select up to three Faction Missions to activate. Completing these missions allows you to progress to higher tiers in the factions’ objectives.

Faction Missions start off easy and become more challenging as you progress. They provide a tangible goal to focus on during your DMZ run, and the rewards get better as the missions become more difficult.

Only keep the valuable loot

A Stronghold in Warzone 2.0

DMZ mode is overflowing with loot, but not everything is worth your attention. Light bulbs and other low-value items should be ignored to save precious inventory space. Instead, prioritize valuable items like Video Game Consoles, Laptops, and Aged Wine. These items can be sold for a significant amount of money or contribute more XP if extracted successfully.

Fight strategically from a distance

A small island in Al Mazrah in Warzone 2.0

Whether you’re facing AI or other players in DMZ, engaging from longer ranges gives you a strategic advantage. AI soldiers in DMZ are not very accurate at longer distances, making it easier to eliminate an entire group without much risk. Engaging from range also allows you to survey the area more thoroughly and avoid being caught off guard. Remember, there are often more enemies nearby than initially visible, and engaging from a distance helps you assess the situation before committing to a fight.

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While other players may be more unpredictable, taking shots from afar allows you to choose the right moment to strike and gain an advantage before they can pinpoint your location.

Have a plan

The new Gulag in Warzone 2.0

Unlike other modes in Warzone 2.0, DMZ requires careful planning. With the ability to customize your objectives, destination, and extraction timing, having a plan in place helps prevent overextending and dying unnecessarily. Faction Missions provide clear objectives that are easy to track and offer rewards upon extraction.

Additionally, Strongholds and bosses serve as perfect objectives to set for yourself. Instead of aimlessly wandering around, focus on these targets to progress faster. DMZ rounds last for 30 minutes, so maximizing your efficiency is crucial.

Utilize vehicles

Characters running on a highway in Modern Warfare II

Considering the expansive size of the DMZ map, utilizing vehicles is highly recommended. Traveling on foot can be dangerous and time-consuming. Vehicles enable faster and safer positioning on the map. Moreover, vehicles are powerful tools for dealing with AI enemies, as they have difficulty avoiding oncoming vehicles.

Having a vehicle is especially useful when approaching the Exfil zone, as it minimizes vulnerability and the risk of getting sniped.

Exfil locations are random but can be reused

Soldiers running in Modern Warfare II

Exfil locations in DMZ are randomized with each match. Therefore, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the Exfil points once the game starts. Look for the Exit symbols on the map to locate the available Exfil points.

Keep in mind that other teams in the match have the same Exfil points. This can lead to intense fights at these locations. If you arrive at an Exfil spot and find that another team has already called and boarded the helicopter, don’t panic or risk traveling to another spot far away. Once the team leaves, the spot will reactivate, allowing you to call in the next helicopter for extraction.

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Quit while you’re ahead

Characters wearing armor in Warzone 2.0

One of the most unique aspects of DMZ is the risk-reward system it employs. Unlike other Call of Duty modes where you fight until the end, in DMZ, you must carefully evaluate the risks involved. Consider the potential rewards for staying in a match and accumulating more XP, weapons, and loot against the possibility of losing everything upon death. Setting goals, such as completing Faction Missions or filling your inventory, can serve as indicators of when to extract and cash out.

When you decide it’s time to leave, head to the nearest Exfil spot and call in the helicopter. Remember to survive until the helicopter arrives and departs, as other teams will be alerted when an Exfil is called, potentially leading to late ambushes.

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