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Westland Survival: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

Westland Survival

Are you ready to embark on an exciting survival adventure in the Wild West? Look no further! Welcome to Westland Survival, a brand new MMORPG for Android and iOS devices developed by Helio Ltd. In this guide, we will provide you with valuable tips, cheats, and strategies to help you navigate the treacherous terrain and emerge victorious. Whether you are a seasoned survival game player or a novice explorer, this article will equip you with all the knowledge you need to thrive in the world of Westland Survival.

Tips and Cheats

#1. Explore the Storage

When you first start the game, a reward awaits you. Discover precious items by tapping the coins bag icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, access the storage option at the bottom-left to claim these valuable rewards. Remember to visit this section frequently to claim additional rewards that can aid your survival.

#2. Gear Up for Defense

As you progress and reach level 10, you will gain the ability to craft defensive items such as a Cowboy Hat, Shirt, Pants, and Boots. Attaining these items is crucial as they provide armor to protect you from enemy attacks. You can also find these items in chests before reaching level 10. Craft them to enhance your defense, especially when venturing into dangerous territories.

#3. Secure Your Home Base

Upon entering the game, you will find yourself in an unfamiliar place. Scour the surroundings for a broken cart and obtain a knife from its inventory by tapping the hand icon. Use the knife to eliminate the enemies present near your home base. Afterward, search the inventory and collect all the items. Additionally, gather wood and stone to craft an Axe and Pick, which will aid you in cutting trees and breaking rocks.

#4. Build Your First House

Once you have gathered enough wood, it’s time to construct a house. Tap the house icon located just below the mini-map. Begin by selecting the floor and then proceed to build walls, a door, and other essential components. A well-designed house allows you to store storage boxes, workbenches, and various other items depending on its size. Begin with a small house to accommodate your immediate needs.

#5. Gather Resources

After clearing your home base of all trees and rocks, it’s time to venture into new territories and collect valuable resources. Access the global map and select a location that suits your requirements, whether it’s wood, loot, metal, or rocks. Choose your destinations wisely and gather the necessary resources to enhance your survival prospects.

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#6. Be Wary of Theft and Protect Your Base

As Westland Survival is an MMORPG, be prepared for fellow players to attempt to steal your resources. Similarly, when exploring the global map, you will encounter other players’ bases. Visit these bases to plunder their resources. Building a strong house and reinforcing its walls is essential to safeguard your own resources. Upgrade your house to better protect your hard-earned belongings.

#7. Strengthen Your House

Another effective method to safeguard your resources is upgrading your house. Enter building mode by tapping the house icon, select the wall, and then tap the upgrade icon. Gather the necessary resources to complete the upgrade process and fortify your house against potential threats.

#8. Monitor Your Character’s Status

At the bottom of the screen, you will find a bag icon. Tap it to access your character’s status, including food and water levels, displayed as percentages. If these levels are low, consume food or water accordingly to replenish them. Additionally, check your character’s health status regularly.

#9. Acquiring Food

Maintaining an adequate food supply is crucial in Westland Survival. Your character becomes hungry quickly while walking or exploring various areas. There are several methods to obtain food:

  • Kill creatures to acquire meat.
  • Gather berries from cacti.
  • Construct a garden bed and use wood as fuel alongside seeds. Refer to the recipe list for detailed instructions.

#10. Sourcing Water

Water is another vital resource for survival. After a certain period, your character will alert you when thirsty. Initially, you receive water for free. Access the storage area by tapping the shop icon, select the jar, open your inventory, and use the jar to quench your character’s thirst. Refill the jar as needed. Alternatively, reach level 8 and build a well, place an empty jar inside it, wait for a few minutes, and retrieve the jar filled with water.

#11. Manage Inventory Slots

Your inventory slots are limited, so be mindful when selecting items to carry. Craft a shoulder bag to increase the number of slots available. Before leaving your home base, prioritize essential items and transfer the rest to storage boxes or the broken cart. Avoid venturing out with a full inventory, as it impedes your ability to collect loot and gather resources.

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#12. Combat Tips

As you embark on this survival journey, you will encounter numerous locations teeming with enemies. To protect yourself effectively, follow these combat tips:

  • Utilize the sneak feature by switching to a prone position when moving or exploring.
  • Craft weapons such as a wooden club, wooden spear, bow, knife, and more.
  • Equip armor, including hats, pants, and shirts.
  • If a situation becomes dire, retreat to the global map to secure your safety.

#13. Conserve Energy for Events

When accessing the global map, you may come across events such as train robberies or accidents. Prioritize visiting these event locations to conserve energy. Running expends more energy but enables faster travel, while walking takes longer. Since events are time-limited, save your energy to obtain valuable items like nails, guns, and skins.

#14. Construct Stables

Have you noticed the horse at your home base? You can ride it to travel quickly to distant locations. However, you must first construct stables. Reach level 8 swiftly to gain access to this feature, and the horse will aid you in your travels across vast territories.

#15. Retrieve Lost Items

If you perish, all the items stored in your inventory are lost. However, you can reclaim them by locating your dead body. Return to the location where you met your demise and search for your fallen self. If you cannot find your body, accept the loss and resume your gathering efforts. In my experience, my body was found in the same place.

#16. Assess the Danger Level

When reviewing locations on the global map, take note of the buffalo icons displayed alongside details of loot, wood, ore, metal, etc. The number of buffalo icons corresponds to the danger level of the location. It is advisable to avoid these areas initially until you obtain a reliable weapon.

#17. Claim Freebies

Visit the shop tab by tapping the coins bag icon and proceed to the “Best” tab. Here, you will find a free deal that grants you a complimentary item upon watching a video advertisement. Claim this item by accessing the storage section.

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With these Westland Survival tips, cheats, and tricks, you are now better prepared to conquer the Wild West. Whether you are honing your crafting skills, upgrading your defenses, or battling enemies, embrace the challenges that lie ahead. Remember, survival is your primary objective. So, gear up, gather resources, and master the art of thriving in the untamed wilderness.

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Westland Survival Guide for Beginners – A Walkthrough

In the world of Westland Survival, your ultimate goal is simple: survive! Face the challenges of hunger and thirst by maintaining a steady supply of food and water. Additionally, you must construct a secure house to protect yourself from the dangers lurking in the Wild West.

To begin your journey, focus on building the house and storing essential items. However, be aware that other players can raid your resources, so fortify your house with reinforced walls, floors, and doors.

Crafting is a vital aspect of Westland Survival, allowing you to create a vast array of items. Gather the required resources, tap the crafting icon, and select the item you wish to craft. Note that some items can only be obtained through events or trading. As you engage in activities such as felling trees, breaking rocks, and defeating enemies, you will earn experience points, enabling you to level up and access new items.

Remember to claim your freebies by visiting the shop tab and availing yourself of the video advertisement offer. These free items can prove invaluable in your survival journey.

Now that you are equipped with the basic knowledge of Westland Survival, you are ready to face the challenges that await you. Build, gather, explore, and conquer the Wild West one step at a time.

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**Note: This article is a creative adaptation and not an official guide from the game developers.

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